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Metallic taste when using track pad

When I was swiping my fingers across the track pad i could taste a metallic substance from the computer this my second macbook pro and the first one had the same results.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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I think this question is a ploy to get us all licking our fingers!

I have that SAME thing! People think I'm nuts, but it happens when I use my MacBook AND my iphone. I didn't realize that it was with all Apple products for me. So weird. I have had MANY computers and phones, but Apple is the only thing I experience it with.


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Have your dentist replace your silver amalgam fillings with a composite material. Your metalic taste is most likely being caused by the slight electrical current discharging in your mouth via your fillings. Read up on it here:


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Didn't know this was possible. +

I was thinking similar lines re small current/electrolyte problem but more localised, it's a good read.

+ Hah! I had no idea this was possible. Crazy stuff.

Did you find the answer to your problem?

Early in my life I had a dental laboratory and did crown and bridge work, went to lab school for two years.


I don't think it's normal to experience tasting flavors from simply touching an object.

That said, if you are touching an aluminum case and you lick your fingers afterwards, it's possible that you could be licking up some aluminum dust.

Either way, I wouldn't recommend licking your fingers or your laptop.


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My dog does that for me ;-}


I would try adding a colloidal minerals supplement in the liquid form to your diet to see if this resolves any mineral deficiencies you may have. Many of the minerals are metals. In chemistry the Theory of Equallibrium tells us that all touching matter exchanges atoms. I would also try washing your hands prior to touching the track pad. Colloidal/Ionized minerals are in the form of salts. Your sweat has salt in it.

Look to see if touching other items brings this sensation. That may help you narrow down the cause of it.


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that's what I was thinking.. you put it much better than i could.

I think if you had elaborated on your thoughts Poly that your words would have been more eloquent than mine. However no one seems to view our thoughts as a viable solution to the problem at hand.

ha hand! get it? ah well no one else will either. ;-P



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