The HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One printer can be used as a printer, copier, scanner. This printer uses a 5 color print system.

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scanner won't scan to my computer

Why can't I scan to my computer?

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Are you using USB or wireless? Go to printer, check through menu to see which device/pc is enabled. Hp should ask destination when you select scan... Which printer model is it??

My hp printer 1200 psc is second hand the light is on but not work


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Make sure you have the latest software installed for this printer. Go to HPs web site and look the printer up, then download and install the drivers.


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where is the HP's website?


Its defiantly be the software problem and you can easily fix it by going to HP`s website then enter the specified model number of your product to get the latest driver and pc software. By installing the latest driver definition this shall hopefully solve your problem.


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scanner won't scan to my computer

Network Problem"Hehp You Problem Scaner Printer"

- Window XP network not access but:

- network cable is OK

- set IP address is OK (not conflict IP)

- ping to gateway "Request time out."

- ping to DNS "Request time out."

- show status in black not blue color & send "0" Receive "0" value

- Solution is RESTART computer it will be Okay!

- Network icon show wrong process

- Save all document are opening and then close all application

- Run file “flush.bat”

- Wait for restart already will be OK.

- Cannot connect WIFI

- Existed Manual ip-address for WIFI IPv4

- Go to WIFI IPv4 then choose “Obtain an IP address automatically”


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goede middag ik ben in het bezit van een oude printer een hp psc 1275 all in one nu geeft hij aan dat de scanner defect is maar ik heb nog een aantal cardridges origineel van hp dus die kosten mij nogal wat euro's

en om die nou weg te gooien zie ik niet zitten dus mijn vraag is kan deze scanner vervangen worden of is dit type printer te oud of kost dit ook een vermogen.

afz: Piet Aukes, Wormer ( n-h )


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