这是iPhone 4S的一个通病,有时WiFi按钮点不动。


http://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi...|grayed out and unclickable


如果是这样的情况解决,要永久解决这个问题需要对主板上“Murata SW SS1830010”Wi-Fi芯片进行重植加焊。

  1. 拆机前,请先关机。
    • 拆机前,请先关机。

    • 拆卸掉两颗3.6mm 五角 P2防撬螺丝。

    • 重新组装的时候,我们建议你用菲利普螺丝刀来更换5号专用螺丝。我们的拆解套装为你提供用菲利普斯螺丝刀更换五角螺丝。

    • 5号螺丝刀只能用一次,不用上太紧,以免滑丝。

    The Liberation Kit just stripped the screw. Now what.

    nimpsy - 回复

    Had local iPhone repair shop remove the screw. Repair complete!

    nimpsy -

    I left the battery in and everything above the middle, using a pen knife to flex the logic board, I had plenty of room to else the old out and the new in.

    Worked well and saved a lot of time.

    Keith M - 回复

    After reviewing the steps I decided to follow this guy's advice and left the battery in.....one less item to possibly foul up. I don't know if it made it any faster (first time to open my phone, so nothing to compare it to) but I can say that my phone is charging for the first time in 6 months :D

    Jennifer -


    1) This is doable but not easy, quick or without risk.

    2) If this is your 1st time, the whole process can take >2 hours (half of it reading this fixit manual and notes, which I highly recommend!)

    3) I highly recommend placing a large, thin clean white cloth on the table. This prevents screws from rolling around and you will clearly see anything falling out.

    4) If you have them, use tight surgical (latex) gloves. This prevents you from greasing up contacts.

    5) Have e.g. a big old egg box ready, so you can place the screws in order (and maybe write step/screw size on the side).

    6) I bought my display from "Generic" on Amazon ($20.36). Screen works fine and tools were ok but not great (screw drivers do not withstand force needed to unscrew some).

    7) I had my own 2mm Phillips screw driver and a 2.4mm flat (for the big screws).

    8) Have a nice cold beer by your side! Good luck!

    superedu111 - 回复

    Sounds like this comment relates to a screen replacement, not a rear panel replacement. No way a rear panel replacement would take 2 hours - can be done in 2 minutes!

    Jonathan Deamer -

    I was paranoid about stripping the pentalobes - I used the ifixit pentalobe screwdriver TOGETHER with a layer of Glad Wrap (cling film or saran wrap for the non-Aussies) over the pentalobe holes - absolutely no problems. Guess it helps the driver head gain purchase?

    Anyway hat tip to this guy:


    jimforbes - 回复

    It's also called glad wrap in the US as well. :)

    Scorppio500 Webmaster -

    After seeing the comments about trouble finding the carrier, I shut down the phone, did a soft reset (by holding the power and home buttons until it started and then shut down and stayed off), and removed the SIM. After the repair, I replaced the SIM and plugged it in to the charger. It started up and found the carrier (Verizon, as it happens) immediately. I would guess that only the soft reset made a difference, but I did both.

    DavidLewis - 回复

    Thank you David, will I need to reload operating system if I replace thr logic board? I'm hoping to use a 32gb boards from a locked but working phone to place in my 8gb device. Thanks for your advice,


    Sharif Bagnulo -

    I pried one end of the back off only to find 2 funny little screws holding the other end on so I took my Dremel, like Jack said, and ground those suckers out. Once I had the back off I loosened all the screws then turned it upside down and shook the crap out of it. The screws went flying everywhere and fell on the floor. Its my moms house so of course she's got gross brown carpet. How am I supposed to find my screws in that? I get the vacuum out and go over every inch of the floor to suck up all them screws. Then I dump the bag on the table and all I find is a bunch of hair and gods knows what else, but no screws. When I look for my phone I see its covered in all that stuff that came out of the vacuum. I mean, what's up with that? How can I work on my phone if its covered in dirt? Nobody said anything about that, did they? The average guy's gonna screw up his phone big time if he follows these instructions and nobody warns him about all the dirt that's gonna end up in his phone. Are you kidding me!! Now what?

    Marv - 回复

    Here's a little vacuum trick for anything small: put nylons/panty hose over the end of the hose and then you don't have to dig thru the bag contents.

    paul -

    Marv you a first class pleb! Please don't try and fix anything again. Tool

    ticklejahfancy -

    It's clear who's at fault here, Marv.

    It's as clear as the day has long legs. It's your Mom's fault.

    Milfs who make earth-tone carpet choices, are more likely to twerk, than tweek.

    And as far as trimmin the hedges are concerned, she's more likely to float a turd in the punchbowl,

    than to give you your inch.

    I know you think I'm crazy. But everyone else agrees. We all politely try to the other way...

    Your cuck stops here. We'll not near me, go over there...

    Nathan Brazil -

    my screws are stipped and i am going though the front glass to get to the logic board could some one give me a guide on how to get to the board please... thanks

    Caleb Croft - 回复

    all you need to do is remove the clip over the wifi antenna and the one that actually attaches the wifi antenna to the iphone two steps to do this job...

    Ray Leahy - 回复

    The physical battery replacement went off without a hitch, and saw that the phone had no network connection, but also had no way to unlock. The slide lock said "Slide for Emergency Call" over my custom wallpaper and sliding would give the passcode screen, but it would reject the 6 digit passcode (it would buzz and go dark after the 4th digit, re-awakening and putting in the last 2 would indicate bad passcode). Very frustrating! I get it into recovery mode and convinced iTunes to "update" the OS, but it still didn't let me in. I performed a restore to fully factory reset the phone, and it worked! Sort of... the start screen kept being replaced by "Temperature - phone needs to cool down" but it's cold. Temp sensor is on the battery and returning to old battery fixed it. New battery is bad, and phone is wiped. Fun night.

    I'm going to guess that disabling the password might save you from a similar fate. So, I'll suggest BEFORE YOU START, backup your phone and disable the passcode. Good luck.

    Ian Epperson - 回复

    Same here.. Going through that terrible night myself! Guess you had to return your battery right?

    Nuno Alves -

    Is it possible to replace front glass only? If so, please provide a manuel

    Iva - 回复

    Yes, it is. But it's very difficult and risky. Forget it... Have a look here: https://youtu.be/L_kCY05jR10

    Jiri Altman -

    I didn’t find this particularly difficult, even though I’m pretty inexperienced at this sort of work. I watched the video overview to get me going and then followed the steps in the guide. My tips would be to keep the screws and parts organised as you dismantle, and ensure you read all the reassembly tips as you go; it’s easy to skip over them. I also found using the Liberty Kit to replace the pentalobe screws was worthwhile.

    Poor old Marv of Feb 2015. Suggest he sticks to chopping logs.

    graemebagnall - 回复

  2. 从下往上推开后盖。 大概推出2mm的间隙。
    • 从下往上推开后盖。

    • 大概推出2mm的间隙。

    how can i take out the screw if it is stripped

    Manny Chaidez - 回复

    with a small driller, but I guess it is very difficult. Never attempted that myself on an iPhone.

    lantzero -

    There is no screw in Step 2?

    Is the screw stripped or the head stripped?

    I have used superglue on the screwdriver to remove a stripped screw, it would turn but not come out, with superglue I could turn and pull the screw out. May also work on a stripped head.

    Trevor -

    If you are careful, use a Dremel tool and a micro drill bit (sold where Dremel tools are purchased) to drill it out. Last resort kind of thing, good luck.

    Jack - 回复

    Why isn't it moving? I removed my screws.

    Thomas The Train - 回复

    I pried one end of the back off only to find 2 funny little screws holding the other end on so I took my Dremel, like Jack said, and ground those suckers out. Once I had the back off I loosened all the screws then turned it upside down and shook the crap out of it. The screws went flying everywhere and fell on the floor. Its my moms house so of course she's got gross brown carpet. How am I supposed to find my screws in that? I get the vacuum out and go over every inch of the floor to suck up all them screws. Then I dump the bag on the table and all I find is a bunch of hair and gods knows what else, but no screws. When I look for my phone I see its covered in all that stuff that came out of the vacuum. I mean, what's up with that? How can I work on my phone if its covered in dirt? Nobody said anything about that, did they? The average guy's gonna screw up his phone big time if he follows these instructions and nobody warns him about all the dirt that's gonna end up in his phone. Are you kidding me!! Now what?

    Marv - 回复

    I didn't see any extra screws holding the back in place. I had to use the included pry tool to get the back off. Just start at the bottom and pry gently...if you just "pull" like the guide says it won't work.

    Brian - 回复

    Don't use too much force to slide the back -- the back on my phone was hard to slide, and I bent and broke a silver metal contact tab at the top of the back (on the inside).

    perryskeath - 回复

    Super easy fix. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Terrence Carlson - 回复

    Those little screwdrivers are easy to mix up, for those of us without ultra-perfect vision! Once I used the correct screwdriver, and my 13yo son's little fingers and perfect eyes, it went smoothly! Also my son noticed that the rubber piece around the camera len was covering the camera; it likely slid out of place when sliding off the back cover. A little playing around (with plastic tools only!) and it looks perfect now!

    ashleedawg - 回复

    sorry but the rear panel is not pushed up. I pulled out the screws in the step 1 but still the rear panel does not move with even when I push it strongly.

    Doo Re Song - 回复

  3. 向下轻拉后盖,小心不要将塑料卡扣损坏。
    • 向下轻拉后盖,小心不要将塑料卡扣损坏。

    • 取下后盖

    On reassembly, be sure to clean the metal plate at the place of contact with the tiny pressure contact mentioned in step 4.

    Harald Brandt - 回复

    I pried one end of the back off only to find 2 funny little screws holding the other end on so I took my Dremel, like Jack said, and ground those suckers out. Once I had the back off I loosened all the screws then turned it upside down and shook the crap out of it. The screws went flying everywhere and fell on the floor. Its my moms house so of course she's got gross brown carpet. How am I supposed to find my screws in that? I get the vacuum out and go over every inch of the floor to suck up all them screws. Then I dump the bag on the table and all I find is a bunch of hair and gods knows what else, but no screws. When I look for my phone I see its covered in all that stuff that came out of the vacuum. I mean, what's up with that? How can I work on my phone if its covered in dirt? Nobody said anything about that, did they? The average guy's gonna screw up his phone big time if he follows these instructions and nobody warns him about all the dirt that's gonna end up in his phone. Are you kidding me!! Now what?

    Marv - 回复

    The replacement panel I got had two sheets of protective plastic on the inside and one on the outside. I used a toothpick to carefully lift and peel the two inside sheets off. One small one was over the lens on the inside. The other was over some large brown sheet of unknown function (though I think it goes over the battery). When I peel that away, some of the brown material tried to lift of with it, so be very careful.

    dhein - 回复

    From this point go to step ?? Just peel off the tape from the chip. Take some aluminium foil and cut a hole the size of the chip (Use a second layer of foil if you don't thrust it). Heat the chip as described at temperature 300 deg C for 5 minutes. Let it cool down. Reassemble and ..... hura WIFI is on again.

    Lucasa Clearman - 回复

  4. 卸下电池排线固定架上的 螺丝 1颗1.7mm 螺丝。
    • 卸下电池排线固定架上的 螺丝

    • 1颗1.7mm 螺丝。

    • 1颗1.5mm 螺丝。

    This step needs a few more caveats.

    The bottom screw on my phone was locked with some thread adhesive, and required more force to loosen it than I expected.

    Even after removing the screws, the battery connector was rather firmly seated, and required a fair bit of persistent gentle prying with the opening tool before it came loose.

    The ground clip came loose and nearly flew off while loosening the connector, so it would really help people if there were a warning on this step to watch out for the ground clip and make sure it doesn't bounce away.

    threephi - 回复

    I had the same problem with the ground clip! I’m glad that I didn't for it.

    iScott -

    Despite putting a large amount of pressure on the screw I can't get the blades of the 00 to take. Has anyone tried with a 000 and does it work better?

    abeardsa - 回复

    The 00 didn't work much for me but I had more success with a Phillips #0

    DMcG -

    I find the #00 doesn't work either. I use the #000 and it works better for me.

    Keith -

    The battery connector is attached to the battery. You're not going to completely lift it out and remove it. It pulls out from the socket you can see in step 5 picture 3. The pressure contact (little black and gold thing) will probably just slide out from under the connector. Not a problem.

    DMcG - 回复

    Which screwdriver works best then. I got the #00 philips from ifixit. I agree - it strips the screw and does not work. I don't recommend it.

    I am now trying to buy another screwdriver - but which one. #0 or #000. Anyone done this. Please help!

    andrepoon - 回复

    I lost the screws securing the battery connector to the logic board, what happens when I turn on my iphone without securing screws, as shown in step 4, please solution. thank you

    Afriyadi - 回复

    I completed this successfully, but this step gave me the most trouble. The pressure contact is really difficult to reseat. So much so that it should probably be called out more clearly in it's own step.

