How to boost signal at home?

This is somewhat of a pointless question now as I have managed to tear apart my phone. I wanted to check the antenna, and followed a guide which failed to mention that the dock connector tab sometimes sticks to the front panel, so immediately tore the cable and then broke another cable connector near the top. (I later read a different guide that warned against this, wish it had been the first one I came across).

Anyhow, my house seems to be in some sort of a zone. Not sure if it's a dead zone or just too much interference. My phone has never seemed to have very good reception, but I have friends with other phones on different carriers that seem to have a similar issue.

I also have the strange problem of picking up some sort of radio signal (traffic police?) that comes through clearly on one of my cable channels and on the channel next down comes as static and takes out the picture.

I've asked various cell providers and the police, but no one seems to know why I'm having these issues.

I'd rather not have to purchase an expensive cell phone signal booster. Does anyone know of a good guide to making one that works wirelessly, where I don't have to plug in directly to the antenna on the phone? And any ideas as to why I'm picking up radio signals through my television?

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just for my own clarification, are you on cable or using any other kind of antenna booster on your TV?


For the TV a high pass filter might work. Get two and connect one on the back of your TV and connect the other one to where your cable connects the TV box. Make sure that both filters have the same impedance, 75ohm for coax. They are available at stores like this as well as


My tv is just on a regular co-axial cable. I'm not too concerned about ridding the problem of picking up the radio signal, just thought that it might somehow relate to my low or lack of cell phone signal.


what about switching to 2g on the phone? we have a site in the uk that shows you the strength of signal on dif carriers when you put in the postcode (nails it to your street/house no!) many carriers don't even have full 3g coverage in all cities..there are plenty of holes, but these ARE covered by 2g. Try that and see?


My carrier doesn't have a 2G network, but I have had others over that do have cells on 2G and they have poor reception as well. Cross the street, or head down the sidewalk in either direction and pretty much no matter what network, everyone (myself included) gets full bars.