sudden overheating after years of usage

Hello there, my Samsung NP300E5 laptop has recently started to overheat. my cpu cores temp varies between 70 to 80 degrees. i changed the silicon liquid and cleaned the fan , had no improvement. i use windows 10 , can any body help on this please?

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Looks for any oily looking reside around the heat sink. Sometimes these spring a leak and the liquid inside disappears and it overheats.


If you replace the heat but not the thermal paste which helps transfer heat from the CPU and GPU to the heat sink for diapason, it will overheat. Here's what you need:

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Here's how to apply it:



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thanks for answer but i changed the liquid just recently

Really? How did you do that? Did you replace the heat sink?

Yes i didn't replace the whole heat sink but i changed the silicon liquid between it and cpu / gpu

Do you think better to change the whole sinc ?


May be you have a virus which forces CPU to work harder. Try to scan computer with antivirus programs, few different antivirus programs - there are free on the internet: Zonealarm, Malware, etc. or there are free trial (Kasperskiy, Norton, McCafee, etc): use it few days and then cancel (in ? 30 days or less) and your money will be returned to you.

Or open Task Manager and look at program component which takes most of CPU use: there can be "svchost" - windows component which takes 99% of CPU or something like that. Click on it and click on "End Task" to stop it.

Other thing is - may be your battery is not good: may be it has higher voltage than suppose to have. For example you bought new battery recently - and if not from manufacturer and is generic then it is very possible.

Or your power supply now is not good - makes higher voltage. Try good one at store.


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thanks for your reply i noticed all the thing you told, there is nothing to take more than 10 percent of CPU, also i'm using the original charger and even tested the system without charger. do you think of other problems such as defective CPU ? how can i test it if so ?

again thank you


Check the fan inside laptop - it may failed. In your case - overheating - it should work all time, you should hear that. or may be it is turn on and off. Problem with fan may be failed fan itself, or failed circuit which control it - like temperature sensor which decided when to turn on the fan. If fan failed - just replace it but with temperature sensor it is more complicated: where it is? and you should take it out for testing , if it failed then to find new and put back. By the way - there is also possibility that something fell inside laptop and stopping fan from rotating. Look inside where fan is - and if there is something try to pull it out without disassembling laptop.


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