    Greg Fulco - 回复

    If your pressure contact pops out you might find the video at http://www.hightechdad.com/2013/05/07/ho... helpful

    Martin Cleaver - 回复

    I found this link to be incredibly helpful in identifying how/ where to put the pressure contact back in place

    Elizabeth Harris -

    In french: attention avant de retirer le contacteur de la batterie. La vis du haut tient "en sandwich" une petite pièce métallique noire et dorée. Cette pièce a pour but de faire contact de masse avec le dos de l'iphone quand il est refermé. Donc il ne faut pas la tordre. Quand les deux vis du contacteur sont retirée, attention au moment de débrancher le contacteur: cela va faire bouger cette pièce qui ne doit pas être abîmée ni tordue. Au remontage, il faut bien la remettre en place sous le contacteur de batterie: il est tout à fait possible de mettre d'abord le contacteur, puis de glisser la petite pièce au dessous pour qu'elle soit bien à sa place, le trou en face du trou de vis et du trou du contacteur. En remettant la vis, la pièce tient bien en place. Elle doit bien continuer à dépasser de manière a faire contact avec le dos de l'iphone.

    stephane lecreux - 回复

    Top screw didn’t move with iFixit Philips #000 driver. The metal is too soft and in the result the screw was damaged while still in place. Having nothing to lose I also tried #00 and #0. Any way to remove the stuck screw? I would gladly saw it off if I could.

    viktorcode - 回复

    Ok, I had to drill the screw to break it. It was very delicate and time consuming operation. But in the end the screw cap finally broke off and I was able to remove the battery!

    viktorcode -

    The Liberation Kit Philips head screwdriver strips the battery connector screws! It stripped the ne 1.7 mm Phillips screw circled in red in the photo above. I was able to remove the other screw, then I lifted the battery connector off while the red screw was still in position and wound the connector around in circles while lifting upwards and managed to unscrew the stripped screw. Advice, find a decent philips heard screwdriver for the internal screws like the two found on the battery connector.

    remsta - 回复

    Bottom screw was totally stuck, nothing could budge it. I removed top screw, heated up battery with hair dryer to release the glue, pulled it out using the spudger. Lifted up the metal plate thing (after taking out the ground piece and putting it aside). Cut off the flexible bit between the plate and the battery and twisted the plate around the screw as you did.

    Well, the screw eventually came out—but only the top half! Yes, it split in two. Then the bottom half came out, still attached to the thing it was screwed in to (a sort of barrel).

    I put the new battery in, put the bottom half (with the barrel) of lower screw back in its original position, replaced the ground piece and positioned the new plate over it, and screwed the top screw back in. Then put the top half of the lower screw in and tightened it.

    Et voila!

    Extra: It was helpful to discover that the 1.5 and 1.7 mm measurements refer to length of screw, not size of Phillips head.

    Claudia Baragiola -

    When reassembling, use EST tweezers to get align the pressure contact over the top screw hole. using the pointy end of a spudger to assist: put the point through top screw-hole on the battery connector, then through the pressure contact and into the screw-hole. this will help to keep the small piece in place while re-seating the battery connector. Leave the top hole spiked as such until the screw in the bottom hole is gently fastened. Remove the spudger and replace the top screw.

    tallismanproductions - 回复

    Pressure contact needs to be remain EXACTLY in the same position if you remove/replace battery. I had to re-open my iPhone 4S after a battery replacement (the mobile connectivity was lost) and tweak the position of the Pressure to restore functionality.

    Peter Schoeman - 回复

    Why do I have to remove the battery for disassembling the rear camera? Any idea?

    Andreas Suck - 回复

    Hi, I have a problem with that small piece which connect gsm antenna with the back cover. I missed that part and have a weak signal gsm, so I buy it and now when I put it there the Iphone wont turn on when the back cover is puted on. I know that somewhere is short-circuit but dont know how to solve it. Sorry for my english.

    jurajtomecek7 - 回复

    I used my 16x magnifier loupe to be certain I had the pressure sensor aligned with the screw hole - no problem, no stripping. I consider it indispensable for tricky steps like this, and IFixit sells a similar tool for just $14.

    Jen Morris - 回复

    The pressure connector is the battery connector under the silver plate. BE CAREFUL. It seems like it'd be really easy to tear that pressure connector out without meaning to. The bronze and black thing is the ground, *not* the pressure connector. If you remove it just keep track of it and re-install it.

    Brian - 回复

    this help me a lot, i just don't know how to fix it(bought it from http://www.laimarket.com/red-replacement...)

    Dean - 回复

    The phillips head screwdriver provided in the ifixit repair kit does not work well this these two screws after my first attempt at unscrewing the screws became stripped. The 1.7 mm phillips screw gave me the most trouble. It took an hour to unscrew after the screwdriver from the kit stripped the screw. I used a piece of masking tape over the screw for grip to loosen it, then used finger nail clippers as pliers to unscrew. I would recommend investing in a better screwdriver for this one step. Assembly is otherwise simple and easy.

    teeteebaby5 - 回复

    Here's a tip if you're having trouble removing the 1.7 mm screw. I had real problems removing it – the 1.5 mm screw came out easily using a Phillips #000 screwdriver but I almost stripped the 1.7 mm screw using the same screwdriver. What I did instead was use a flathead screwdriver from the iFixit pro tech toolkit I got, the one with a "–" sign and 1.0 size. That worked perfectly!

    Lars - 回复

    When disconnecting the battery make sure to use a plastic tool not a metal tool that could short out the battery

    Ethan Chow - 回复

    I did not manage to get the screws out with a Phillips #000 Screwdriver; I used instead the J1000 head of the all-new pro tech toolkit

    Jean Wallemacq - 回复

    I would agree that a decent magnifier would help as the screws and components are small.

    Also take necessary precautions to ensure the screws are not lost or mixed up.

    Other than being a bit fiddly (particularly the earth connector), the only challenge I had not covered was that the battery was fixed with glue close to where the connector is and despite releasing the battery along the side, I couldn't get the battery to lift out using the tab. In the end I had to use the plastic tools to gently lever the battery away, working from the outside edge and ensuring I wasn't levering against the volume control buttons.

    The new battery is in and following the advise given, I hard reset the phone and all my usual functions are now running... and if this £18:00 fix gives the phone another year or two of use, it will be well worth the effort.

    Dave Mann - 回复

    When i replaced my battery then my i phone4s suddenly diseabled to 4million hours or sonething big like that....So at the end i had to go for a flash..when it was updating in the middle there has been a error so my logo comes CONNECT TO ITUNES...so what can i do guzs????

    ALBURT - 回复

    Vous dites "Le connecteur de batterie s'enlève verticalement de la carte mère. Ne forcez pas latéralement"

    Ou placez vous la verticalité ? pour moi c'est connecteur d'alimentation en bas, bouton d'alimentation en haut ?

    Parce ce que sur la photo suivante, vous enlevez le connecteur de la gauche vers la droite ... c'est à dire latéralement ...

    Soit nous n'avons pas le même sens vertical / horizontal, soit il y a un GROS problème dans l'explication, ou dans la traduction.

    En tout cas, à la lecture de votre explication, j'ai essayé d'enlever le connecteur vers le haut !!

    Donc il m'est maintenant impossible de remettre la batterie neuve, le connecteur est cassé !!!

    Bravo pour l'expertise ifixit :(

    Appoline - 回复

    I've gone through this process twice now. I found this video also very helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYYdbk3U...

    The little contact thing that sits under top screw is always the biggest hassle to fit back into place (I do it after attaching the battery cable) with tweezers from ifixit.

    My personal tips:

    - plan that the incredibly tiny screws or the top-screw contact thing, might get away from you. so work in a space where you can find them easily. Not over carpet, etc.

    - I use strips of tape on a piece of paper to secure the screws while they are out, and position them so I know which one goes on top of battery connector, and the one on bottom.

    - If you have access to a spouse's/mate's iphone, in Accessibility settings there's a Magnifier option (triple-click home button) which does an amazing job at magnifying stuff at a circa 4-6" distance. Lacking any good magnifying glasses, this feature helped a lot. https://www.imore.com/how-use-magnifier-...

    Wayne Walrath - 回复

    Why the guide don't mention PH000 or PH00 instead of Phillip 1.7 mm / 1.5 mm? I didn't know it is PH000 until some comments here save my time. Thanks guys

    wanhor - 回复

    I wonder if the two screws shown on the picture are not inverted. It would seem logical to me that the longest (1.7mm) screw be placed on the upper hole, (where there is the yellow circle) ie on the hole where there is extra thickness (of the gold plated grounding contact sheet metal) in the sandwich. I have not checked, however, I just put the screws in the same location as found.

    Yves - 回复

  5. 小心地用塑料棍撬电池排线接头直到松动 卸下接头 卸下接头
    • 小心地用塑料棍撬电池排线接头直到松动

    • 卸下接头

  6. 使用塑料Opening工具断开电池连接座。 将工具的尖端放置在扬声器外壳和连接器的金属盖之间,然后先撬起连接座边缘。 电池接头可以垂直从主板上撬下来。不要从侧面用力。
    • 使用塑料Opening工具断开电池连接座。

    • 将工具的尖端放置在扬声器外壳和连接器的金属盖之间,然后先撬起连接座边缘。

    • 电池接头可以垂直从主板上撬下来。不要从侧面用力。

    • 请小心,不要扯掉电池连接座与主板上的焊接点。那儿有4个非常小的焊接点“等待”你犯这个错误!

    No idea what exactly this step means. I just pulled the battery connector without trying to move the pressure contact. Installed new battery, plugged in connector and aligned the pressure contact slightly for the screw to fit.

    Got a big scare as the phone would not connect to the cell network at first boot, only WiFi. Shut it off and when it rebooted it seemed to work. WIll probably know in a day or so if everything works fine or if there are interference issues, etc.

    andries - 回复

    This is normal ... removing the battery resets internal clock to start value and your provider doesn't accept that, hence no network.

    Going online through wifi or manually setting date right corrects this after a reboot.

    Dreetn -

    I also accidentally removed the pressure contact. I put it back in place as best I could during reassembly and so far haven't ran into any problems.

    Maynard Stevens - 回复

    The black & copper contact piece is missing from my iPhone. Does that explain why my phone won't restore and keeps re-booting? I have tried every kind of restore with no luck. Any ideas?

    ozarkana - 回复

    After reassembling the iPhone I the GSM connection wasn't working. After cleaning all parts with isopropyl alcohol it still didn't work. What solved my problem was to turn on WiFi and then synchronizing the date and time which was set to 1970-01-01. After a reboot everything worked just fine. :)

    Florian - 回复

    I had the same problem. Thanks for the solution!!

    Manolis Mylonakis -

    thanks for this!

    Bill McNamara -

    The black ground contact needs still more "flagging." This is a simple metal strip that is attached ONLY by the 1.5mm (upper) screw. It will help if you look at it before you remove the upper screw. Notice the gold contact arm and point. That contact point must be in a plane above every other surface inside the device when you replace the battery connector, because it makes a ground contact with the metallic inner surface of the device back plate.

    When I replaced it, I used the Pentalobe driver to line up battery connector and ground contact with the screw socket post. I then attached the 1.7mm (lower) screw loosely, removed the Pentalobe driver gently, and inserted the 1.5mm (upper) screw into the assembly. There is a tab on the ground contact that helps it align properly once pressure begins to applied. I completed driving the upper screw, pressing lightly with the spudger on the battery connector plate to make sure it was seated on the pressure contacts. Finally, I completed driving the lower screw.

    Matt McCaffrey - 回复

    I didn't find any need to remove the pressure contact. I just pried the battery connector up (gently) with a spudger and left the pressure contact in place. Connected the new battery and aligned the pressure contact screw hole. Replaced the screws, finished reassembly and all was good.

    Roger Mercer - 回复

    After reassembly, the CELL CONNECTION WASN'T WORKING. You might need to slightly bend the contact in step 5 up just a little, so it will make contact with the metal back plate. Did that and it worked perfectly.

    Great kit, great instructions, thanks!

    AirPhonesApp - 回复

    all those teeny screws...and the world is so...well...BIG!

    go slow and put those parts INTO something...

    putting them "on" something will just cause heartache and and an infected bladder...


    after a lot of froofroo and very errant iphone behaviour problems, i concluded that that tiny grounding piece must be being lazy as hello. i spread it out a bit to ensure a better contact with the back plate and everything appears to be working smoothly.

    did this repair, as well as the battery replacement...GTG!!!

    spoke too soon, i 'spect...random reboots persist.

    richard - 回复

    Just went through the replacement and the battery "plug" (step 5) on my replacement battery was slightly misaligned relative to the metal plate used to screw it onto the board. The plastic and "gold" "plug" was slightly askew on the metal plate, which meant that when the plug was inserted, the screw holes (step 4) were poorly aligned.

