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Camera does not respond when pressing the power button.

Confirm that the battery level is not low.

If the battery is low, charge the battery and properly insert into the battery compartment.

Be sure that the battery is the correct battery required for this specific camera.

Make sure the battery and the memory card are clicked into place.

Clean the battery terminal if dirty because this will decrease the battery performance.

Replace battery if broken or defective.

If the LCD screen does not work while the camera was able to turn on. Replace the camera with a new LCD screen.

Be sure that the battery and memory card is properly inserted. The battery door should come in contact with the battery. If the battery door contact is damaged replace the battery contact.

After checking the battery for damage, ensure that the battery is properly inserted, and battery contact door is not broken, and the camera still does not turn on. Check the internal components of the camera for any disconnection. If the internal components are malfunction replace the internal components.

Camera does not respond while taking pictures.

The SD card is needed for saving pictures and recording videos. Make sure that the SD card is installed in the correct direction.

Check if the SD card is damaged in any way. Make sure the internal component holding the SD card is not damaged. If either the part or card is damaged, it is recommended to replace it.

If you do not like the picture quality after taking the picture.

The lens can get dirty due to excessive dust and other materials stuck within the lens. To fix this, carefully disassemble the lens from the camera base and use a compressed air duster to clean the dirty areas.

Do not shoot under fluorescent or LED lighting, the screen may flicker and a horizontal bar may appear.

Press the shutter button halfway to focus on the subject, then depress button fully to shoot.

Shoot the subject within the focusing distance.

Make sure that the functions which you do not intend to use are not set.

Shoot using the focus lock or auto-focus lock.

If a memory/SD card error appears even when a formatted memory card is inserted in the correct direction, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.

The flash on the camera does not light when taking pictures.

Make sure the flash button is turned on.

Turn the flash setting on and verify that the flash is working. Settings are located on the dial on the top of the camera.

Check for any physical or liquid damages. These may cause circulatory problems within the camera.

Check for updates on the firmware.

If the battery level of the camera is too low, the flash may not work. Verify that the battery indicator on the LCD screen reads normally.

Correct the brightness with exposure compensation.

Adjust the image with i-Contrast.

Use spot metering or AE Lock to shoot.

Changing the lens of the camera.

Verify the lens assembly is designed for the Canon SX40 lens mount.

Lens error can occur if you hold the lens while it is in motion or when using it in a location with excessive dust or sand in the air.

If this error message continues to appear, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk as there may be a problem with the lens.

The lens mount ring on the camera may be warped or damaged. Inspect the ring for problems.

Trying to connect the camera to audio-video system.

If the AV port does not properly connect to the AV cable, you can remove and replace the AV port.

An internal component may be disconnected or dysfunctional. The malfunctioning components should be replaced.


communication error between camera and computer

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