TV/VCR combination by Zenith

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Disabled TV does not work

How to fix a TV with a multimeter

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@medjdoub45 that will totally depend on what is wrong with it. You need to know how to use the multimeter to diagnose the fault. So the way to proceed would be by telling us what is wrong with your TV. and make sure that you give us the right make and model of your TV.


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I have a Zenith Model SY1951Y2 color TV that will not turn on properly.I have to push the power button several times for the TV to turn on.Once on,the TV will play all day and night.The cold start problem reoccurs.Do you have an answer?


Hello Medjdoub,

the most common problem with sets of that age, is that the main board or the front buttons for whatever reason shifts a bit and they do not line up internally to each other which would result in the buttons not always work or the remote may not always work. The usual fix is to release the main board from its holders and slide it back away from the front of the tv, then re-seat it back into it's proper spot. The buttons should now be re-aligned along with the remote sensor. Check it for proper operation if you can, before re-attaching the back cover!

Good Luck!

Rich Lilja


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