The newest generation of the EliteBook 840 model. The EliteBook 840 G5 is a business-oriented laptop manufactured by HP in 2018.

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Guide to replacing keyboard EB850 G5

I am struggling to find a guide on how to replace the keyboard of an HP Elitebook 850 G5 or any other EB 800 G5 for that matter.

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Hi @snailbot ,

According to the service manual, removal of the motherboard is not necessary

Scroll to p.46 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the keyboard.

Also on p.46 you’ll find the part numbers for all the various country specific keyboards available for the laptop.

If you search online using the appropriate part number only (combine keyboard type part number with specific country part number suffix) in the search box of your browser, you’ll get results for suppliers of the part


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Thank you! Just what I have been searching for!


Is there a gap between the top or bottom edges of the keyboard and the surrounding case top that you could get a Jimmy in? If so there may be some clips in there that you can release to lift the keyboard out. But I suspect that the keyboard is integral with the case top, in which case you’d have to remove the motherboard and vrtually all the internals in order to fit them into a new case top. I presume you’ve found a source for a replacement keyboard? Does it look like the entire case top or just the keyboard itself?

But it seems this laptop was only released last year. If it’s under 12 months old you should be able to get it replaced under warranty, unless you spilled liquid on it.






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Thank you for your reply!

The keyboard is sold as a separate part. I need to replace it because I accidentaly bought a computer with wrong language setup. *facepalm*

I believe that I need to remove the motherboard for this job. However I have not opened up any elitebooks for a few years so I’m a bit unsure of the correct procedure.



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