Camera released in 1966 by the Japanese company Yashica.

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Film advance and shutter will not work on my Yashica camera

My Yashica camera's film advance lever will not pull back very far. The shutter button is loose too, but when I press it the shutter does not release. The shutter looks intact, but may not work. Any ideas on what the problem is? Is it fixable, or do I need to find a new body?

Edit: I managed to get the top part off far enough to take a look. Everything seems to be fine, so I'll open up the front next.

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Problems :

Shutter release is jammed

Film wind lever only moves 5-10 degrees

This is what i found about that "In some cases the mirror is stuck in the up position only by a gumming mirror damper. In these cases the shutter should work after the mirror has moved to its uppermost position but nothing else will happen.

Try to push the mirror downwards gently. Then check the strip of foam rubber on the upper edge of the front window. If it is gummy it should be replaced." See if that helps.


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I took a look and the mirror is fine. It's not sticking or anything. The main problem is that the shutter release button will press down with no resistance, but the film advance won't move more than a tiny bit. I think a couple decades in a hot attic may have broken something delicate in the insides of the camera. Thanks for the suggestions.

If you take the bottom plate off (3 or 4 screws) and take a look at mechanism you may see if there is any corrosion and/or parts that have disintegrated. Some of the cam forums swear that naphta (lighter fluid) will make some of those parts movable again. I am still trying to find you some sort of service manual that might help...;-) Good Luck

There doesn't seem to be any corrosion and everything looks alright (although I'm not exactly sure what it's supposed to look like). The parts seem to move except for that little piece in the bottom left of the image above. It moves with the film advance and won't go very far. I'll probably have to open up the top and take a look at the shutter release.

That is a very clean and complete looking camera. Somebody took good care of it. Just make sure that when you continue to take it apart that you take lots of pictures and make sure that you document enough to possibly make a guide. Those vintage cameras are great and still have a wide following. Also check the camera forums on line. Very helpful people on there.

The only problem: I'm not quite sure how to get the top off. I unscrewed the five screws on the sides of the top plate, but the plate didn't come off. I don't know how to go about this without breaking something; the knobs and dials and the viewfinder are holding it on.



Has a retire camera tech.I did repair many time this model,most of the time if no shutter release the problem was whit the shutter control or mirror control magnet,to be clean or replace,this is not a the big job,you have to dismentel the front of the camera to clean or replace it,al THE NEW SLR use this system to release the shutter and mirror mechanism first.check the mirror magnet first, could be the problem after removing the front lens mount assembly.


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Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely try this when I have some time and let you know if it works.

Hello Jacques.

I have a Question about the TL Super.

Can you give me an idea how I get the front lens mount off the camera body without damage? I would like to replace the mirror light seal on the top, but as there's a metal peace after the M42 srew it is kind of in the way. I did change already complete light seals on a couple of different brands, but in the TL case it is not so easy to reach, to remove the old seal properly.

Any suggestion for me Jacques?



There are any number of Like New Yashica cameras available on E-Bay some were bought and are still in thier original boxes and packing. Throw out the one that you have and buy a new one on e-bay......... The very best will probably cost no more than $100.00 As digital takes hold these 35mm SLR cameras fall further and further out of Favor If you wait another year or two they may even give you one. I just bought 4 FX3 Super yashicas on e-bay for 175.00 Brand new and with the 50mm 1:7 lens included-- If one screws up I will just take off the lens and throw the body away-- I put them all through the paces and they are exactly as they were back in the 70s ( I only think that tey are from that era (dont quote me) I just gave one to my daughter and if she drops it I dont care I will just give her another. If we dropped one when they were at thier peak of popularity it would have been the end of the world. Good Luck. JC


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I, to removed the front lens mount.first remouved the leather in the front so you can see the four screws holding the front plate ,now you see the mirror system,many model you ad to removed the top cover plus the chrom screw on top of the lens mount, first moved the shutter curtain to the left side,camera facing you with your finger.if you ear a click, the mirror system and shutter are realease, check for sticky foam near the shutter roller curtain, spring tension in shutter curtain,broken plastic gear at the bottom of the mirror box,clutch spring in the winding system so the camera is not winding all the way so you can not release the camera,remember when you push on the release,mirror goes up and releases first shutter curtain and second shutter curtain with that gear at the bottom of the mirror box return the mirror in the original position.


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