    I managed to pull everything back into line using the screws, but the QC on these replacement batteries is a bit suspect.

    cvdwl - 回复

    Guess what happens when you rotate that ground connector 180 degrees...it grounds what I deduced to be the heat sink of the power amplifier for the speaker! So it is silent. It took me a couple of attempts to discover this as I was distracted by the new speaker not sitting down properly and a little dot of stuff under the main connector stuck to the pins. The latter was cleaned-off with a pin under 5x magnification followed by some isopropyl alcohol.

    I suggest that Step 5 is more explicit about the orientation of this ground connector. It's only obvious after a really close look and if one has a lot to do like I did, it's a long time before one comes back to this step so the correct orientation is not obvious.

    Michael Scollay - 回复

    If you magnify picture 4 or picture 5 twice, you can view the ground clip under the blue tool. You need to reinstall the ground clip with the copper color prong facing "up." I believe the ground clip is what many are calling the "pressure contact point" because the copper prong of the ground clip does indeed have pressure asserted to it when it contacts the back cover of the iPhone 4s.

    Richard Riddle - 回复

    I accidentally removed the pressure contact and I was not able to put it back in place and so far haven't ran into any problems. Is this safe??

    Vasu Reddy - 回复

    I did it als well. All Funktionen well.but i am Not sure if that reduce battery power? Thanks very much for information

    Lupus - 回复

    The hole in the pressure contact aligns with the top screw. The IFIXIT tool kit I bought contained a black sharp “thing” that I used to align the pressure contact with the top screw hole. I used this tool to align the bottom screw hole also. I put the bottom screw in first but did not tighten it all the way. A good magnifying glass with a light helped a lot. Tim

    Tim - 回复

    Aligning with the black pointy “thing” definitely helps. Also, the small copper end of the contact piece is supposed to stick up once attached, to make contact with the back plate of the phone after re-assembly. The piece slides under the silver metal plate, and the the pointer can be used to align the silver plate hole and the black/copper plate hole in place for the screw.

    Rog - 回复

    We have edited this step and expanded upon it. Hopefully that will mitigate the confusion surrounding it. Sorry about all the trouble it has caused!

    Arthur Shi - 回复

  7. 在重新安装过程中重新连接电池接口之前,请小心地将压力触点放回原位。它应该放在所示的菲利普螺丝柱顶部,金触点应指向电池接口。 务必使用脱脂剂如 windex 或异丙醇清洁压力接触。手指上的油脂有可能产生无线干扰。
    • 在重新安装过程中重新连接电池接口之前,请小心地将压力触点放回原位。它应该放在所示的菲利普螺丝柱顶部,金触点应指向电池接口。

    • 务必使用脱脂剂如 windex 或异丙醇清洁压力接触。手指上的油脂有可能产生无线干扰。

    Without that contact. Will the iPhone still use wifi? I need an answer ASAP!

    Gabriel Vaughn - 回复

    What if i lose that little metal ? Huhu

    Zheea Patang - 回复

  8. 使用塑料Opening 工具的边缘,插入电池与后盖中间的缝隙,将电池取出。 尝试从不同的点,用塑料Opening 工具,将电池完全与后盖的残胶断开分离。
    • 使用塑料Opening 工具的边缘,插入电池与后盖中间的缝隙,将电池取出。

    • 尝试从不同的点,用塑料Opening 工具,将电池完全与后盖的残胶断开分离。

    This can be very tricky because sometimes theres just too many glue on the back of the battery, and eventually the battery will be deformed.

    Carlos Lopes - 回复

    Yes, there did seem to be a lot of glue holding my battery in. At first I was afraid of breaking it, but after reading up on the subject I've learned that it is okay if the battery gets a little deformed. Due to the nature of the battery it will still work if slightly deformed.

    djlogic26 - 回复

    I found the plastic pull tab to be useless. Peeled pretty much the whole battery out from the left side. Used a probe to "break" a few strands of glue to help. Just watch the connector and ribbon cable in the lower left corner as you pry up so you don't crimp them or damage them.

    gregsrow - 回复

    DO NOT remove the battery unless absolutely necessary. If the battery is removed from the phone, DO NOT reuse it, ifixit does not seem to understand the importance of safely handling the battery

    Tom Chai - 回复

    Tom you have never been so wrong. Removing the battery is the FIRST step ANYONE should do before repairing or attempting repairs on their phone. The iPhone has many different grounding points in the phone and having electrical current running to it poses a massive risk, especially with ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge). People, PLEASE make sure you remove your phone's battery FIRST before doing any repairs. Use a plastic, not metal, spudger, after unhooking the battery from the logic board, place the spudger along the right side of the battery NOT under the volume buttons, about an inch and a half lower (two roughly if a sim card is present) and start prying it up using the frame as the fulcrum, as you start to lift the battery from the adhesive make sure you slide the spudger farther under to get even contact so you do not damage the battery.

    Prestige Computer Solutions -

    Try a used plastic credit/gift card to apply gentle pressure to lift the battery out of the phone, the short edge of the card fits within the gap on the logic board side between the battery and video cables. You can also use it on the opposite side if there is room between the battery and iPhone frame. This has worked on all of the 4 and 4s models I've replaced screens on.

    I offer an alternative image if interested.

    Wallace Karraker - 回复

    Hello! My clients iphone 4s:n battery connector broke, when i tried accidentally take the battery out with a plastic tool from the wrong side.

    Connector detached completely, so that the two middle ironcensors came with it and was stuck to the connector. When i screw the whole connector back to phone, it works with battery power, but the batterys downloading doesnt work. Are these two middle censors that are stuck in the connector exactly the ones that should be charging the battery? Do you know how i can fix this? I have already bought electrical conductor glue, but should the parts be cleaned somehow first? And how can i fix it, when the center metal sensors on the system board is also attached to the battery?

    How can i clean out thiskind of part with windex? I have purchased almost all of the possible tools from iFixit and the electrical conductor glue i bought somewhere else. (http://www.ebay.com/itm/300915727408?ssP...)

    SebastianK - 回复

    Removing the battery wasn't necessary. I attempted the removal but decided not to in the end. It didn't get in the way at all.

    BigFatCat - 回复

    i also skipped the battery removal step. the battery didn't get in the way, but it did make it difficult to see if the wifi grounding fingers (step 14) were underneath the case lip. everything worked in the end though so i don't think removing the battery is a strict requirement.

    rippergirl - 回复

    How can you not remove the battery in a battery replacement fix? Step 14, there are only 7 steps. Me thinks these comments are getting mixed up between different fixes!

    bluezzer -

    I did not remove the battery to do a Speaker replacement and had no issues with getting the Speaker out/in. So, steps 4 and 5 are required but not step 6.

    rcrodriguez2 - 回复

    The plastic tab is not attached to the battery. I just pried from the right and slid tools under until I broke all the adhesive.

    DMcG - 回复

    I found it easier to start by pulling the plastic lip to loosen the battery, then, if needed, use the plastic tool to pry from the side.

    superedu111 - 回复

    I tried to get the battery out as depicted in the first picture. It deformed and is now broken. Not happy. It seems better to leave it or get it out by gently pulling the tab.

    Paul Baars - 回复

    Please, Please, PLEASE avoid using probing elements to try remove batteries. I have had dozens handed in to me with punctures and two that actually started smoking due to people trying to prise the battery out. DO NOT DO IT.

    The best way I have found to remove the battery is this process;

    1) Try remove it with the pull tab directly, some will come out, some will not. Do NOT use excessive pull force else it'll deform the battery and reduce the capacity.

    2) If the pull test didn't work, then get a hot air gun on medium and warm up the area around the battery for about 30 seconds, focusing on the perimeter of the battery. If you see ANY popcorn'ing then you're too hot, you don't want to cook the battery.

    2.1) Wait about 30 seconds for the heat to now wick underneath the battery to soften the adhesive.

    2.2) Now try pull the battery up, the extra heat should have softened the glue that you can remove the battery without excessive force and without sticking objects under the battery.

    Paul L Daniels - 回复

  9. 借由拉着外漏在外头的透明塑料条,将电池从手机取出。 请注意,不要把透明塑料条拉扯太用力,因为这很容易不小心就被扯掉了。
    • 借由拉着外漏在外头的透明塑料条,将电池从手机取出。

    • 请注意,不要把透明塑料条拉扯太用力,因为这很容易不小心就被扯掉了。

    • 卸下电池。

    • 如果你的更换电池采用塑料套管,请在安装前将其从带状电缆中拉出来将其取下。

    • 如果你的更换电池配有未加电的电缆,请在将电池安装到手机中之前小心地将电缆折叠成适当的形状。

    • 安装更换电池时,请将电池接口暂时连接到手机以确保正确对齐。将电池胶合到位后,断开电池接口。

    • 在组装好手机之后执行一次重启。这可以很简单地避免诸多可能的问题。

    Be VERY careful NOT to pull off the part of the connector that is on the logic board! Mine now has only contact but no solder until I can get a small enough soldering iron and a less shaky pair of hands!

    Rob Hendricks - 回复

    I lost the 1.5mm and 1.7mm screws when replacing my 4s battery. Is there a place that sells just these two screws? I bought a 4s screw kit from Zeeton.com but figuring out which screw out the of 39 screws were the the 1.5mm and 1.7mm was impossible.

    admin - 回复

    Buy a cheap pair of digital callipers ($20 -$30) and it will be clear. You can then use them to measure all kinds of things instead of squinting with a ruler.

    bluezzer -

    I bent the wire of the silent button on right top of the battery. Now the silent botton don't work. The wire on the bent is half-cut. BE CAREFUL when you put the new battery inside!

    orzo - 回复

    Was having a hard time getting the screws back into the battery connector. Read another tip online that helped - pushed the end of my phillips screwdriver into some soft candle wax which gave it just enough stickyness to have the screw stay attached to the screwdriver while I was moving it toward the hole. Thought I'd pass that along.

    bill - 回复

    I did as wazzamagu did (and stated above), "My Pentalobe tool was slightly magnetized so I used that to bring the screws in for tightening with the Philips screwdriver." That made replacing the screws fairly easy. Thanks for all the advice on this page. It was not hard at all. Go slow and carefully, everything is smaller in there than I expected. The "searching" thing came up as it seems for most people, but just took a reboot and all is fine.

    amorteguy - 回复


    I had the same issue with "searching network". After resetting the network settings in settings it did work perfectly!

    Klemt - 回复

    Took about 15 minutes. The only thing that was confusing was the reference to parts, using the partname, and I didn't know what they were referring to. So I had to figure it out by the photos. Slightly frustrating. Got it in and it worked. My problem then, was it kept SEARCHING and couldn't find my carrier. I followed everyones advice on here, plugged phone into my computer to itunes. then turned off network settings in settings, then turned them back on, and I got 3 bars. good to go.

    sally -

    Instructions were good and everything works fine after replacement. Needed to use a tweezer on the pressure contact on the top screw of the battery. Thanks

    jeff - 回复

    I swapped out the battery today. No real issues. Pretty easy task.

    ddbbsr - 回复

    For the past couple of months, my phone had been dying very fast. I knew that my phone's battery capacity was getting quite low as this phone is older now, and is out of warranty. So I ordered a replacement battery about a week ago, and just installed it yesterday. The install was pretty easy, if you pay attention to where everything belongs. But my draining issue has not gone away. It stays charged a bit longer, my capacity is at almost 100%, yet it can't even hold a charge over night. I'm not sure what is causing this and would love any tips or stories from someone else!! Please help!!

    loucksls92 - 回复

    Beim Einbauen des neuen Akkus ist es sinnvoll diesen zuerst anzuschließen und dann erst wieder in die richtige Position zu bringen da man so dass Anschlusskabel besser verlegen kann

    Andreas Richter - 回复

    OMG thank you iFIXIT, the apple store wanted 3 times the cost of this repair kit. It took less than 5 minutes with most of the time spent trying to prise out the battery as it was glued in nice and tight but steady pressure from the spudger did the trick.

    I think the best advice would be to touch nothing with your fingers as with careful use of the spudger I was able to position the tensioner point no problem. Everything else was nice 'n' easy.

    Finally there was no cell connection only Wifi when I powered up so I simply powered down and up again and all is well in the world!

    Thanks again.

    Yvonne Frankl - 回复

    The battery was incredibly hard to remove. I slid the spudger underneath the battery from the right side as far as it would go. Then, I worked it from the bottom to the top. The battery still was adhered and wouldn't budge using the pull tab. I wound up leaving the spudger underneath the battery at the top and then pressing down on the bottom of the battery to get leverage. After a few strong pushes, and then swapping the top and bottom in the last sentence, the old battery came loose.

    I used tweezers to hold the tiny screws and align them with the screwdriver head before taking the screw to the destination hole.

