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Battery Sometimes Working - Bad Logic Board?


I have a 2009 Macbook that sometimes runs on battery power and sometimes doesn't.

Sometimes the power cord shows orange, but says, "Not charging" and will not run on batt power. Sometimes the chord shoes green and still doesn't charge. I bought a new battery and that didn't solve the problem.

Onetime I pressed my fingers in a C shape over the area where the batt installs and the machine recognized the batt and charged. Then it stopped working again.

I took it to Apple and they were leaning for a new logic board.

Kinda nervous about just buying a logic board and being wrong.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Are there tests I can perform?

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First I would download Coconut Battery (it's free, just Google it) and take a look at what it has to say about both your batteries. You want to know for sure that they are not the problem, and this program will tell you the remaining capacity, load cycles, etc. All batteries go bad eventually, and most battery issues are caused by bad batteries.

I would borrow a friend's AC adapter and see whether or not the problem still occurs, preferably while you are using a known-good battery that you have tested with Coconut Battery. It could be your AC.

Next, I would suspect the battery connector. These sometimes come a little loose and act strangely when they do, so it may be worth re-seating it. Your description of squeezing the computer near the battery may be an indication that this is the problem. Battery connectors have long pins and they need to be pushed further down into the socket than may initially seems necessary.

You can also replace the battery connector, which is a worthwhile step if it comes to it, because it's only a $10 part on eBay. Just make sure to buy one from a reputable vendor, because most sellers don't test these, even though they claim tested and working. Also, there are two types, depending on your logic board -- Energy Star (gap between the pins) and non-Energy Star (no gap), so make sure to get the right one.

Good luck!


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+ really complete answer

Ok, a different charging cable didn't change anything. I tried re-seatting the connector and that kinda worked.

Now the computer recognizes the battery showing (20:00) to charge!

It has been charging for like 12 hours with no change.

What would cause the battery to show this condition?

Thanks for your help so far...P.S. this is a new battery. Like 1 week old bought from Apple. The last battery was most likely not bad either :(

What is Coconut Battery saying about both the batteries, i.e. load cycles, max capacity, current capacity, etc.? If Coconut Battery shows they are good (which you want to prove, not assume) like I said you're probably looking at a battery connector replacement as the next step.

I and Apple tried your ideas and nothing worked so I changed the logic board. It seems to have worked. Actually, now the computer is faster!!



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