Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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There is faint vertical green line on the screen

Since a few days there is a green vertical line on the left side. Although is very thin (1 pixel wide), it is very distracting. Sometimes appears and sometimes doesn't.

Could it be a LVDS cable issue? or perhaps i would need to replace the full LCD.

Could someone help me please? Whatever it is, i will try to fix it myself.

Thanks a lot

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@v0lc0m a single pixel wide line is most commonly a tab error. That is where the bond between the small ribbon cable and the panel has failed. Sometimes the line will disappear for as long as you apply pressure at the tab that is located where the line is. This usually requires a replacement of the panel and cannot be fixed by the normal DIY'er.


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@oldturkey03 - Did you note the Moiré pattern on the last image? I suspect there's some stress on the LCD panel (bent frame) He might be able to loosen the LCD a bit which might relax the tab connection.

What do you think about Dan thoughts @oldturkey03 ? I could upload more pictures if you want.

Actually, I wanted to take some more pictures right now and there is no line so far.

So, what tutorial would you recommend me to fix it eventually?

@v0lc0m I am certain this is a TAB error. Anything else can only be determined by removing the LCD display and checking the TAB's

@oldturkey03 - Your right, its a tab error! No question about that!

I was thinking the stress of a bent display frame maybe the cause they pulled away and relaxing it might allow it to touch down the few pads that are disconnected.

@v0lc0m - You'll either need to live with the line or replace the display. If you think you're going to replace the display it might be a worth the gamble. What is there to loose?

Did you bang or have something heavy sit on the lid? Or did something get wedged between the lid and case when you closed the lid?

@danj Actually the laptop was bought refurbished. So, this could be the issue. They could had fixed something inside the panel and left some tab connections wrong connected. The warranty is gone, so I need to search a solution by myself.

I didnt put anything on the lit.. just once a screen protector very carefully and I already removed it

@oldturkey03 Could you recommend me a precise tutorial to dissamble the LCD display and checking the TAB's precisely?



Hey Fernando, Have you found any solution? I have the same problem.



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Hi LLorenc,

Nope, Fnally I changed the LCD and I fixed it. It's a bit difficult but i spent just 60€

The solution is replacing the LCD panel assembly.

Fernando where did you order your LCD panel from. I need help also please


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Could use some help here myself! 2011 MBP with a single vertical line for about 2 weeks now. It started out flickering for one day then went solid. When I connect to my TV and ‘mirror’ it appears correctly without line. This would put the focus on the display correct?? Seeing the output signal is ok.. Could use help from someone more knowledgeable in this area! Also worth mentioning I’ve already had the graphics card & logic board replaced by Apple under the recall in late 2016. Even despite that the recall ended in 16’ I believe and now I have no coverage.


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