Why is the phone not recharging?

Panasonic KX-TG5110 Cordless Phone will not stay charged unless it is placed on the main base unit, and the message on the display says "Charge for 7h". This happens even when I replace the chargeable batteries with brand new batteries.

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So you replace the batteries with re-chargables? Or normal batteries?


I replaced with brand new re-chargeable batteries twice.


@rfeehan sounds like a bad base. Have you checked on that and cleaned the contacts?


I agree with @oldturkey03 that it sounds like a bad base or bad/dirty contacts on the base. To prove this theory, can you charge the batteries using an external charger and then seeing how long the hand set lasts?


I have the 5-handset Panasonic KX-TGA931T. I've noticed an interesting issue. After a normal period of use, the rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries no longer work in these handsets - even though if charged on an external charger they exhibit voltage up to 1.4v when measured on a multimeter. The handsets work fine if I install NEW rechargeable NiMH's. Doesn't seem to matter if they're Panasonic brand batteries or other (I buy Tenergy). The "old" batteries seem to work fine in non-electronic applications (e.g., flashlights or toys) but are simply not accepted by the handsets. Anybody have an explanation for what's going on?

It's not a problem I need to have solved in a practical sense - the batteries work for years, so replacement isn't a big deal. But I am curious to know what is happening.