Olympus D590 Troubleshooting

Olympus D-590; 4-megapixel point and shoot; 3x optical zoom; XD memory card slot

Note: This troubleshooting guide covers the Olympus D-590. any other cameras may be covered in a different guide.

Camera either will not turn on or displays constant low battery warnings before shutting down

  • If your battery is dead, the camera will likely not turn on when you put your battery in. To verify that the battery is dead and there is not another problem you should check that your camera is otherwise functioning normally with a spare battery. If the camera still does not work after putting in a battery that is freshly charged, there are other problems.
  • If your battery charger is bad, the camera and batteries may be in perfect working condition. If you can, find another way to charge your batteries to confirm that it is the charger.

The retractable lens will not extend or retract out when turning the camera on

  • The motor that powers the lens to extend and retract may be out of order. This motor can be replaced and then the lens will should be fully functional.
  • Olympus D590 Lens Replacement

LCD display is cracked

  • If there is a clear fracture across the screen, the glass or plastic cover then the LCD is broken. However if the screen is black or covered in jagged lines of various colors, the actual LCD screen is broken and will need to be replaced.
  • Olympus D590 LCD screen Replacement

Door that holds battery will not latch

  • Spring may be broken or the latch that connects the clip to the camera may be chipped. Tape can be a temporary solution to keep the battery and memory card in place, but this piece will need to be replaced.
  • Olympus D590 Retainer Clip Replacement

Flash will not flash or is not bright enough

  • Verify that the camera is not set to have the flash turned off.
  • If the battery does not have enough power then it may shut off the flash to conserve the energy. Simply recharge the camera and attempt to use the flash again.
  • If all settings are correct but there is still no flash then it may be that the bulb is burnt out. This can be replaced at a local shop.
  • The capacitor is what stores the energy required to make the flash. If it is malfunctioning then you will need to replace it.

If pictures are not being taken and/or saved it may be a problem with the memory card

  • The memory card may be full. If this is the case then two choices are available. Upload your pictures from the camera to your computer. The other choice is deleting pictures directly from the camera. Warning: if you delete directly from the camera then you will lose that picture forever.
  • If the memory card's contacts appear scratched or corroded this may be effecting your ability to save. Try cleaning the contacts, but a new memory card may be needed.
  • If your memory card has a lock function, it is usually a red plastic switch on the bottom edge of the card. If the switch has been moved to the "lock" position, you will not be able to save or delete pictures on the card.




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