    One more tip.. if you don't have any other cartons or containers convenient, use the box that the product comes in as a workspace for holding the tiny screws while you work.

    Steve B - 回复

    good tips, i took a couple of photos so i knew what it should look like and removed the screws and placed them in the order i removed them pretty easy if you take your time and be gentle

    Sam B -

    Be VERY careful not to pull on the plastic tab before you fully detach the adhesive or else you will rip the tab clean off. If you did this it is still possible to remove the battery. I just used the guitar pick tool things to slowly work it through the adhesive and under the battery

    Zach Mangs - 回复

    It is possible to remove and replace the upper antenna WITHOUT removing the logic board!! So skip from step 7 to step 21 to 26 and 27.

    What - 回复

    Stuck on searching after unplugging and plugging in the battery?

    This is due to the date and time being set back to default. To fix this you will need to synchronize the date and time back to what it is currently.

    You can do this by either:

    - Connecting the phone to either a Wi-Fi network, Cellular Network (Mobile Data).

    - Connecting the phone to iTunes (It will synchronize the time automatically once iTunes is opened and can detect and access the iPhone).

    Once the date and time is synced you will need to turn airplane mode off and one as it may display 'Searching... 3G' or if it still says searching (which most of the time happens if the sim card has a sim pin lock enabled on it) you will then need to turn the phone off and on.

    Ben - 回复

    Watched the video and ordered the kit, followed all the steps and it all went brilliantly - thank you all so much.

    diegodesignsbiz - 回复

    Is it suggested that I add more adhesive with the replacement battery?

    Sam Love - 回复

    One thing I noted with the replacement battery - from AussieBattery here in Australia; not from iFixit - but the same problem might occur; is that the cable on the new battery had to be 'tamed' (bent here & there like on the old battery, before I could reseat the screws and even the battery itself. One again the black - pointy & flat ended - spudgers, that we use in desktop iMacs, were helpful in getting under that battery and releasing it from sticky-!&&*! I used a pair of '2.5' reading glasses for this job, but '3.0' might have been better, as those screws are INFINITESIMALLY small!!!!! :(

    amicuset - 回复

    Thank you IFIXIT! The battery replacement went very well for me. I was exceedingly careful with the minuscule fasteners. Reading through the instructions, watching the video and reading these comments before jumping in helped. I found the parts and tools to be of good quality. I feel like I beat the system! I used a pair of diopter 3 reading glasses which was a real aid. I hope my comment encourages others...

    Colin Murdoch - 回复

    My rare earth magnets came in handy when I managed to lose the little grounding connecter screws. Those little guys will go flying if, while trying to align them for reassembly, pressure gets applied in just the wrong way. I say one fly out and bounce off my shirt, then it was gone, on the floor I presume. I grabbed my stack of 8 little magnets, waved it around on the floor under where I was sitting and what do you know? A little screw was stuck to it! I never would've found it just by looking...

    William Wingstedt - 回复

    You really need to include information about the pressure sensor. It WILL inevitably pop out, leaving us wondering how and in what order it should be replaced. I had to look elsewhere for videos outside of iFixit to figure this out. Also, tell us which screwdriver to use using the label on the bit (PH000, P2, Y000, etc.). Providing only the sizes of the screws does nothing to help determine the appropriate bit to use when they aren’t labeled as such. Otherwise thank you!

    Thomas Price - 回复

    I replaced the battery and the phone started right up. But I cannot get it to charge It was half charged when it went in new and I plugged it into a charger Checked it later - not charged. So tried another charger and the green charging light still will not come on . Any suggestions? Thanks Don

    Donald Brown - 回复

    My iPhone 4s somehow has another connector on the battery. I cant connect the new battery to the phone. Its a complete different looking connector. And yes its never been replaced before or opened. The iPhone is one of the first versions for the german market after the fall of the simlock. Pls help

    macadi - 回复

    If it doesn’t look like what you’re seeing here, it’s probably not an iPhone 4S. Check the model number carefully. People mix up the regular and “S” models all the time. ;)

    Jeff Suovanen -

    I succeeded to replace the screen, but I made a mistake with the batterie cable, and it finally broke, seems that the cable was too long and I was forced to make too tight loop.

    Maybe a series of photo to explain how to make this the right way.

    Serpieri - 回复

    yoooo that was so easy and fun man!!!!!! love y’all

    Felix Santoyo - 回复

  10. 拆下这些将基座连接器电缆盖固定到逻辑主板上的螺钉: 一个1.5毫米十字头螺丝
    • 拆下这些将基座连接器电缆盖固定到逻辑主板上的螺钉:

    • 一个1.5毫米十字头螺丝

    • 一个1.2毫米十字头螺丝

    • 拆下金属底座连接器电缆盖。

    Are the screw sizes switche up by any chance? A 4S i have here has the left hole bigger and one of the screws didn't want to go into the right hole when it went nicely into the left one.

    primozresman - 回复

    Fabulous tutorial! Many thanks! i have now a working iPhone back after display crash and glass brake!

    In Step 8 I think the colors of the screws are inverted. The larger screw is at the left (near the sideboard) and the smaller is in the middle, near the battery (iPhone 4S).

    Markus - 回复

    Was trying to fix guide but accidently messed some things up in formatting and I too also believe the picture is incorrectly displaying the 1.5mm(which is the left screw) and the 1.2mm(which is the right screw.

    Mars Starcruiser - 回复

    I believe the guide is correct, but be careful as the screws are not the same as the other 1.2mm screws from later on. Length is the same, but the diameter is not... just keep them all separate.

    Dave - 回复

    Organizer: tape cheap duct tape tacky side up to a tray. Get a ball point or roller ball pen. For every screw, write step number and a letter for color (R, O, Y, etc.) then stick the screw there. I bumped the table and nothing moved. Also use a big white towel as a work surface: nothing bounces away if you drop it. This helped re-assembly

    griffn - 回复

    Also remove 4 screws holding metal cover plate adjacent to camera lens, remove plate to expose camera plug. when removing the rear facing camera, be careful not to loose the small grounding finger mentioned in step 21

    Robin - 回复

    Same for me as for various other posters here: the bigger screw goes on the left, the smaller on the right. Doesn’t fit the other way.

    jack.jansen - 回复

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  12. 使用塑料打开工具的边缘将基座电缆从逻辑主板上的插座上撬起。
    • 使用塑料打开工具的边缘将基座电缆从逻辑主板上的插座上撬起。

  13. 把基座连接器电缆从固定逻辑主板和扬声器外壳侧面的粘合剂上剥下。
    • 把基座连接器电缆从固定逻辑主板和扬声器外壳侧面的粘合剂上剥下。

    My gold adhesive has torn, exposing a sliver of the flat wire beneath it. I have put a bit of insulation tape to prevent any contact between the wire and the top of the vibrator and metal piece on the logic board. I don't know if this is sensible or not. Depends whether the gold adhesive is intended to be an electrical contact with these bits, or an insulator from these bits! I will post to update once the phone is powered up / blown up!

    David Thorne - 回复

  14. 使用塑料打开工具的边缘将蜂窝天线电缆从逻辑主板上的插座上撬起。 将蜂窝式天线电缆从连接到逻辑板的金手指下方拆下。
    • 使用塑料打开工具的边缘将蜂窝天线电缆从逻辑主板上的插座上撬起。

    • 将蜂窝式天线电缆从连接到逻辑板的金手指下方拆下。

    Ok, I did all the steps and phone seems to be OK, wifi is actually working again, yaaay.

    But cellular connection is messed up. It will have full reception (5 pins) for about 10 seconds, then drop to 1 pin for a couple seconds, then go into "searching" mode. After a few seconds in "searching" mode it will go back to full reception and the process repeats itself in a timely fashion, over and over again. Obviously I messed up somewhere but where? Which connections are faulty/beyond repair?

    Colorblend - 回复

    I dismantled the phone again and concluded that the digitizer cable was kind of loose (don't know if that affected anything, but i put it down firmly this time). I had 2 problems, the cellular connection I mentioned plus the phone would charge to 3 percent, die, and then repeat the procedure. What I did was I took out the battery, the tin plate above the cables, and lifted the dock connector. So I did not redo that much. I cleaned all contact surfaces as I had been told but chose to not do before.... I also took out the grounding clip by the battery connectors and bent it upwards quite a bit while also peeling away 2 mm of the black insulation material on the back of the phone to make sure the grounding clip connects well to the back of the phone. I also cleaned that surface with window cleaner, which is basically isoprypol alcohol as has been recommended. The cellular antenna connector I pushed down firmly to make sure it was connected, I was gentler the first time, now everything works.

    Colorblend - 回复

    Note that the antenna cable goes around the the right side of that little guiding hook/finger. On the photo it shows the cable on the left of it. The hook is almost right below the socket.

    jasperm - 回复

    Thanks Jasperm, that info was a big help!

    Don Hayashi -

  15. 用卡针或者回形针将卡托取出。 这有可能需要洪荒之力。
    • 用卡针或者回形针将卡托取出。

    • 这有可能需要洪荒之力。

    • 取掉SIM卡和卡托

    I have an Iphone 4 but the inerds look more like this 4S than the 4, except I do not have a SIM card port. What's up?

    Dave - 回复

    Probably a CDMA (Verizon) iPhone 4.

    Pepper -

    Is there a reason for waiting until step 18 to remove the sim card and its holder? I can do it right before I start without much force, is this not better?

    jmaelzer - 回复

    I don't see any reason. So it was my step 1 to remove the SIM card.

    Ida -

    I agree that the SIM card should be removed before you even start. After I completed this repair (waiting until this step to remove the SIM), the SIM card and holders won't go flush with the side of the phone anymore. The phone still works and everything else is fine, it's just annoying that I have a SIM holder sticking out about 1mm. I'm not certain this step caused this, but I'm just letting folks know that I agree with jmaelzer.

    Song - 回复

    for the life of me I can NOT get this sim card and holder out!

    Lori - 回复

    While "This may require a significant amount of force." may vary by individual device, I found it to be true. I used a straightened paper clip held with a (really good) pair of needle nose pliers and pushed straight in until it fully popped out.

    Orac -

    To be honest, it's really hard to remove SIM card without a correct tool.

    Beck Sisyphus - 回复

    You have to PUSH the paperclip IN, then the tray pops OUT.

    Floris Jansen - 回复

    I agree. Push in.

    ivesrubl -

    ifixit needs to edit this: "significant force" is NOT needed! I started to bend out the hole until I read the last post- just push the tool straight in, the SIM card will eject easily.

    soopamandan - 回复

    That may depend on the specific device; significant force *was* needed to eject it in the case of the phone I'm working on. Putting it back in, however, was very easy and didn't require any significant effort.

    Orac -

    Is there any reason why you still have the ribbon cable under the little metalic plate (right under the sticker that says "Authorized Service Provider Only") plugged in in STEP 10. And it is without any instruction step removed in STEP 12? I mean it's not like it is complicated, but when I got to that part I was confused there for a minute that I forgot some step, and then reassured myself that I did everything as it said in the manual.

    [deleted] - 回复

    I have done everything correctly but when i turn the phone on all i get is a blank screen. The phone operates as normal i.e. it rings, vibrates etc but the screen is just blank so you can't actually do anything with it :(

    anyone had the same issue?

    mark - 回复

    FWIW, I found it easier to replace during re-assembly by turning the phone front-side up, as on the Sprint-locked one I was working on, the SIM card faces that way. Otherwise, it tends to fall out (down) while trying to re-insert it if the phone is face down.

    Orac - 回复

    Popped the SIM card holder out no prob - but there’s no SIM card. This is a Virgin Mobile phone, does that matter?

    lavudyar - 回复

  16. 按照以下顺序来取下逻辑板附近的五根线缆。 耳机插口/音量键 线缆
    • 按照以下顺序来取下逻辑板附近的五根线缆。

    • 耳机插口/音量键 线缆

    • 前置摄像头线缆

    • 数字化线缆

    • 显示线缆

    • 电源键线缆 (在耳机插口/音量键线缆下方 如图二)

    • 要断开线缆连接,请使用塑料开启工具的边缘来将线缆与基座分离。

    • 小心,在您断开线缆时请勿损坏任何小的贴片元件。

    There is an additional cable that you have to disconnect that's under the headphone jack cable. You have to do this before you try to remove the logic board. Otherwise, you'll rip that cable.. and I just freaking did.

    Dennis - 回复

    The digitizer cable won't reach! I've already ripped it off once. which disconnect are you talking about?

    kct16k -

    I just ripped off the power cable ... i can live without the power button though!

    Oreste Attanasio - 回复

    is that sarcasm or is there really a way to turn on the phone without the power button?

    Sharn de Wet -

    The only way to turn on an iPhone without a power button is to plug it in to power. If it was shut down while connected to a sync cable then disconnect and reconnect for it to turn on.

