1. 移除背部外壳上的4颗6.3 mm的Y字形Y00螺丝。
    • 移除背部外壳上的4颗6.3 mm的Y字形Y00螺丝。

    Please be careful with these screws. Your bit will go through them like butter and strip them if you're not careful. Speaking from experience.

    Benjamin Fryar - 回复

    So should I use glasses screws

    iceprincess4445 - 回复

    what happens if you do strip a screw?

    Stephanie C Cusimano - 回复

    I used a Y0 bit instead and it worked better for me not to strip the screws

    Alexander Watson - 回复

    Any suggestions of what you can do if you do strip the screw

    Emma Johnson - 回复

  2. 移除立式支架下的1颗6.1 mm的十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。
    • 移除立式支架下的1颗6.1 mm的十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。

    Mine was no longer than about 1mm.

    Nani - 回复

    Agree. This was a very short screw.

    Paul Swinglehurst - 回复

  3. 移除主机下方的2颗2.7 mm的十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。
    • 移除主机下方的2颗2.7 mm的十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。

    These screws wouldn’t go back in for me for some reason. I was definitely using the right screws as I set them aside step by step as usual. I’m not sure what the problem could have been, I just reassembled without the screws.

    Jason Rivera - 回复

  4. 移除主机顶部的1颗2.7 mm的十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。
    • 移除主机顶部的1颗2.7 mm的十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。

    This one didn’t want to come out on its own, and only came loose when I completed the rest of the steps to remove the rear panel, as I pulled the panel off.

    Matt Silver - 回复

  5. 移除右侧手柄滑轨上的1颗3.8 mm十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。 移除左侧手柄滑轨上的1颗3.8 mm十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。
    • 移除右侧手柄滑轨上的1颗3.8 mm十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。

    • 移除左侧手柄滑轨上的1颗3.8 mm十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。

    Please do not use a JIS #0 bit on this kit. I ended up stripping the screw on my switch and now I won't be able to get inside. You are much more likely to remove this screw with a JIS #000 bit, like literally every other screw on this machine. Why I thought I should throughly read and follow the instructions is beyond me, because I guess this ifixit guy decided it would be a great meme to get people to ruin their switches.

    Jacob Klinkenberg - 回复

    +1, JIS #0 seems way too large; I used a #00 and that worked. I agree that #000 might have worked even better, but I saw this comment too late.

    Nikolai Knopp -

    Mine was #000 too. #0 was definitely too large. Also there are signs of blue threadlock.

    Nani - 回复

    tried using #000 and #00 but the screw wont turn, any ideas why

    thawdon - 回复

    Ive been trying to unscrew with the correct 000 bit for like 5 minutes and it wont unscrew :/ please help asap

    xenomorphic/dark Mewtwo - 回复

    this screw stripped in like two seconds using the screwdriver included with ifixit’s kit!

    Connor Martini - 回复

    One screw didn’t come off and now it is stripped…. I’m trapped in this step, desperate and questioning all my life choices…….

    ninja android - 回复

    RIP screw RIP repair

    Moritz Boch - 回复

    RIP crew, RIP repair

    Moritz Boch - 回复

    Well this sucks, I can’t get these %#*@ joy con screws out, why did I spend all this money, its works on every other screw on the joy con rails but its like these middle screws aren’t cut deep enough for anything to grab onto it.

    I got them out with a #000 but it took an obscene amount of pressure put down on the screw. Needless to say I’m not putting them back in.

    Eric - 回复

  6. 将外壳从主机上移除。 将外壳从主机上移除。 将外壳从主机上移除。
    • 将外壳从主机上移除。

    You appear to be missing a step. The SD card reader needs to be removed between steps 6 and 7.

    zharin - 回复

    Achtet darauf die Backplate nicht zu kippen, wie es die Bilder vermuten lassen. Ich habe beim nach Hinten klappen ein Plastikgewinde an der Backplate abgebrochen. Aufpassen.

    I think the picture is a bit misleading. I tiltet the plate while I was removing it what resulted in an broken off screwmount.

    Leon Grell - 回复

  7. 移除Micro SD卡槽上的1颗3.1 mm十字形飞利浦螺丝。
    • 移除Micro SD卡槽上的1颗3.1 mm十字形飞利浦螺丝。

  8. 缓慢地垂直提起micro SD卡槽所在的子板,使其从主机上脱离,然后断开连接并移除它。 在重新组装时,对齐子板并轻轻地按压接口上的海绵垫,直到接头发出咔哒声为止。
    • 缓慢地垂直提起micro SD卡槽所在的子板,使其从主机上脱离,然后断开连接并移除它。

    • 在重新组装时,对齐子板并轻轻地按压接口上的海绵垫,直到接头发出咔哒声为止。

    I cant get the card reader to stay connected to the motherboard when trying to reassemble it. Help needed.

    aNtHoNy R - 回复

    Yes. The reverse is not so simple- you can’t see what you’re doing when you attempt to reconnect and it only takes one small error to completely bend the contacts on the connector. Very delicate.

    if you very gently remove the foam pad sticker, you can at least see better how it lines up and can feel your way to a degree… then you can stick the pad back in. The pad seems pretty critical in keeping things in place once reassembled.

    holmzee - 回复

    Tried several times to replace this SD reader module. As mentioned above, the issue is aligning the connectors together. It appears the foam tape is being used to hold the connection in place. (assuming you can make a viable connection) I am rather surprised at this design. In my experience, mylar ribbon cables like this usually slide into a small PC mounted socket. It appears Nintendo went the cheap route here. This design is prone to failure since it does not enable a positive connection - at least from what I can see.

