A mini tablet computer designed by Blackberry and manufactured by Quanta Computer in 2011. Model number RDJ21WW.

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My tablet wont start after it fell in water

i need help to fix it urgently. help

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tried it but only the red light flashes upon start up and then nothing else appears. afraid maybe the water may have damaged the screen or damaged the battery. any other suggestion is welcomed as i need to get the tablet fixed. thanks

steve, any liquid immersion warrants a new battery. Those batteries do not like water at all. Actually, they can react quite violently with it. Clean your device and replace the battery, after that re-evaluate.

Tablet not working after rain got to it don't know what to do help me please.

I need someone help me and fix my LG tablet and when i was playing a game it slip out of my hands

I cracked the back of my Amazon tablet. Now it has a little hole in the left bottom corner and I must got water in it because now it doesn't even want to charge anymore?



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First things first: do not try to turn it on anymore until you're sure it's completely dry. Water isn't damaging to a device, electricity is, and water reroutes electricity where it's not supposed to go.

Until you can't get it open, put it somewhere dry, possibly surrounded by silica packs or (lacking them) rice.

As soon as you can, open it carefully, remove the battery, and clean with isopropylic alchol and a microfiber cloth every trace of water. Don't use an hairdryer, at least, if you're truly in a hurry, blow only cold air, never hot air, that could be as damaging as the water.

Make sure it's clean and dry, put it back, turn it on and reassess the damage.

You may end with a damaged battery, since it got shorted out. Maybe some other sympthoms... if you want to check them by yourself, return here and describe them.


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+1 ...and here is the teardown BlackBerry PlayBook Teardown for your tablet which should enable you to take a closer look at the components. You find the general guide for water damage and how to clean it here Electronics Water Damage

It was really wet but that was a week ago and the redlight couldn't come on but now it does when you connect it to the charger. Even sometimes the green light which indicates that it is charging comes on for about a minute and then nothing else. I tried updating the software but the message I get is no update available. Don't know what to do again.

Like Stefano Gigante mentioned in his original answer:" You may end with a damaged battery, since it got shorted out. Maybe some other symptoms." This sounds like a broken battery circuit as well as the possibility of corrosion

I confirm what I said. Actually, if the backlight still works, and you can use your tablet safely without any other issues save for the battery... you've only got to replace it.

If you still didn't open your tablet, do it now. Get a new battery from a reputable source, clean every trace of corrosion, rust or mold with a soft cloth and alchol, and replace, or have it replaced by an handy friend, the battery.

If it still doesn't work, as oldturkey added, and I second his opinion, check the battery circuit on the logic board. Is it moldy? Is it rusted? Clean it throughly and recheck.

Does it look normal, but your new battery still doesn't charge? Replace it. If it's soldered on the mainboard as it seems by the guide, you may need professional help though. But trying a new battery, and cleaning the connectors before replacing it, is something to do.

Afterall, your battery was shorted out. So, either way, it has to go.

okay, will do that and reply soon. thanks



Red light flashing at startup is a ROM error, so it is possible that your main memory chip is defective because of the water. I had a similar issue and I just reinstalled the firmware given from BlackBerry website with a USB connection to my computer and BlackBerry Desktop. Works like a charm now.


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Get a bowl of dry boiled rice and put your phone in for an hour or so (make sure there is no water in the rice) the rice will soak up the water and your phone will work properly again.


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Rice? Really. No. you are way off on that one. No serious fixer will ever use or recommend rice as a tool. http://www.riceisfordinner.com/

It does not work 100% of the time. But rice will absorb the moisture from a phone. I've tried it. Mine was dropped in a pool, I did the rice thing and it started working. But if you don't want to try it, just buy a new one.

Be careful if you do decide to try it.



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