The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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F 10 error code?

Turn on washer and water fills. then pump turns on for a second then stops and timer light begins to blink. Re tries itself three times before error comes on.

Have already cleaned....

1. Water inlet screens

2. Check ball under tub.

3. the screen before the pump.

Noticed there is some return coil with pump impeller on electric pump. Is this normal or is pump supposed to turn freely?

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Eric Tighe, The F10 error code is generated by the Motor Control Unit (MCU) Heat Sink Thermal Trip

If the thermal protector on the MCU heat sink gets too hot, it will open the thermal protector on the heat sink which will stop motor functions and an “F/10” will be displayed.

Potential Causes

• Check for Proper Installation, verify the unit is not located near a source of heat and has proper ventilation.

• Check Wire Harness connections to the MCU, the motor, and Central Control Unit (CCU)

• Check the Drive system for any worn or failed components

• Check MCU

• Check Motor

You can get the service manual for your washer from here.That should help you to check the individual components. Hope this helps, good luck.


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