Final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am.

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change oil light reset

My change oil light is on,how do i reset the change oil light

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It worked!!! Thanks George!!!

Depress the reset button three time then the oil light blinks then hold down till you hear the chime. These all work depening on how your car is set up.

On my 2002, i turned my key to the on position. I pressed the button 2 times. The light started flashing. I held it. And then turned the key off and stared the car and it turned my light off.

Do not have a button for a reset on my old change light in the fuse box is there any other way I can do this

Mine took four presses. Three did not work.


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george, I think the owners manual makes reference to that " Turn the key to the "accessory" position, then push the accelerator pedal down three times within 5 seconds." You should hear a beep and it should reset your light. Hope this helps, good luck.


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This worked !! First I checked on line to put on the account option than pump the brakes three to four times within 5 seconds do not do this it does not work but the caption above worked correctly tyvm for this info

whoo i was very skeptical about trying this method. but it was sooo easy, turn key to " on" and then pumped the gas 3 times and it worked wow crazy. thank you for all the help :)

This is Weird .... on my Grand Am 2002 I tried the accelerator and that did not work, but using the Brake Petal did. Thanks for your help.

Thanks, it was too easy, thank god. Anyone can do it.

It took 5 times on the pedal before it worked on my 2005 Grand am



I own a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am and there is a reset button in the drivers side fuse box.

Depress the button while the key is in the "On" position until the "change oil" light blinks. Release and press again until you hear the chime. The light will go out. Pumping the accelerator pedal as described in other posts only made my car idle extremely high. Light did not go out that way and had to adjust idle.


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This is what I was looking for. lol I have the reset button, but did not have my owners manual in the car now and I just could not remember the correct method. This "pump the gas pedal 3 times" did not sound familiar. But, I changed my stereo, so I don't have the chimes. So I will watch for the light to flash. Thank you. :-)

This actually did not work. I turned the key on and pressed the reset button 3 times. The light flashed. I pressed it and held it one more time and the light went off.

All the comments together worked, thanks for the advice.

Where is exactly the reset button?

Fuse box on left side of the dash. You have to open the drivers door to get to it. It is a red button that says "RESET". Hope this helps. :-)



the key position must be in on position, then gas pedal 3 times


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First of all when you do the gas pedal 3 times method from before you must have the key on engine off position. Second if the doesn't work look in the fuse panel for what should be a red fuse the says reset or something of that nature(its a button not a fuse so it looks different than the other ones, should be a solid color, not transparent). There are 3 fuse panels on the grand am, first one is under the hood, second is on the side of the dash board(you need to open the door to access it) the third is on the opposite side same exact way as the first. Should either be under the hood or the divers door panel. If your car is over heating check a few things. Make sure your water pump is working, electric fan, and radiator are in good shape. Since your radiator was replaced im assuming you got all the air out of the system but just in case you didn't be sure to get all the air out of the system because these air pockets heat drastically and will mess up your readings on the dash. A coolant flush is never a bad idea either if you have the cash to have a shop do it. This will be sure all the air is out and there is no blockage in the system(assuming they know what they are doing) Hope this helps out!


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