Model A1174 with 2 GHz Core Duo or Model A1207 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo

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Power button is totally depressed and will not return to correct posit

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 Model A2107

After 6 wonderful trouble free years of operation I have a power button that is totally depressed and I tried telling it a few jokes but to no avail. I cannot power up the machine. Is there an internal reset or can the power button be repaired?

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is there an internal reset button that can turn the machine on?

replaced power supply and still no worky %&^&

What are your symptoms? Why did you replace the power supply when you thought it was the button?

I guess when all else fails hit it with a bigger hammer..i thought that was my next course of action. NOTHING I have read on any blog or website has mentioned anything about the button being the issue or the problem. I hate to think I have to replace the entire back portion of the machine in order to replace the friggin button. Sorry just venting.....

Now to your question Symptoms=no response when depressing the power button no hums, clicking, whirring green light displays near the memory card.

How many 6yr old electronic devices do you have that are trouble free? The normal life of a computer is 3yrs - this one really doesn't owe you anything. If there's files you need pull the HD put it in an external case and get a new iMac, transfer the files.



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To fix depressed buttons, jump out at it naked. If you're young it might come right up, if old, it'll give a good laugh. Or Take a pair of scissors to a red Solo cup and cut a sharp V piece. Look at the button and see if it is skewed off to one side and caught under the edge of the frame. Run the point around the outside of the button and see if that will set it free. Since it's now free, fill another cup, turn on the stereo, play this and dance naked for joy:

UPDATE 5/3/12

I've now completed the guide for you ;-) Hope it helps!

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 Power On Button Replacement


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Love the video thanks for the musical laugh! No red cups on hand so tried the blue, not enough room between the frame and the button to fit the v-cut piece in, the button does not seem to be skewed under the frame. It is below the frame and when pushed on moves a bit. I'm assuming there is a spring or other type of contact below the button that is out of whack or worse I need a new power supply I need to get a smaller torc to get the frame off so I guess thats my next course of action

Pam, I've pulled apart a A1207 and removed the power button. I took pictures and will write up a guide for replacing the power on button (just for you!) Give me a little while to get it written and posted up. Meanwhile, there's a connector that plugs into the logic board and I'd like you to check that yours in in place.

See step #24 of this guide, to the right of the connector he's holding, is, I believe where it plugs into the logic board. The tag on my cable is 593-0160 REV.B 20"

I found one in the UK for $28.11.

I do happen to know where one is since I'm photographing it. If you find that's what part you need I'll be happy to give it to you ;-)



The button can be replaced- but you'll probably have to find it on e-bay or from a booting, but non-working machine, you might have to replace the entire rear case.

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thanks is there a reset button that can be used to turn on the machine and then i can leave it on?

There are jumpers on the logic board BUT making connections while "hot" (powered) on is risky- easy to short out components. Despite the apparent cost & work IMHO replacing the power button assembly OR rear case is really the way to go.

none of the schematics i've seen have a part number for the button do you have a source for that info

I'll say it again: you'll probably have to find it on e-bay or from a booting, but non-working machine, you might have to replace the entire rear case. You won't be able to order a part, you'll have to find one... DIY style.


you can try something thinner. maybe an x-acto knife? dont scratch up the case lol


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thanks tried that too



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