a laptop by Lenovo that can function as a tablet.

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Audio just decided to die?

Okay. so today at school my audio just quit working. no explosions, no shutdowns, not even an error. I've been trying to get it to work for the past few hours with no luck.

some things I tried:


-disabling/re enabling audio drivers

-uninstalling/reinstalling audio drivers

-messing with settings/restore to default

any ideas? I'd rather not have to re-install windows on my laptop for the 3rd time this year.


(Can't watch jacksepticeye without audio; or much else.)

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@pccheese thanks, Heres some images. (FYI I never used the audio jack until when I tested it)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@danj anything you know about windows or are you a mac guy?

@captainsnowball - Either your headphone jack failed or the DAC likely died. Do you have a USB DAC unit? I would plug that in to get around having to fix the logic board.

the built in speakers are not working. if the motherboard failed when I got this just this christmas, Lenovo is going to have an unhappy customer.

@danj I will see if the headphone jack works though.

I plugged in some apple headphones, I just hear white noise no matter what volume it is at (except for 0) it also stops a few seconds after changing the volume.



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@captainsnowball - Your images show the drivers are loading. So if a headphone jack is not working with a analog headphone the jack or the DAC has failed. If this is still under warranty I would get it serviced under it.

FYI - The USB headphone's use their own DAC which is why they work.


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Crap. I've made one or two repair guides on my laptop and ripped the little "lenovo" sticker over the SSD screw. How easy would this be to self repair? also, my laptop has the internal speakers and a hardware test called the MB okay.

You'll need to locate the schematics and board views so you can locate the jack & speaker connections so you can check them. Then if they are OK, locate the DAC chip and find a replacement chip are you up to micro soldering? If not I wouldn't attempt it. Even I don't do it any more, between the eyesight and arthritis I just can't do it.

@danj *sigh* I hope thats not the case. I'll the software suggestions first.

Lenovo has to prove you damaged the laptop to use the warranty seal against you.

It has a dent in the corner. does that count? I dropped it once.



In order to rule out a hardware issue I would boot into a live Linux session from a USB drive. Try using the speakers and headphone jack in this environment as a way to rule out software. If this works then the driver has an issue and you need to reinstall it or wipe the system again. Any distro should work since you just need to do an audio test.

If you have the same issue, the issue is hardware. Find out where the DAC and supporting components are and look for anything obvious. If you see any damaged components replace these first. If you have replaced everything obvious with no luck, get a schematic for your motherboard and go from there. If everything passive looks good, it's going to be caused by the sound chip or DAC.


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Okay, hold on everybody, what is a DAC?

@nick only problem is I cannot install Linux as my flash drive is missing and my laptop has no cd drive. Can I boot off a 1TB HDD in Windows that has about 15 partitions of NTFS and HFS and fat and pretty much everything else? Haven’t had luck with my MacBook Air. (This is what happens when I have a spare TB usb HDD and I use it for my stuff)

You can create a USB bootable drive with Linux.

A DAC is a Digital to Analog Converter Its the chip that converts the signal to something the speakers and headphones can use to create sound.

The only limitation to using Linux is if you use Debian and not a distro like Ubuntu you will need Debian Live.

@captainsnowball when you need to reinstall a driver or OS over the same issue more then 2 times, it's worth investigating. Just some advice for the future.



Can you take a screenshot of playback devices for me? Right click on the volume icon in the corner and select playback devices, and make sure to capture the entire list.

Also, make sure your default playback device are your speakers. Use the "Test" option under properties. And use the audio troubleshooter. This could be an issue with hierarchy. Unless you manually change it each time you plug something in, here's what it'll generally play through first:

USB DAC/USB audio device of any sort

Front panel jack headphones

Rear panel jack or monitor speakers

Built in speakers

If windows is defaulting to a device that isn't there, you won't get audio. You're probably getting audio through the USB heaset because it plays through those before it plays through your headphones... And as USB DACs (There's one inside your headset) isn't associated with the other audio circuitry, but the jack is, it'd leave me to believe that the 3.55 millimeter jack is the source of your issue.

If you have white noise, you might not have a complete circuit and the jack needs cleaning. Some metal fragments could be shorting it, so I'd try booting it down (just to be safe) and holding a small, powerful magnet in front of the the jack. If your lucky, something will come loose.

Another great way to clean a 3.55mm jack is with deox-it. Best electronics cleaner around. Just follow the instructions on the can and keep the laptop level. You'll want Deox-it F5 or D5, whichever has the red label.

Hope this helps!


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Just be careful! You don't want the cleaner to leave a film of oil! Many contact cleaners have silicone oil which are hard to clean off and attract dust! Which is why you don't want to spray them to indiscriminately.

@pccheese it may be ideal to stress that not all laptops can safely be "de-metal-ified" with a magnet. as it may work with my laptop without problems, some other user that has a laptop with an HDD may come along, try this and get mad at you because they lost some data.

@danj Deox-it is good stuff. It's specifically designed for this purpose and works very well. I've used it on all types of ports and audio equipment especially. Works great.


@captainsnowball HDDs are, in fact, highly resistant to megnetic exposure. It takes a very powerful magnet and prolonged exposure to do any damage to any modern hard drive. Never the less, should your HDD be near that area, you may not want to use a neodium magnet or or electro magnet. Deox-it would be preferable anyway.

@pccheese - The point was whats in the cleaner Deox-it offers both! So you want to pay attention which you use.

If I had an hdd my laptop would be dead from the bus ride.




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