    Ben -

    I just broke off the power button as well because I forgot to disconnect the cable. Thank goodness for chargers and assistive touch!

    grilledsoap -

    Need to remove the shield over the connectors first. Look at the other guides for the 4S they show the 4 screws and how to lift the shield out, take out the camera etc.

    Paul - 回复

    During reassembly, I noticed that the data display cable is rather stiff. It may be a bit tricky to get it reconnected, but you'll know once it's in.

    bsporer3 - 回复

    That power cable connector is very delicate. I managed to tear it just a tiny bit in the curve of the cable too. So I’ve got another part on order now. Apart from that the screen replacement went great ;) I’m not sure at which step the tear actually happened, it might have been during re-assembly when I was trying to get all these cables to stay on top of rather than go behind the motherboard. Realizing how easy that is to tear and keeping that in mind as you do this is important.

    james - 回复

    I ripped the power button cable(didn't see it), any chance it could be outlined with a dotted color in the future? (I'm bad at reading the warnings)

    Eli Goethel - 回复

    It was a lot easier for me to use a fingernail to remove these cables. It provides a lot less force, and is more likely to remove the cables without damaging them as they are very easy to break.

    jack jones - 回复

  17. 拆下将靠近耳机插孔附近固定逻辑板的1.5 mm Phillips 螺丝。
    • 拆下将靠近耳机插孔附近固定逻辑板的1.5 mm Phillips 螺丝。

    During reassembly, note that this small 1.5 mm screw goes into a thread in the head of the larger 4.8 mm standoff screw near the headphone jack.

    gregm - 回复

  18. 使用撬棒尖头来将小接地夹撬出。 小心的夹住接地夹然后将其与iPhone分离。
    • 使用撬棒尖头来将小接地夹撬出。

    • 小心的夹住接地夹然后将其与iPhone分离。

    • 再重新组装前请使用脱气剂(如windex或异丙醇)清洁接地夹上所有的金属触点(不是连接器的两端)。 您手机上的油脂可能造成接地问题。

    (be careful but gently forceful; the part doesn't come out without effort)

    Carol Wade - 回复

    Prying this off took the most effort as it's a squarish 'C' clip with two small 'teeth' like points that grip the bottom.

    Ferd Roseboom - 回复

    You can use the edge of a plastic opening tool to easily lift the other side of the grounding clip.

    Grigory Entin - 回复

  19. 使用连接器支架钻子或小平头起子来移除耳机孔附近的4.8 mm支架。
    • 使用连接器支架钻子或小平头起子来移除耳机孔附近的4.8 mm支架。

    I used a metal spudger from the Pro Tech Toolkit to remove the standoff, seemed to work better for me than a flathead screwdriver.

    Dirk Blom - 回复

    The flathead screwdriver provided is much too small to remove this piece!

    gluethje76 - 回复

    I recommend that steps 20 and 21 are swapped. It's much easier to remove the wifi antenna flex from the board using the blue spudger if the board/PCB is still secured with the 4.8mm screw.

    Removing the screw first makes the PCB move up too much when you're trying to detach the wifi flex and can lead to mishaps.

    Paul L Daniels - 回复

    Not all screwdrivers are equal. I took mine in the shop and ground the blade thinner then made sure the end was square and flat. You can do this with an emery board or sand paper. You want a good fit in the stand-offs.

    griffn - 回复

  20. 使用塑料撬棒的边缘处来断开 Wi-Fi天线线缆与逻辑板的连接。
    • 使用塑料撬棒的边缘处来断开 Wi-Fi天线线缆与逻辑板的连接。

    Great Guide and thanks. Now...what if i snapped the wifi antenna cable together with its male connector from the board? Like tearing it apart ? Can this be replaced by any chance? Thanks!

    spyrosandreou - 回复

    I also had a problem with the connector breaking off, but after putting everything together, the WiFi seems to work like before, so I guess there is no problem there...

    Dirk Blom - 回复

    Ok so no fret here if you accidentally pull off the metal insert placed on top of the actual antenna. This step needs to be rewritten imo, the deal here is that there is an actual 'socket' looking deal underneath here that you need to lift up. There is a metal tab semi'glued' to that part of the antenna and it does come off easily, however all you need to do is press them back together to get them back, I believe it to be a range 'extender' of sorts.

    So your looking to actually lift up what looks a lot like a ribbon cable as well in this step. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A PIECE REMOVED IN THIS STEP, it's still in the case at this point.

    Ben - 回复

    I have connected my wifi antenna to the phone but when my phone switches on the wifi button is a grey colour and won't let me turn it on, help?

    melissamerin -

    When reassembly - take care with flat cable, which might be pushing connector to side. If so - I found easy to put connector in place before tightening screws on step 23 and 22. Because then logic board can move a bit when repositioning connector and to slide right place before connecting it properly.

    Samuel Lackman - 回复

  21. 如果有,请撕下电源按钮附近的隐藏螺丝的黑色胶带。 卸下位于电源键附近固定逻辑板的2.6 mm Phillips螺丝。
    • 如果有,请撕下电源按钮附近的隐藏螺丝的黑色胶带。

    • 卸下位于电源键附近固定逻辑板的2.6 mm Phillips螺丝。

    • 请小心,当拆卸这个螺丝和取出其所固定的电源触点时,触点舌片可能会松动。

    • 请注意,在屏幕和数字转化线缆下方的橡胶保险杠(分离在Q码顶部)。 这个保险杠可能当您移动或者卡在线缆上,随后脱落。

    Dimension given are Length of screw. I think it meant to say 2.6mm screw.

    Jon - 回复

    Note that there is a rubber insulator that is loosely attached to the PBC that can be seen in the upper right corner of the red outline near the tag with Q5M on it. It falls off after the logic board is removed and should be replaced before reassembly.

    ghodges - 回复

    where the heck does it go back on the logic board?! It fell off during removal and I cant seem to locate it in the pictures. :(

    Shaun Brown -

    As noted: Put the bumper back right above the white bar code label. The label says Q5M on the far right side. The bumper goes on the edge of the board to protect the ribbon cables that bend over the board.

    griffn -

    So, my 2.6 Philips screw near the power cable just spins and spins. It happened the first time, so I know I didn't strip it. Any ideas?

    thebacks - 回复

    So, I couldn't gind the tape and instead of digging around. I did what no one should do. I twisted and pulled. So now the screw that holds the upper left corner on broke that part of the logic board off. Everything else went back great....Phone won't turn on. Am I screwed here?

    cdays01 - 回复

    step 13 - “One 1.3 mm Phillips screw”

    step -22 “Notice the small rubber bumper under the screen & digitizer cables (which are detached at top above the Q-code)”

    “Note that there is a rubber insulator that is loosely attached to the PBC that can be seen in the upper right corner of the red outline near the tag with Q5M on it”

    now, the problem :-)

    while assembly the iPhone I screw by mistake the 2.6 mm instead of the 1.3, and without noticing I break the 1.3 base screw from the motherboard :-/

    Now, the rear camera is not working.

    I couldn't figure in the picture above, if the rubber bumper you mean, is under that screw or above the Q5M tag ?

    Can it be that the dewar camera don’t work because of that broken screw?

    Any idea how to fix it?

    Is there any option to buy the rubber bumper, if I lost it ?

    Appreciate any help,


    Simon - 回复

    Under the screw is a ground clip from step 25. I tweezed it out here since it might bounce free while pulling logic board out. Use a big white towel as a work surface to prevent wayward bouncing bits from flying off the table.

    griffn - 回复

    Caution: the image with the QR code is "mirrored" --> look at it "reversed" !

    jacquesfforster - 回复

    If your driver is just spinning in this step, you may be trying to turn the offset screw instead of the phillips screw beneath the tape. The tape is not obvious, and I found tweezers helpful when removing it.

    Rog - 回复

  22. 卸下下列将逻辑板与后壳固定的螺丝。
    • 卸下下列将逻辑板与后壳固定的螺丝。

    • 一个位于振动模块的2.5 mm Phillips 螺丝

    • 一个 2.4 mm Phillips螺丝

    • 一个3.6 mm螺丝在逻辑板右侧最接近电池开口位置。

    • 使用专用螺丝刀或者小型平头起子来卸下单个的3.6mm隔离柱。

    I used a metal spudger from the Pro Tech Toolkit to remove the standoff, seemed to work better for me than a flathead screwdriver.

    Dirk Blom - 回复

    The Kit Provided flat head screw driver didn't fit in the stand off screw heads on my IPhone 4s. I had to use it in only one side of the screw notch to slowly twist them out. Its doable but could use a larger flat head, but the blade needs to be micro thin.

    Clay - 回复

    I wound up stripping one of the screws on this step. Was frustrating but I found if I too a sharp knife and gently went back n forth I was able to make a little notch to use a flat head and got it off. Other than that all went well.

    Christopher Imhoff - 回复

  23. 小心的从扬声器外壳端提起逻辑板,并将其从iPhone顶部边缘滑出。
    • 小心的从扬声器外壳端提起逻辑板,并将其从iPhone顶部边缘滑出。

    • 移走逻辑板。

    • 在重新组装之前,请务必使用脱气剂(如windex或异丙醇)来清楚逻辑板上的金属触点。(而不是线缆的连接器的两端)。以清楚粘在板上的手指油脂,来避免潜在的接地问题。

    • 别忘了在22步所提到的小橡胶保险杠,它可以在电缆弯曲过度时保护线缆。 它有可能在您拆卸的过程中滑落下来,掉在逻辑板上。请回顾先前操作来让它处于正确位置。

    After I had lifted the logic board and moved around a little a small rubber piece fell off. Approx. 1 cm long and 2 mm wide. I'm guessing it's for some sort of isolation between the board and the chassis. Where should it go when I reassemble the phone?

    The piece I'm referring to can be seen on the table in the upper right corner in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVQtgD89e...

    Simon Fransson - 回复

    It sits between the logic board top-edge and the two ribbon leads from the screen. Its purpose is to stop the PCB cutting in to the FPC leads over time due to vibrations. If you require I can send a photo.

    Paul L Daniels -

    hey, i removed the logic board and gave it a bit isopropanol spray. is this ok? how can i found out if it is working? is it possible to remove something from the logic board? thank you :)

    bne - 回复

    On reassembly, make sure you lift up the power button cable before installing circuit board. I thought I had all of the cables lifted until after getting to step 17 (in reverse) only to find out power cable was under the circuit board. Added 15 minutes to my process.

    juanocasio - 回复

    I had a similar problem as I was back tracking steps to perform something I missed and actually broken the power and sensor cable (the one that is connected to the digital board first during re-installation. A secondary order and another 20 minutes took care of it. Glad you were able to not hit that barrier.

    mattwilber -

    On reassembly, you are putting the plate under the spaghetti. I went back a few times to get all the cables out. Here is a check list before you tighten any logic board screws or try to jam the top edge of the board in place:

    Counter clockwise from upper right near power button:

    - Wi-Fi Cable from step 21

    - 5 cables near the camera from step 17.The ‘blue’ power cable underneath loves to hide. The ‘orange’ front facing camera cable can get kinked under the board during re-install (no more selfies on this phone).

    - Dock cable from step 9

    - Cell Antenna from step 11

    Go slow. Look twice.

    griffn - 回复

    Before logic board re assembly it is nice to use scotch tape ( temporarily) to bend all the connections above the battery compartment . Doing as such avoid to have the power button connection remaining below the logic board .

    thierry28722 - 回复

  24. 确保不要再忘记后摄像头附近的接地手指。该配件应该放置在PCB的顶部,拧紧,并使用黑色胶带覆盖。
    • 确保不要再忘记后摄像头附近的接地手指。该配件应该放置在PCB的顶部,拧紧,并使用黑色胶带覆盖。

    if I LOSE it, what will happen?

    Actually, i DID lose it.

    XuKaimeng - 回复

    Hi. This little clip is responsible for the image stabilization on the 4S. When the iPhone 4S was launched, one of the things that were different from iPhone 4 was Image Stabilization, specially when the user was filming. This clip holds the camera module in place while the phone is shaking in the hands of the user. Pretty high tech :D

    Pedro de Almeida Silva Chaves -

    Apparently it had uncovered my iPhone before, because when I did not find this piece uncapped here. I need to know which function is on the iPhone and if it is very important. How could I get?

    Raul Tejada - 回复

    Hi, I had the phone apart to replace the wifi chip.

    Has anyone found a source for the two nano sized SMD resistors, because this also causes "no wifi" syndrome due to them being important for the I2C lines.

    thanks!!! -A email testing_h "at " yahoo.com

    Andre De Guerin - 回复

    I think this is one of the parts I didn't put back in... Does it affect anything?

    Also, Took apart my iPhone 4S to fix the screen and battery... Now the camera light doesn't turn on and I'm left with two pieces. Help!

