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Anyway to reattach solder pads?

I was removing the headphone jack to replace because I accidentally Broke the cable while fixing something else and two of the 4 solder pads came off!! I still have both is there anyway to reattach them?

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For the people out there that do not have good soldering skills there is a silver based epoxy (MG8331 & MG8331S - Made by MG Chemicals) you can use to rebuild the pads with. It will adhere to the circuit board, conducts electricity well and can be soldered to. Expose the trace for the pad make sure the epoxy is touching the trace. You can attach what goes on the pad now for a no solder fix or let it cure and then solder the component to the new pad. It is available here, MG8331-14G 10 minute work time, 4hr cure time.

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wow! It sounds like something to look in to a bit more..can think of loads of things that would be perfect the kids broken toys that I'm not going to fiddle about with a soldering iron on! like the window shopping through all the other stuff there too..cheers for that

Very, very cool!

+good stuff. Got to order me some of that :-)

so would i scratch the green off and the little metal dot, or stop at the dot?

Which product is it exactly? I have looked but cannot see which product states it can be soldered to following curing. This would fulfil a lot of repairs I have pending. Please help! If you know which it is please contact me at



Once copper solder pads have lifted off the substrate, there's usually no way to get them back on.

Your best bet would be to carefully try to scratch off some of the solder mask on top of the traces leading to the missing pads. Once the copper traces are exposed, you should be able to either solder in a short shim wire or blob enough solder to connect the trace with the corresponding pad.

If you have a multimeter, you can use its continuity tester function to check the repair and make sure your solder joints are working. Depending on how much of the solder joints are exposed, you may want to add something that will insulate them from other exposed pads to avoid a short.

Work carefully, methodically, and slowly, and it should be fixable!


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+ Good answer.

would that shim you speak of have to be copper wire?

can you use desolering braid for the shim?


What would be really good is to have the circuit dia. for ipod touch 2-3gen. it would help to locate the jump points I have googled them but there not easy to find. I have pulled a pad off headphone jack and a trace next to battery attach pointsIf a person knew where to find the next jump point was, you could save them. As for buying 40-50 dollar epoxy is a bit steep if you only had 1 to fix and even spending 30 dollars on silver paint is still a bit steep when you price what ipod touch 2-3 gens. go for, but it would still teach you HOW TO, just need to find a less expensive supplier of the products ( maybe EBAY ) but this post is great info for those wanting to fix instead of throwing away there ipod iphone.. I give this a +10


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Ran into a similar problem before, found that for large (>1mm) traces very thin tinned wire salvaged from a clock coil works. Interestingly lead free solder actually dissolves thin copper wire so don't use it for the really fine repairs.

I've also found that at least for some devices its possible to reroute around the damaged pads by looking for a tiny raised dot where the pad used to be and tracing it back to its interconnect point.


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