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Anyone know where to buy this cable?


Does anyone know where to find the 4-pole internal cable of the JBL t450bt?

It also helps me "how to look for it", I can not find it online, due to conceptual issues.

Block Image

Block Image

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that looks like a crossover cable. Any 4 wire cable will work for that. JBL most likely will not supply any of those wires as a repair part.


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The original cable is thin, it must have 1.5mm or 2mm. A thick cable does not fit in the corresponding area :(

Do you know where I could find such a thin cable? Alibaba, Alliexpress? I have searched for "4-pole cable" and there is only 3.5mm :((((

any wire from any broken device would work for that. Not sure where you are located but I'd get a regular headphone cable and strip the outer insulation to make it fit. of course something like this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1M-PVC-4... will work. The 3.0mm are the total diameter of the cable

Thanks very much!!



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