    Here are the parts: http://imgur.com/DsYtdlR

    Nicole - 回复

    Left part: See step 5 - "Take notice of the small black ground clip on the upper screw of the battery connector".

    Right part: See step 25 - "Be sure not to lose the small grounding finger for the rear facing camera near the power button".

    Simon Fransson -

    I removed this in step 22 even though it only slightly alluded to it. If you did, too, don't panic. Go find your step 22 parts and verify it is there. :)

    christopherjwells - 回复

    What are the consequences of losing the 'small grounding finger for the rear view camera'?

    3chris3rivers3 - 回复

    Hi. This little clip is responsible for the image stabilization on the 4S.

    Pedro de Almeida Silva Chaves -

    I did it. No problems!!!

    I used a Tupperware orange peeler as a plastic opening tool and didn't touched any screws oder other inner parts.

    I had to do it two times, because my old 4S 64GB has a broken WLAN Chip on the logic board, and my wifes 4S has broken her display glass. So I took her logic board into my 4S body. Now we have one running iPhone 4S 64GB instead of two broken phones.

    HaJo - 回复

    HELP! Miy clip does look different, and i have no idea how to fit it in

    slipknot660 - 回复

    This little piece was missing when I opened my phone, seems it was lost last time I sent it to the repair shop for screen replacement.. :-( but it does take pictures

    Jose Fernandez - 回复

  25. 撕下WiFi/蓝牙芯片上的保护贴纸。 现在可以看到编号为Murata SS1830010 的WiFi/蓝牙芯片。 现在可以看到编号为Murata SS1830010 的WiFi/蓝牙芯片。
    • 撕下WiFi/蓝牙芯片上的保护贴纸。

    • 现在可以看到编号为Murata SS1830010 的WiFi/蓝牙芯片。

    Argh, seems that my connector was loose. I pulled the cable up and the ring on the connector came off. Here a picture. Hope you can see it.


    I did this repair several times. Never happend to me. Any idea if I can rescue the connector or should I buy a new FPC Connector, because I think the rest of the connector is still on the board? Anyone did a resolder with success?

    tarsonis - 回复

    I didn't take the board out, just the battery and metal shield and sticker over the wifi chip... also didnt replace the chip...

    i finally upgraded my 4S to IOS 8.3, and after a few weeks the wifi dies...

    So i pulled the back off, took out a few screws and a sticker off of the wifi chip to expose the metal top of the chip. heated it with a soldering iron (a few seconds) until it was very hot to the touch...

    Put it back together and it works again... thanks internet community!

    Max Power - 回复

    I followed your instruction but when I reached the wi-fi chip I could not pull out the top cover to heat the chip. My friend had a spare old chip with a cover and when heated the cover got burnt and after heating strongly the chip opened and we could see inside. I understand the cover is heat sink. How do I replace this when it gets burnt. Where can I get replacement?

    kothari_pariwar - 回复

  26. 把主板固定在夹具或者小的夹具上,这样可以将芯片安全的吹下(加热时主板将很热)。 用Kapton隔热胶带保护主板(该胶带有很好的隔热作用,温度适用范围为:零下269℃到400℃) 用Kapton隔热胶带保护主板(该胶带有很好的隔热作用,温度适用范围为:零下269℃到400℃)
    • 把主板固定在夹具或者小的夹具上,这样可以将芯片安全的吹下(加热时主板将很热)。

    • 用Kapton隔热胶带保护主板(该胶带有很好的隔热作用,温度适用范围为:零下269℃到400℃)

    Is there an alternative for Kapton Tape? Like some layers oven paper and aluminium paper over it?

    tarsonis - 回复

    You can reflow without the tape. If you pay attenction you can easly reflow only the chip. The masking tape is just for do not heat the components near the chip..

    Andrea Giannone - 回复

    Thanks. Ok I'm trying it right now. For security I put oven paper and on top of that aluminium paper over the areas which should not get to hot. I preflowed them to see if they stand the temperature. Seems to work. I report back

    tarsonis -

  27. 现在我们需要小口径的热风枪。
    • 现在我们需要小口径的热风枪。

    • 热风枪的口径必须是芯片大小的1/2或者1/4。

    I used an old "Tin welding gun 80W" instead.

    Put it really close to the chip and waited for about 4 min.

    It works for me.

    Tomo Syue - 回复

    Can i use a hairdryer instead because i dont have that tool...?

    Erin - 回复

    Hairdryer dont reach 300 C. So you dont damage other components. Try it and tell us if it work. Sometimes you can fix the problem simply putting the phone under a lamp for 20 minutes (also without take off the rear cover) so i think that you have a 60-70% success..good luck

    Andrea Giannone - 回复

    None of my friends have the air reflow station. Could anyone please tell if I can use a soldering iron to heat the chip instead? Is it supposed to reflow correctly with a soldering iron attached to it for some time?

    trydovick - 回复

    Well I didn't wait for a response and reflowed the chip with my 40 wt soldering iron and surprisingly it worked! I continuously moved soldering tip across the chip surface for about 5 minutes and then repeated after 2 min break. Now both wifi and bluetooth work perfect. Thanks for the guide!

    trydovick -

    I took @trydovic's advice and used a 25W soldering iron and some heat transfer paste. Worked perfectly!

    Thanks for the great guide @Andrea.

    Simon McKenzie - 回复

    I baked the board in the oven at 385F for 7 min then turned off the oven, opened the door and let cool for 1 hour without touching. Reassembled. Worked perfect first try!!!

    Lewis Biggs - 回复

  28. 备注:需要用180~200℃的温度对芯片周围的黑胶进行处理。 选择风速:1档或者2档(适用于有1~7档的风枪)。 在芯片上方绕圈来回加热大概4~5分钟。
    • 备注:需要用180~200℃的温度对芯片周围的黑胶进行处理。

    • 选择风速:1档或者2档(适用于有1~7档的风枪)。

    • 在芯片上方绕圈来回加热大概4~5分钟。

    • 注意只需对WiFi芯片进行加热,不要对周围的芯片和电路加热。

    • 5分钟后,将温度从200℃降到0℃。

    Thanks for the guide! This inspired me to make this: https://youtu.be/A4n0j3uaS7E

    Casey Sanders - 回复

    Pb-free solders have typical melting temperature around 200-220 °C so 200 °C is never enough to properly REFLOW the chip - you basically just heat the thing up which probably causes some deformation and helps to make the contact between pins again.

    As for real reflow, use 200 °C temp for first 90 sec (ideally you want to increase the chip temperature no faster than 3 °C/sec up to 200 °C), then ramp-up to 260 °C for 60 (max. 120) sec (this causes the real reflow), and then cool the thing down using 100 °C air for next 1-2 mins (or just leave it to cool down freely.

    lukaskozesnik - 回复

    thanks i did and it is working

    hadi hashi - 回复

  29. 在加热之后,取下主板之前等待10分钟直至主板变冷。
    • 在加热之后,取下主板之前等待10分钟直至主板变冷。

    • 在重组设备之前记得把WiFi芯片的保护贴纸贴上。

    What does reflow the chip mean.? It doesnt say in the tutorial

    Shannon Bradford - 回复

    Reflow it means re-heat the chip. There are small solder points under it. With the correct temperature you can fix a broked solder point

    Andrea Giannone -

    USI 339S0154? Or Murata SW SS1830010? What is better?

    andyry17 - 回复

  30. 这就是最后的结果。(WiFi按钮为可点按的按钮) 这就是最后的结果。(WiFi按钮为可点按的按钮)
    • 这就是最后的结果。(WiFi按钮为可点按的按钮)

  31. 维修前后照片对比: 第一张照片,WiFi按钮是浅灰色(不能工作)。
    • 维修前后照片对比:

    • 第一张照片,WiFi按钮是浅灰色(不能工作)。

    • 第二张照片,WiFi按钮是深灰色(正常工作)。

    I did it! Works perfectly. Thank you very much for this guide. A friend gave me his reflow station and I was a little bit anxious to destroy something because I never did reflowing before , but then I just tried it and it simply works.

    drbrinkmann - 回复

    I did it, too. Worked.

    ...Thing is: After 12 days the problem reappeared!

    I did it with a hot air gun instead of a reflow station. Set it to around 300 °C but kept distance of 1 - 2 cm to Wifi chip. Maybe too little heat?

    Did it reappear in other guy's cases? How did you solve it?



    PS I filmed the whole thing with my gopro to upload a video guide which I fortunately haven't done yet. oO

    Alex Holzhey - 回复

    Hi,try to reflow it again for 15 mins at 350c. If not works again, you have to buy a new wifi chip, re heat the old chip and pull out with tweezers. Apply a solder flux, Put the new chip, and solder it on the motherboard using the reflow method. 300-350c for 15mins, the n check if is solder good on the phone then turn it on.

    Andrea Giannone - 回复

    Grazie Andrea per la tua risposta.

    Guess what, it was disabled (grayed out) only half a day. from now on it is working again.

    I will repeat as prposed if it reappears.

    Thanks again.

    Alex Holzhey -

    Ok, worked! Great thanks! I first tried the usual stuff then I tried the hair dryer method which worked with another i4s, but not with this one.

    I didn't have Kapton tape, so I used oven paper and aluminium paper on top of it to cover the mainboard around the chip. Also I didn't have a reflow station and used a hot air gun instead which has adjustable temperature control with display. I took the smallest cap which was a bit larger than the chip. Then reflowed it with the given timings and temperature reduction. Works and I hope for ever.

    tarsonis - 回复

    You can do this without any masking tape.. you can use a gair dryer, if you have a thermometer is better.. i have fixed 6-7 phone using this method. only one guy, every 3 months come for a new fix.. on that phone i can't do a permanent fix. this guy always go to ski, so the temperature broke the soldering and i have to reflow it sometimes.

    che chip have many little pin on the bottom side, reflowing it, you have to desolder and resolder for make it work..maybe the chip is broked, so for fix it, you have to buy a new chip, heat the old chip, take it off, clean the surface, put the new chip and reflow it.. is more difficult..

    you can do it for 30 minutes.. the chip will survive to the hot temperature.. i use 280-350°. the solder wire have the fusion at almost 300°C so you can do for 20-30 minutes.. i dont know if the hairdriver can reach that temperature..

    P.S. sorry for my bad english :9 i hope you can undertand my words

    Andrea Giannone -


    I did exactly all these steps but after re-assembling, the phone (iphone 4s) doesn't turn on or charge anymore...

    What could be wrong ? I've only heated the chip with a reflow station at 300°C like said in the tutorial :s

    nolain - 回复

    do you have another phone? can you try to swap the lcd, battery and motherboard with another, maybe the battery is low or the lcd connector is damaged

    Andrea Giannone -

    Awsome guide Andrea. It did perferctly. Mitttttico!!!



    My iPhone 4S wi-fi was not grayed out. It could be activated and scan for networks but no any network was found. This solution solved it out. I did Exactly as the guide. While welding keep the nozzle around 1cm form the Murtata chip and in the last minute at the lower temperature (250°) I moved a bit far to reduce any possible thermal shock. This is just a caution. 10 e lode!

    Gian Paolo - 回复

    Nolain, try to clean the lcd conector. If this not help try another lcd.

    Gabriel - 回复

    my iphone 4s with this Bluetooth just Running the wifi that is not what can I do ?

    Gutemberg Rocha - 回复


    I cut back quite a few of the steps and did it slightly differently though

    I simply took the back plate off, moved the battery aside, took out maybe 5 of the screws near the top until I could pop off that plate that wraps around the top left. Once those were off the WiFi module was completely exposed. I took a razor blade and sliced the tape off the chip and took my soldering iron and ran it around in circles for about 5 minutes, VERY CAREFULLY I might add, since I never took the actual phone apart.

    Once it cooled off, I reapplied the tape, used the semi-hot soldering iron to adhere the tape back on, then re attached the plate, screws and backplate, fired the phone up... Wifi works like a charm now.

    This all took me 15 minutes tops.

    dudeitskevin - 回复

    Did you run the iron on or above the chip, and at what temperature?

    rjvbertin -

    To add;

    Fantastic instructions. I fixed my 4S with this.

    Instead of the rework heat gun, I used a flat attachment onto a soldering iron and rubbed it over the top of the chip (actually making contact). 185 Celcius, for about 5 minutes.

    I did take the logicboard out and secured it in a small vice to do this.

    Sam Attwood -

    But if my i phone 4s arrived in the bean crop is like and what should I say please help me

    Mail me prishikesh27@gmail.com

    Shweta Kirve - 回复






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Andrea Giannone


4,599 信誉积分


Mille grazie, Andrea! I completed the repair thanks to your awesome Guide. Could it be you forgot to describe disassembly of the camera + surroundings? I took it out, too.

