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How do I take these headphones apart?

I have a pair of Beats Pro by Dre. The wire that connects the left and right headphones is broken, causing only 1 side to work at once. I cant find how to take these apart anywhere, and I am having a very hard time figuring it out.

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Eric, is it on the 3.5mm plug or is it closer to the actual headphones?

The 3.5mm plugs are fine. There is a plug on both sides, so whatever side the chord is plugged into works. The problem is the wire that runs through the band of the headphones and sends the audio to the opposite speaker.

Also have the same problem what can we do ! actaully was resorting to getting it fixed from a 3rd party but ive seen some recent bad reviews about it , how can i fix my beats !

I'm afraid I'm going to break them and will the foam go back on?!?!


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Eric, check where the earfoam connects to the headphone. I believe that the part where the earfoam is mounted to, snaps off. There should be 4 plastic tabs that hold it to the headphone. Underneath that, there should be 3 screws that will remove the speaker and will give you access to the wiring.


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I've done that, I can't get the frame itself apart. After i take out the 4 screws when I take off the ear foam, I can take the driver assembly off. after that, I can't take off the black plastic on the inside of the headphone, and the frame that twists. On the part that twists, there are 4 Torx screws. Unscrewing those leads me to nothing.

Also, taking apart the headband is simple. Unscrew 2 Torx screws, and then slide the leather up. The part I can't get is the frame in-between the headphone and the headband.

I have this problem too

And am using a P47 wireless headphones

Please how can I open it


The part of the Beats pros that looks like a hinge (Where the beats can fold) is actually just stuck on and if you remove it you will find another screw. take that off and you will have access to the wire needing replaced. The good thing is the fake hinge will stick again when putting the beats back together.


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This is how you take it apart.... I have the same problem that one side was not working .....the guy in the video sells a replacement wire that connects both speakers together in the headphones. Hes selling the wire for 15 when that piece of wire is cheap...if anyone knows what type of wire it is please lmk


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