Mini split AC circuit board under water

I have two compressors outside for AC units called minisplits These compressors have about a 2' x 4' circuitboard laying across the top of the unit. They were submerged in the recent Houston flood for about 3 or 4 days. Can they be saved?


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What is the brand and model of these conditioners?

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If you still haven't powered up the system you might be able save them!

You'll need to pull them off and wash them down with distilled water with some bleach (as well as the unit as a whole with pressure wash).

Once you've cleaned off any junk inspect them to make sure none of the components are damaged or any corrosion damage. You'll need to make sure they are fully dried before powering up again.

Good luck!


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While I think they are probably too far gone, I also agree with you and @kyle. They may be repairable, but it won't be an easy fix. I also have a feeling the repairs will probably meet (or exceed) replacing the damaged units, so it may be better to replace the whole unit if there is any major damage to the system.

@nick - split systems are a bit simpler as you only have the coolant compressor the radiator, fan and the control logic.

If the radiator can be power washed and the compressor saved you have a good chance on getting it to work.

I wasn't aware of that.

I didn't want to assume the system is beyond repair, but I also didn't want to set the expectation repairing it is going to be easy or cost effective.


If there was no power the whole time they were submerged, there could be a chance the boards could work again. I'd remove them, clean corrosion off the best you can, and give it a shot.

You've got rust in the rest of the system to worry about as well. If you take it on, this is going to be a challenge!


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