However, thank you,


Alex Holzhey - 回复

Feel free to describe...

floresc -

you dont need to take out the surrounding and the vibrator, you have just to take out the motherboard, so u dont need to do that..

the camera yes, you have to pull out. im sorry

Andrea Giannone -

reply to @Alex Holzhey

Thank you! i'm happy to hear this. and i'm glad to know that my guide is useful. anyway i have done a "copy and paste" for the first 20 steps, so i dont care about if something is the guide is missing..i think that if someone wanna try this guide, he have to know a little how to disassemble his phone. :)

Thanks again

Andrea Giannone - 回复

Congratulations!!! It works perfectly!! Step by step following your guide and everything is fine.

Thank you

Gilson Russo

São Paulo Brasil

giruss - 回复

i !@#$%^ up my iphone.. doesnt start anymore :/

niilo - 回复

I'd say first try the fridge method and the network reset before decommissioning your iPhone's hardware. Here are a few other things you can do to try and solve the wifi issue: http://www.copytrans.net/blog/how-to-fix...

Mary Loakins - 回复

It amuses me to no end that putting my phone in the freezer solved my problem (going on two weeks now). Can you explain the technical reason for that? You mention above it's a temporary fix, perhaps it is but it's been a LONG temporary so far.

I didn't have the tools for doing the reflow so I ordered a new WiFi PC board ($25 versus about $90 for all the tools) - so if the time comes, I'll just swap it out.

Thank you for your guide!

JamieClay - 回复

i think that under the chip there are some small point that have to be solder on the motherboard.. with a reflow you make hot and the chip will solder to the motherboard.. but probably this is wrong, i dont know why the cold temperature fix the problem.. maybe the chip works in a range of temperature that you fix using hot or cold air.. i only know that a high thermal shock will make this chip KO.

have you bought a new murata chip for the wifi connection?? and how you think that you can solder on the motherboard without a air gun?

it haven't a flex cable..

Andrea Giannone -

I ordered the full PC board with the WiFi and Bluetooth on it - no soldering involved. Anyway, I do appreciate the 'freezer' tip. I may never have to swap out the PC board, we'll see.

JamieClay -

Really? Only use a pentalobe bit once other wise it strips? Maybe with iFixits cheap tools, but get yourself a nice Wiha set and you'll never have to worry about it. I am a cell technician and have been using Wiha tools for the last 8 years, THE SAME SET I STARTED WITH 8 YEARS AGO! I bought a iFixit set, and the PH000 stripped the first day I got it. So I can only imagine how crumby the iFixit pentalobe must be. But anyway, good article, good pictures. Some people are making it out to be harder than it is. Just take your time, make sure you put the screws in a place where they will not get lost and you will be fine.

Bob Bigglesworth - 回复

Hello guys. I fixed this problem just by reseting my phone in DFU mode.

here is a link that shows how to do it.


Serea Ionut Bogdan - 回复

Just wasted 3 hours with the DFU reset. Same problem persists. So frustrating. It seems like a hardware problem because I tried putting the phone in the freezer and the wireless worked for like 10 minutes. I'm confident this heat flowing would work, but it's a lot of work which tells me this is a hardware problem, but if that's true, then why did my wireless stop working immediately after installing iOS 7? That would suggest it's a software issue. What the !&&*?

miketkong -

Thank you Very much.

Step by step was excellent, I did not have the the insulating tape or rework tool. Used electrical tape to cover all surrounding IC's kept the board suspended for good ventilation all around and used a blow-dryer oscillating as recommended.

Reversed all the steps for re-assembly and instant WiFi on power up.

Thank you


Manny - 回复

Hi guy.I want to ask some quetions.my 4s also wifi greyed out and i'm so dissapointing about tht problem.some guys say it was about sw+hw problem.So,if i change the wifi chip following this method,wifi is working back agin in this bad ios(mind is 7.1).plz comment me.i need help:(

Aung Khant maw - 回复

Hi guys.

i want to ask some question.my 4s wifi also greyed out and i'm so dissapointing about that problem.few ppl said it was about hw+sw problem.so,if i change the wifi chip following that method,my wifi will be back agin in this bad ios(mind is 7.1).plz comment me guys.i need help:(

Aung Khant maw - 回复

Hi. Try a reflow first. Change the chip is harder to do. Just heat it. If not work, you can try to buy a new one. This method is not 100% working, i have fixed something like 15-20 phones, 3-4 phones after 2-3 months need another reflow. And only 1 phone is unfixable

Andrea Giannone -

I have a question that Maybe some one has asked already, but I cannot see it: Can you do the reflow without removing the logic board and covering everything else with the tape to protect from the high temperature?

javi - 回复

If you use a small tool, you can do without any tape. I have fixed one simply putting under a lamp (table lamp) without taking off the back cover..

If you will use max 300c you dont make any problem to the mainboard.

For desolder a connector/smd/chip, you need 350-400c.. if possible remove the shield that cover the LCD/touch/camera/power/volume connector, and then remove also the black tape that cover the Wi-Fi chip.. remember to turn off the phone and remove the battery

Andrea Giannone -

Thanks a million! I bought the heat reworkstation on Amazon and was able to fix my iPhone 4s! I hope this fix lasts a while. I had been doing the blowdryer trick but that was only lasting a few days.

Magnum Bulla - 回复

I had this problem for a couple of weeks and therefore ordered a new phone. When I removed the sim card (the phone was on and I was logged on to the sim card, i.e. could call etc) to put it into the new phone a noticed that the Wifi started yet again when the sim card had been removed. I do not know if this is only temporary or if the problem got fixed by removing the sim card when the phone was on but you could try at least.

Fredrik - 回复

Awesome guide and WIFI is working again.

Emanuele - 回复

already made ​​a mockery of the wifi antenna 's All Over STILL DOES NOT work !!!

my volume buttons also do not respond are the vibrate it has aver with wifi?

Gutemberg Rocha - 回复

vibrate, volume audio jack are not connected with the wifi chip.. this guide don't work on all phones.. sometimes the chip is really broked.

this solution is not permanent and sometimes do dot work

Andrea Giannone -

Help! My iphone 4s - says Searching. But have wifi on. Strange. How I can fix it? I am not sure if sim card is bad or weaking.

Lori - 回复

hi, first try another sim, or try ytour sim on another phone, then check if the antenna cables are connetted on the motherboard, and remember that if you remove the battery, the date of the phone go to 1 jan 1970, and until you set che curent dat/hour, the phone dont recognize the sim card. try first to set the correct date/hour, then remove and insert the sim card. trust me, it will work

Andrea Giannone -

Hi everyone,

Did carefully all steps. Resoldering was made with a heat gun set on 250°C with an aluminum home-made nozzle.

Even all this, after it was mounted back, iPhone didn't start anymore. No image, no sound when plug. iTunes doesn't see it either and it doesn't appears in the USB tab in System Profiler. Tried to hard reset, but nothing. The only thing is the iPhone is getting hot.

A detail too: when I reassemble the iPhone, the antenna clips plug near the WiFi chips was unsolder - as for many user, I just put it back in place and it hold pressed by the little black metallic piece.

Do you have some recommendation to troubleshoot this?


niclet - 回复

hi, i have already seen this problem. sometimes the reflow can break the wifi chip, the problem is that when you turn on the phone, that chip became very hot and the phone will turn off.. i solved removing that chip from the motherboard and throw it in the basket!

Andrea Giannone -

Dear Andrea,

You nailed it! I unsold and removed the chip. Now the iPhone start and work smoothly. It just doesn't have its WiFi and Bluetooth functionality anymore.

Question: is it possible to get a new chip and resold it… for the experience and knowledge I mean! Or should I get a new motherboard!

Thanks again!

niclet - 回复

good! im happy that my guide works!

you can easly find the new chip on aliexpress or alibaba..

you can simply search on google "aliexpress SW SS1830010 Wi-Fi"

the price is very low, you can try to buy 2 or 3 chip, clean the motherboard using a solder iron and a solder flux and then clean with isopropyl alcool.

put again a solder flux on the motherboard, and with the solder iron (flatted) you can remake the solder points simpy passing the solder iron on the motherboard, then you appli again the solder flux, you put the new ic connector on the right place (i think is the most difficult part) and re-heat, maybe using 380-400°C for 3-4 minutes.. then you can check if the wifi chip is sticked good on the MB and try to turn on the phone..

P.S. check on the motherboard if you have all the solder points in good condition.. maybe when you took off the old chip you broked something or some "metal connector" between the chip and the motherboard

Andrea Giannone -

my iphone 4s with this Bluetooth just Running the wifi that is not what can I do my name is kha

khadim ndiaye - 回复

There is few steps missing actually.. But I did't wrote them down, sorry. Nevertheless, they are pretty common sense. ;)

ps. Actually this is second time I did that repair. Just after the first one, after a while wifi went down (bluetooth still were working). So I did those steps once again and wifi is up and running. Again.. :) Yiiiihaaaa!!! :)

ps1. my rework device Yihua 8786D when set on 300C by Thermo reader showed only 150 or so, but that reader also is Chinese crap so I don't give a dime that it's wrong. Anyone tried measure that? Should it really blow set temp?

Vatevaaa - 回复

Hi, I managed to fix the Wifi problem reflowing the Murata SS1830010 chip. After that I have an other issue... My iphone does not find my provider (is always searching)... and yes, sim card is properly installed and antenna is in place. Any suggestions?


Nikos - 回复

Yes, usually when you remove the battery, the date of the phone go to 1 jan 1970. Until you set the current time/date, you dont have signal..

Connect to the wifi, wait until the time will set correctly, then remove and reinstall the sim card. If dont work, reboot the phone without the sim, check the hour, then put again the sim card

Andrea Giannone -

I reboot the phone anw works fine!! Great tutorial thanks!!

Nikos -

good solution , bro... worked fine for me. hope it last. just follow the steps and should work for enyone

alex - 回复

it works :) thanks a lot you are the best. im glad for ur hlp

azarhoun - 回复

good job! working 100%, We observed temperature 300 degrees Celsius ,5 minutes and it worked

cimpoiasu marius - 回复

this technique works bang on !!!

thanks for the fix i now have wifi turned on :D:D

Smit - 回复

FORGET THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Your NETWORK has altered your phone settings.

Put a sim in the phone for a different network and you will see it working.

Owen Warren - 回复

I have this problem.. but on my Iphone 5s. Can I use this guide to my Iphone 5s, or is this guide only to Iphone 4s?

Richard Aitman - 回复

I think yes but the wifi chip is a little bit harder to find. Is under the shield. You have to desolder the shield and reflow it. Check first if there is any antenna disconnected

Andrea Giannone -

WORKED !!!!!

Tried to cool and then Freeze it but no the easy way never works. popped the back off and just took a heat gun, a bit at a time, to the Murata SS1830010 chip in mention, but just enough so my finger would get burned when touching it, let it cool a bit turned on the phone and Whaalah it worked. Amazing thing this is almost like cold solder not sticking component's and having to be reworked. My hats off to you!!!!!!!!! ***** ;-)

Gilbert Ferro - 回复

If nobody has mentioned this fix, try it. It worked on my wife's phone.

Settings > Privacy > Location Services >System Services and turn off wifi networking and reboot.

drdougkenney - 回复

This actually worked for me. Was worried about not being technical enough to follow these instructions (and don't have the equiptment), so was relieved that this worked. Thanks

jmulder2001 -

I left to the fridge for 30 min nothing happened. I ve left it for 4 hours and it works... i dont believe it :D

Nikos P - 回复

should the iPhone be turned off when it's in the fridge??

Irish Villar -

Who ever found this, did an excellent job and is a genius. Thanks for sharing/finding this out bro...the iphone 4s wifi works like a charm...thanks a million...few easy steps like dismounting camera and removing the metal plate securing the cable connectors by unscrewing 4 screws is missing but other than that all the screenshots and instructions are precisely defined!

Bhavesh - 回复

thanks, im happy you solved with my guide.. remember is not a permanent fix, but is the best solution to do at home

Andrea Giannone -

registered on ifxit just to say 'thanks a million' to this guide...hats off

Bhavesh - 回复

Forgot to mention...i did it with a blow dryer n electrical tape but wrapped the whole board except the chip under atleast 2 loose layers of tape so if the top melts the 2nd will protect but none melted and did it for 5 mins on high setting

Bhavesh - 回复

Worked for me too :) happy man , thank you

Krabi - 回复

Nobody in their right mind would follow your instructions.

I think you are a troll wanting people to destroy their phone.

Barry Jones - 回复

hi, i think that on 500k users that have used my guide, maybe 2 or 3 have no fixed the problem. anyway this guide is made by me, a professional fixer that have 2 shops where me, and my team, fix about 30-50 phones per day..

we have all schematicts, and all solutions for fix any kind of problem, and i decides to share our "secrets".

this guide is the easy way to fix this problem at home, is not workin 100% but the method is correct..

if you read all the guide you can discover that this is a semi permanent fix, the right way is to replace the chip, but without a professional machines is impossible to so, and is very hard..

sorry for my english, im italian

if you have any question, im here for you

best regards, Andrea

Andrea Giannone -

I found a new solution that worked for my iPhone 6 with iOS 9 http://www.unlockboot.com/2015/09/how-to...

