The Power Macintosh G4 is series of personal desktop computers released by Apple in 1999, and sold through 2004. This page is for the M5183 designation.

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Powers up to logo with spinning wheel and then goes black

When booting up I get the grey screen with the apple logo and a spinning wheel. After a few seconds the display goes black. I reset the pram, changed out the battery and pressed the button next to it on the mainboard once. Turned the power off, removed the battery, held the power button for 10 to 15 seconds. Left the battery out for 10 minues, put the battery back in and still get the same thing. I swapped out the hard drive and still get the same thing. I can start it up in target drive and the displays stays on. I ran the utility and checked the hard drive and it stated the hard drive was ok. Also changed out the power supply and still get the same thing. Also used a different display. Still the same.

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Try booting from your system installation disk by inserting the disk and hitting the power on button while holding the "C" key. If this works try starting up holding down the "Shift" key to start in safe mode. This working, reinstall your system and run the updates.


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Thank you, I will try it first thing Monday.



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