Model A1419 / EMC 3070 / Mid 2017 / 3.4, 3.5 or 3.8 GHz Core i5 or 4.2 GHz Core i7 Kaby Lake Processor (ID iMac18,3) / Retina 5K display. Refer to the older iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display (Late 2014 & 2015) guides as the system is very similar.

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What ssd PCIe works for iMac 27" 2017

I want to buy a PCIe SSD from a MacBook Pro 2015, this model: mzjpus12t/0a6 (512 GB). Will it work on my iMac 27" 2017?

If it doesn't work, which one should I get?


Update (10/10/2017)

Hi Dan

Yes, I'm sure (I'm attaching the image). I think it's a 2 lane SSD because it is Fusion Drive.

Block Image

In the image you can see the characteristics of the ssd of the imac 2017

Block Image


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Are you sure this is from the 2017 model Vs the 2015?

Here is a review from a trusted source: Mini-review: How much faster have high-end iMacs gotten in the last 5 years?, jump down to the section: SSDs: Getting the most from PCI Express

"The late 2015 iMacs gave their SSDs four lanes of PCI Express 2.0 bandwidth. The 2017 models bump this up to four lanes of PCI Express 3.0, roughly doubling the theoretical bandwidth. The actual drives aren't that much faster, but you still get improved performance with plenty of headroom for the future."

When I was checking the system out at the Apple Store I remember it being 4x PCIe 3.0 NVMe.

That explains it! A fusion drive has a smaller 64 or 128 GB SSD. The straight high capacity SSD models have the four lane units.

Of course, in this case it's 32GB.

So, if I buy an SSD from a macbook pro 2015 (x4 and 8GT / S) it will work without problems, right?

Sorry no, thats a PCIe 2.0 version you need a PCIe 3.0 version.

I haven't seen any available yet, which is why I was pushing you to buy the system with the SSD Vs later. If you can talk to Apple (Apple Store or who sold you the system) to see if you can swap it out. If you've just got the system you have a small window to do that.

I forgot they lowered the SSD size to 32 GB on the newer systems as well. Here's more: iMac 1 TB Fusion Drives Have Smaller SSDs



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If you haven't bought your system yet I would recommend you get one with the largest SSD Apple offers that you can afford and then if you want to add later a second SSD or HDD you'll have an easier time adding the SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) drive than trying to gain access to the custom PCIe/NVMe SSD blade drive slot on the back side of the logic board.

If you've already bought your system then I would recommend you forgo the internal blade SSD for now. Instead get an external Thunderbolt2 SSD RAID drive setup it will be cheaper and offer as good performance as the internal blade SSD. And lastly, be a lot less work and less risk as these systems are not easy to open!

Review this IFIXIT guide: iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display SSD Replacement. You'll need the special tools to open the system and Adhesive strips to put your system back together. The biggest risk is damaging the display in the process of removing it, that would be a very expensive Opps!

OK, you still want to go for it! What is the SSD I need. You'll need either a two or four lane PCIe/NVMe Apple custom SSD. I would strongly recommend getting the four lane but they are much harder to find. The part you found is a two lane model (mz jpus12t/0a6) while it will work you won't get the same performance as what Apple uses in this system a four lane SSD. So far no 3rd party offers blade SSD's for this series. They also only offer two lane versions as well for the older systems.


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Thanks for the answer. Do you know what four lane model should I buy? I checked the info on system information and the ssd shows a x2 link width on the iMac 2017. But I checked the same info on an Macbook pro 2015 and it showed a 4x link width, could this ssd work on my iMac?


Where did you see that? Apple stated they are using a x4 link PCIe 3.0/NVMe drive not a x2 version.

The 2015 model is when they switched over. The part is a custom Samsung unit you can see it here in this vid: OWC - 2017 27" iMac with Retina 5K Display Unboxing and Teardown jump to 10:00 to see this very different beast! As its such a new part I don't haven anything more on it.


Hi! I have just update my Hard Drive to an SSD (2TB Sandisk) - not the Blade SSD - and i saw a BIG Defference! it runs at 500MB/S and it tis very very fast. I was ready to change the Blade SSD but it is v.2 (iMac 27" late 2015) and it is not worth for me..


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Consider that the PCIe SSD hits about 1400Mb/read and 2200Mb/write


Has anyone manage to upgrade a 2017 27 inch iMac’s PCIe SSD?

Is a thermal sensor needed for the sata drive if upgraded?

Update: I upgraded my sata HDD to a SSD. I didn’t install a thermal sensor and the fans run as normal.


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Hi Aron, With your upgrade (Fusion to SSD) did the iMac runs faster? It was worthy the investment? Tks.

Yes much faster! The standard 8GB of ram is also a big bottle neck. I added another 16GB bringing it up to 24 and it’s a different machine now.

I bought thermal sensor cable but my engineer who did the upgrade said its not needed. so its lying with me but not in use.


I used a Samsung EVO 970 NVMe and a Sintech M.2 to Apple PCIe Adapter.

Also replaced the SATA HDD..

I couldnt be more happier with the result:

Block Image

See images I posted on Instagram:


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Nice work! Impressive speeds, thanks for sharing!



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