    Bill Little - 回复

    Directions were great and very helpful! Saved time and money doing myself.

    David Ross - 回复

    I found that tightening the screw for the sd reader all the way down caused the original sd reader to not seat correctly.

    Jimmy Le - 回复

    Alors je suis en détresse total . Jai cassé les bouches en or sur le connecteur qui est soudé sur la carte mère.. comment changer cette toute petite pièces, oû la trouver . Cela fais 1 mois que je cherche partout. Sans remplacer la carte mère. Merci pour vos réponses

    Mike Snow - 回复

    I finished the repair and its not recognizing anything. Ive downloaded a couple more games to the hard drive while I was procrastinating the repair, could a desyncronization issue be causing this?

    David Huser - 回复

    I have the new reader plugged in but my nintendo switch wont turn on now.

    Deadlypizzaman - 回复

    try to hold thepower button for a bit it might just be shut down hold the buutton for at least 30 seconds or just wait for it to turn on

    Jorge Rodriguez -

    I found it easier to connect it without the black foam pad so I could see and than add the foam pad over it. It was super easy and I an I 33 Mom doing this for my son. Was well worth the money for the kit saved us almost 100 bucks

    Katherine Harrison - 回复

    The Y screws are horrible. The bit in the took kit only managed to get two of them out. I have a Y0 bit that got the other two out. What a stupid design those are. Kit should include replacement screws and maybe a new foam pad for the SD Card Reader. New SD card module is tricky to get the connection.

    Garrett ewald - 回复

    Foam pad no longer sticky enough to hold down the connector. Is there any place to get a replacement sticky pad or a work around to keep the connection secure?

    Denise Adams - 回复

    Had my son follow this guide to fix his own switch where the ad card reader didn't work. And he did. Great instructions!!!! Thanks a million!

    William Scott - 回复

    The only difficult part of following this guide is connecting the new sd card reader into the poorly designed motherboard connector. Its quite possible the sd card reader that came in the console wasnt broken at all.

    The repair kit works just as advertised and even comes with stickers.

    Matthias_ Links - 回复

  9. 移除屏蔽板上的6颗3.1mm的十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。
    • 移除屏蔽板上的6颗3.1mm的十字形飞利浦#000螺丝。

    Agreed, still missing that step… I don’t have the image that is in your linked screenshot.. but your screenshot doesn’t mention removing a 7th screw anyway. I had my screwdriver underneath trying to pry it open before realizing there was another screw holding it all together.

    beaugalbraith - 回复

    Sorry everyone! The guide was missing a prerequisite guide. The missing SD card steps should be there now.

    Arthur Shi - 回复

  10. 将屏蔽板从主机上移除。 在铜质热管和屏蔽罩之间涂有一层较厚的粉色导热硅脂。为了最好的散热效果,在移除屏蔽罩之后,最好参考我们的散热硅脂更换指南来移除旧的散热硅脂并为其更换合适厚度的硅脂,例如K5 Pro。 在铜质热管和屏蔽罩之间涂有一层较厚的粉色导热硅脂。为了最好的散热效果,在移除屏蔽罩之后,最好参考我们的散热硅脂更换指南来移除旧的散热硅脂并为其更换合适厚度的硅脂,例如K5 Pro。
    • 将屏蔽板从主机上移除。

    • 在铜质热管和屏蔽罩之间涂有一层较厚的粉色导热硅脂。为了最好的散热效果,在移除屏蔽罩之后,最好参考我们的散热硅脂更换指南来移除旧的散热硅脂并为其更换合适厚度的硅脂,例如K5 Pro

    How do you know if the thermal paste needs to be replaced?

    Youji Hong - 回复

    Once you remove a heatsink you must always replace thermal paste even if you had just applied it ( or add a little more) . The reason is that once heat sink is fitted, paste splits around because of pressure and only needed amount will remain. If you remove the heatsink then some paste will move so when installed again there will be spots without paste. Hope this is clear enough. In any case cost of paste is very small compared to work time and value of your equipment…..

    MacTek -

    I’d recommend replacing the thermal compound to ensure that the cooling system works as intended.

    Blake Klein - 回复

    When your switch starts to lag and drop FPS, if you play breath of the wild and it starts to slow down in heavy areas like the forest where you get the master sword, can i use artic mx 4 insted of the pink compound?

    Diego Soto - 回复

    I’d like to know as well if a cpu thermal compound like arctic mx-4 can be used to replace the pink compound

    Adam Stillman - 回复

    No you shouldn't . It will spill around because it is not viscous enough and then there will be no heat transfer. As suggested by author K5 PRO is the most appropriate compound for such cases.

    MacTek -

    Arctic is generally only supposed to be used on bigger heat sinks like a personal computer. Its not nearly as thick or gummy compared to K5 PRO, and you should always use something that’s thicker for smaller project like a Switch/phone/tablet.

    Shawn Christensen -

    I really don’t understand in what areas I should be replacing the thermal paste.

    Do I leave the giant pink glob that’s present on the back plate or replace that as well?

    Or do I only apply it under the heat sink and on the motherboard?

    Nik Terzic - 回复






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Hey - I think you’re missing a step, how do you remove the SD card reader?

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Great catch! The guide has been updated, thanks!

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