5 Questions about Repairing my DP50747 TV (Please help!)

Hey everyone, I have a several questions regarding my Plansma Sanyo DP50747 TV which I'm trying to repair. Any help you can provide in regards to the questions I have posted would be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED!

#1. I really want to know which part is actually what is called the main/logic/mother board on my Sanyo DP50747. I'm not sure which is which. If you look at this image (which is used in another guide on iFixit (http://guide-images.ifixit.net/igi/wf3Gj...), you'll see what the author outlined to be the "logic board". What you don't see in that picture is that there is ANOTHER board UNDERNEATH that board. In my TV, the P/N is EBR35959201, and looks like this: (http://www.shopjimmy.com/lg-ebr35959201-...) The board on TOP is ALSO called the motherboard or video board. Here is the unit on shopjimmy. http://www.shopjimmy.com/sanyo-1aa4b10n2... I don't understand which is the one I would need to replace, as I was told by the previous owners that the issue was the "motherboard" to quote them.

#2 I actually think I have 2 separate issues on my hands here. When I purchased the TV, the previous owners said it powered on, but didn't display any picture. A year went by where they said they didn't turn on the TV. When I received it, it didn't even power on. What would you consider the likely culprit(s)? I was thinking of buying both a new power board AND a new motherboard, as I heard someone say that might be the issue, but I don't want it to end up being a completely separate problem...

#3 When testing the fuses on boards, do I have to remove them first? We tested them when they were on the board, and they all had similar readings, and therefore none of them were dead.

#4 This TV is really confusing me as all the parts inside are fairly different than what the official service manual says. I looked at the back of the TV again, and it has 2 identification stickers one on top of the other. I peeled back the top one which said Sanyo DP50747, and found another which said Marca Sanyo DP50747M. I assume that means it's the Mexican version, and that that might be the reason this model version uses different parts than other DP50747s. Any other thoughts on this?

#5 When working on this plasma TV, I've had it face down on a soft mattress on top of a table. Is it bad to have it in this position for very long? (does it damage the display or anything?) I would really like to know this soon as I don't want to wreck anything.

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mark have you had any luck with this problem so far?


Unfortunately, no. The TV is still just sitting there. :(