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Cracked Screen on Hisense Roku 32H4C

I’m attempting to replace a screen on a Hisense Roku 32H4C and came across a similar issue from back in 2017 solved by @oldturkey03 and was wondering if he his moderates and could assist?

Update (04/15/2019)

Any of these help?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Nick  to do any search we will need you to find the panel number. Hisense etc. use a hodgepodge of parts. We would need you to take the back of your TV and take a look at the label for the panel. Give us those numbers. In general a new LCD panel (if even available) has the tendency of costing more than a new TV. So you may consider harvesting a panel from a TV of the same model but broken on parts other than the panel.

Update (04/15/2019)

Nick   HD315DH-B12(0100 is the panel number. Did a quick search and found 2 in Argentina ;-)


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Great, I did a search just got the back lite strips. Glad there’s a couple screens. How much?

you anywhere close to Argentina:-) Shipping is going to be outrageous and it may take a couple of month to get to you. Let's see if we an come up with a few better options.

Houston. If there’s any other options I’ll listen.

How much for part in Argentina? For a baseline.

You mind giving me the price of the part itself from the Argentina location to see if we should continue on?



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