Stephan Popov - 回复

The other one possible solution - https://digitalunlocking.com/news/, there you will find dozens of tutorials

dornalen -

put mine in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and it worked :) , since you said it's temporary how long will it take to go back to that state? thank you!

Lennon Kagunha - 回复

It worked for me for a couple of weeks, between 2 and 3 months. I reflowed the chip with 200 c like in step 25. Should I try to reflow the chip with more heat (250-285 c) like in the picture?

stephenk - 回复

hi, nope, you dont have to reach 200 c..

reflow it again staying on 185 celsius.. maybe reflow for 10 minutes but always under 200 degrees

Andrea Giannone -

Thank You, I will try.

stephenk -

I repaired it today, let's hope it will last.

stephenk -

Last saturday (december 5) it began to be grayed out again, for some hours. After a few hours it was working again. Since wednesday (december 9) it is grayed out. Any suggestion?

stephenk -

Great Guide! It works! This is the FIRST time I dissembled an Iphone ever and it surprised me, that it worked for me right away. Spending 3 hours to repair my Iphone 4s is absolutely worth it. During repairing there were some difficulties but finally my WIFI works again. It was great fun to do it! Thanks a lot!

Xia - 回复

WORKED JUST FINE for me. I used a general-purpose heating gun (NOT a hairdryer). The parts of the logic board not interested in the reflowing were protected with Kapton tape and sheets of glass-fiber material. Temperature was set at 185 C for 5 min and checked with a thermometer close to the chip to ensure no over-heating was occurring.

Francesco - 回复

better??? imposible..

jsmithcooper - 回复

I heated top of my iphone 4(where is speaker gap) with a heat gun. Be careful not to overheat display! Once phone warned me that phone is overheated I turned off phone and put it in my fridge. Then turned on and setup wi-fi. woala it's works!

Marian Hudec - 回复

Tnx for this useful guide! (and comments!)

I 'flowed' my iphone 4s 3 times already — with succes...

But: This greyed WiFi button keeps coming back... (So it only works for a week or so...)

What is the next step to solve this decently?

Anyone a suggestion?


zzepposs - 回复

I have been repairing several phones and this is one of the most craziest fix to try (I thought). I already tried all resets and bla bla bla. Wi-Fi stayed grayed out and BT was not working.

I did take the motherboard out but didn't secure or cover it with any tape. Tried above method using hot air blower in some random temperature (I guess it was about 150-300'c), for ~3 minutes...and it worked! Wi-Fi and BT are back in business. Amazing :)

Great instructions. Many thanks!

Hardy Nilsson - 回复

THANK YOU! I placed my phone in the refrig. for 15 mins. and I can now use my wifi again! Life saver!

keshrene - 回复

Was your phone off or on while doing this?

Victor Chimwala -

I can see my screen light up from the back but the screen itself is blacked out... what did not go right?

Debbie - 回复


My screen won't come on when I turn the iphone on, what do I have to go back and re-do?

Debbie - 回复

You have first to try a new screen. Maybe you damaged the flat of the lcd.

If the new screen will not show the image, you have broked something on the motherboard. You can figure out but is not simple to fix a motherboard if you dont know what are you trying to do.

Anyway im pretty sure that you broked tour lcd

Andrea Giannone -

I am convinced from all that I've read from various sources that this is an Apple engineering problem. It apparently is caused by some kind of temperature sensor in the iPhone triggered by an iPhone iOS update. Unfortunately this has never been resolved by subsequent iOS updates. I'm up to version 9.3.2 and Apple still has not addressed the problem with an update to iOS.

The best permanent solution I've heard of is to replace the WiFI antenna component BUT this is too much work.

Instead I chose a simpler (possibly less temporary) solution to just cool down my iPhone to trigger the temperature sensor logic in the iPhone.

Do not heat up your phone as some people have suggested. "Thermal Cycling" is bad for your phone. I've been able to reset the temperature sensor in my iPhone 4S by putting it in the freezer (in a zip lock bag) for about 15 minutes. It may not be a permanent solution but will re-enable the WiFI until the temperature sensor triggers the WiFi to shutdown again.

steveshanklin - 回复

check this app from here https://wifisoftsolution.wordpress.com will fix wifi card withaut replacament

imosales2015 - 回复

Thanx for the great instruction.

Between step 9 and 13 it is not described how to remove the upper metal cover of the Logic-Board near the camera.

Underneath are the connectors for step 13.

Everything else works fine.

I used a soldier iron which heat regulation to reflow the WiFi-Chip.

Vatta Far I - 回复

It Worked!

Thanx for the fantastic instruction.

Between step 9 an 13 it is not shown how to remove the upper metal cover near the camera which was hold by 4 philips screws.. Underneath are the connectors (step 13) for the logic board.

I used a solder iron with heat regulation (190 °C) to reflow the WiFi-Chip.

Vatta Far I - 回复

are u kidding me in this .. i mean how can anyone do this coz we r not experts ok and we dont have the right tools... this demonstration is nothing bt a headache... ur only gonna damage ur phone in the end.....

memyself20051 - 回复

The root of the problem being solved is that the WiFi/Bluetooth chip is becoming dislodged, as can happen when a phone is dropped. Forces on the chip during a collision pull the chip away from the board, creating micro-fractures in the solder connections. This can cause the WiFi (and Bluetooth) to work intermittently. To be clear, there are other reasons that your WiFi might stop working, and you should try to Reset Network Settings before attempting this kind of expert repair.

Why would temperature cycling help? Any time you heat or cool something it will expand or contract. This will cause the metal connections to move - the amount of movement may not be enough to be visible to the human eye, but enough to close the gap from a micro-fracture. This is a temporary fix because it has not fixed the fracture. The gap can open up when the phone gets hot again, or if you drop it again. Reflowing the solder connections can fix the root problem, closing up the micro-fractures permanently if done right.

robertmhussey - 回复

Thanks for ur best instruction .It saved my day.It worked.Thank you ;Guys if u want to earn money click this link:http://Dollarnize.com/?share=74068

Lerakhop Adnivog - 回复

It works you just need to wait a few (probably until it warms up again ) YIPPIE

I put the phone in the fridge for approx 15 min, got it out turned it on and ,..nothing, turned it off and on a few times, set it down and YEAH Buddy it working great thanks

linda - 回复

Works great, Put it in the fridge for 15 min, took it out turned it on and stil no wifi, turned it off picked it up an hour ater and works now THANKS

linda - 回复

Thanks for taking time and providing the complete details. Really Appreciate it

vishukumar007 - 回复

Thanks it worked! P.S. The removal of the upper shield is not in the tutorial.

Joris - 回复

Thanks for this tutorial, but it works just for a few minutes... do you have any ideea why ?

catalin1481rusu - 回复

Tou can try it again. If not works, you have to replace the motherboard or the wifi ic

Andrea Giannone -

After 6 weeks it stopped working again, even though I followed all the steps. The fridge method always worked maximum a few days so it is better then that.

I start to believe this is just another temporary heat gun solution, it is not actually re-balling or reflowing anything, it is just temporarily reactivating the messed up chip by heating its internals. Other reactions confirm that. I sincerely hope nobody is using this method to quote 'professionally repair' with 1 month warranty and charge for it, that would be a ripoff.

Joris - 回复

I wrote this guide for who wants to fix his phone at home. I repeat, this is not a permanent fix!

If after rhe rehot the wifi is still grayed out, you have to chiange the wifi ic. But is not simple to do this at home.

The mostly 4s after a rehot works forever. The same thing is for the lg g4 bootloop, rehot the emmc make the phone works again.

I usually offer 2 solution. X3 rehot for a small price, or i change rhe ic for the double price.. so the customer have this 2 option.

And they always prefer the first option...

Andrea Giannone -

Nono Andrea, the article says

"If this is the case, then the necessary permanent solution is to reflow the Murata SW SS1830010 Wi-Fi chip on the logic board."

So it is quoted as a permanent solution, so please dont say

"I repeat, this is not a permanent fix!"

After people spent a lot of time and money for tools on this article.

Joris -

Every time i open this guide, i see this message "This guide has more recent changes"

If you read my comments i always says that is not a permanet fix but can work for 2 days or 2 month or 2 years.

Anyway if someone spent time and money for buy the hot air station, he can spent also 10€ and buy the new wifi Ic and replace it.

But a 4s logic board cost 40-70€ so is stupid buy a new hot air station.

This is a solution for every user who wants to try to fix using a screwdrver and a hairdryer.. if this not work you have to bring the phone in a professional center who can fix it PERMANENTLY

Andrea Giannone -

WI-Fi problem is a HARDWARE ERROR. You cannot do anything on it. Upgrading makes more worse.

It begins when your phone gets heated. If you blow hot air on your iphone rear side just below the camera, it will reconnect the wire/register in wi-fi chip and your wi-fi issue will be rectified temporarily.

Roshan R - 回复

Did fridge fix the Wi-Fi can now be turned on (slide to green) but it keeps trying to find a network. Also Bluetooth wheel just keeps on spinning. Thoughts?

Alex - 回复

thanks guy it works....

aasif moosa - 回复

I you fix iPhone lock

nimanfarah - 回复

Honks ants ajnsm

nimanfarah - 回复

Thanks just followed your guide and walla!!.... It worked

lakor - 回复

!&&* yeh! This procedure worked for my iphone 4s. The wifi setting has been greyed out since i accidently sat a bag of frozen peas on it for an hour. I heated the wifi chip with an ozito heat gun, with a small stainless cone on the front that i made to direct the hot air out of a hole about the size of the chip. Used a digital kitchen thermometer to monitor the temp at the chip was held around 200 deg C for about 5 min. Covered the rest of the board with baking paper layered under aluminium foil as someone else mentioned. Thanks heaps, procedure needs to be done very carefully but DEFINATELY worth a shot.

Eugene snorkelbender - 回复

Hello, after reflow, the wifi chip is overheating immediately after phone power on. What could be the reason? Thank you.

Matthew - 回复

Hi, probably you used a tempereture too high, maybe the wifi ic is in short now...

Check first if the wifi is working now.. if not, tou have to replace the module

Andrea Giannone -

OK, grazie Andrea

Matthew -

I was not convinced that this would work, but snce there is nothing to loose, i went ahead and heated up the chp at 190*celcius for 10 minutes, working in circles, diagonals, horisontal and vertical lines never stopping at 1 point.

let the mobo cool for half an hour and reassembled and powered on… instant happiness :)

thanks very much, for this invaluable guide!!!

Eva Tahon - 回复

Worked great for me too!

Thanks for the tip ;)

Nicolas deville - 回复

Btw I hadn’t a hot air rework soldering station so I used my soldering station instead. I placed a metal piece on top of the chip with the tip of the iron on it to help diffusing the heat to the entire chip and it mades the trick. A bit messy though but when you have no choice… :)

Nicolas deville -

I have used a higher temperature and covered the area around the chip with 2mm copper plates to protect this area from the heat. Now the WLAN chip works! Thank you for this great tutorial.

S-Max Ford - 回复

Chuck here

It works. Hopefully forever. I used a Weller soldering unit to apply heat just reversed the hoses.

Thanks for sharing.

charles peebles - 回复

Very nice !! not that difficult !!!  THANKS !!

omanssn22 - 回复

Terima kasih banyak....

Halla Abin - 回复

Hi andrea, i don't know how to contact you so ill just leave comment here, i have done this on mulitple iphone 4s and its working great. But I wanted to know if there is a way to fix wifi problem on iphone 5s, with rework station?

Nikola Cucukovic - 回复

Hi, It seemed all solutions to this wifi issue focused on the hardware trouble. But I think correcting the hardware is just half of the way that is why in time the problem recur.

I’m not really sure, but I’m thinking the many IOS updates really heat up the phone, with later updates demanding too much on the design, like overclocking the chips.

Is there a way we could return/use the original IOS version or the latest which worked perfectly well before this issue on the wifi.

Virg Bael - 回复

An excellent guide! Thank you.



kaiser baas - 回复

worked great in a bout 10 mins took the back off and some of the close proximity ribbon cables and just held my soldering iron on the chip for about 1 minute and plugged it back it and all working, great trouble shooting thanks

james essex - 回复

I’ve tried to drain my battery before doing these steps. My phone won’t turn on. I’ll try to charge it for 30 minutes. And do a reset and see how it goes. Hopefully it would come back to life. Else it might be gone. :(

silver story - 回复

need help, able to start the phone but apple logo is just restarting, did a hard reset and restore/update. but I just got a 2015 error.

silver story - 回复



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