Wi-Fi版的iPad Mini 2指南。2013年10月22号发布同年11月12号上市。iPad Mini 2就是配备了Retina显示屏的iPad Mini,在更小尺寸的的7.9寸屏幕上拥有和iPad Air相同的像素。

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Digitizer not working well

So, I decided to do the repair myself. My old screen was cracked and stopped working.

I replaced it with a new one and had some ghosting challenges. I took it apart and checked my connections.

It stopped working. My connectors seem good. What could it be?

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Which iPad do you have? If you can pick yours out from here: iPad's IFIXIT guides

I have the iPad mini 2nd edition. Is this something that I should send back to ifixit for exchange?

@refectio - What do you think?




Alright...the mini!

Have you sealed the replacement digitizer in place or is it still "free"? If the digitizer is locked in, you will have to remove it. If you don't damage it, remove the adhesive so that you can run some tests first.

Does the digi ghost touch even if it is only loosely installed over the LCD or only when put firmly in place? On the inside of the digi panel, there are copper/silver traces that go around the clear glass. Copper traces are a sign of a higher quality digi while silver traces are usually associated with low quality digitizers. You normally want to cover the bottom traces with some kapton tape to avoid ghost touching. Jessa wrote a great blog about this a while back.


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@sjcasey05 poor quality or failed digitizer can be the cause of this. Replace it once more with a high quality part.


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I would also suggest that if the OP is repairing a mini, there are additional "gotcha's" that can affect ghost touch. Once they let us know the model, we can chime in.



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