Released in 2005. Model number: PP11L, Imput: 19.5V ~ 4.62A.

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stucks at dell logo

My friend have dell latitude d610 . its hangged on dell logo after powering up no further response . if we press Fn key at startup then show digonastics mode selected and again nothing. help this

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nothing happen removed hdd ram battery.still stuck at dell splash screen. now i have shorted the eeprom to reset the bios. now it starts with manufacturing mode(level=01). any indea

can you clarify what you mean by shortened out the eeprom?

i just shorted the 3 and 6 pin of the eeprom to reset any password in the bios. but now it is in manufactuirng mode.

Ok so after you shortened out the pins to clear the eeprom/cmos you are stuck in the operating loop? Remove the modem cover, remove the small battery and its small casing. You should now see the bottom side of the eeprom,four silver pins, three of which are on the left side of the chip. Put the laptop on its side with the cover open, allowing you access to the bottom of the EEPROM chip and the power button. Make sure that both the battery pack and AC adapter are connected to the laptop. Now use a flat-head screwdriver on the three pins on the left side of the EEPROM chip while holding down the power button on the laptop, powering up the laptop. This should clear the diagnostic loop

i shorted again the eeprom now it came from the manufacturing mode now again same stuck at the dell logo bios revesion a06



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i have found out the solution for this in this laptop the intel chipset is damaged. when we press the chipset ic then laptop is working flawless. then i reball the chipset ic now problem solved thnx all


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simran is right.

where is the chipset ic?

I have the same problem and I dont know where is the chip I must press


SIMRAN, can you still enter the Bios? Hit F2 on start up. See if that freezes up too, or if you can set your BIOS to something like "safe settings". Should you not get into the Bios, try to either re-seat the memory or totally remove the memory and listen if you get some POST error beeping. Make sure that your fan is running and that you have a good (working properly) AC adapter. Remove the battery and see if it starts up. Let us know how you are progressing and good luck to you.

Simran, here is how to flash the Bios.

Block Image


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Well thought out answer +



The solution to this problem is simple but it gonna cost you,

To fixed this problem all you have to do is to reinstall the operating system on your hard drive, whether window xp or window 7.


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Kollie Paywalla you need to read all the answers and comments. Installing a new OS is not going to resolve the issue. The OP resolved it 5 years ago by reballing the IC.



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