Model A1419 / EMC 3070 / Mid 2017 / 3.4, 3.5 or 3.8 GHz Core i5 or 4.2 GHz Core i7 Kaby Lake Processor (ID iMac18,3) / Retina 5K display. Refer to the older iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display (Late 2014 & 2015) guides as the system is very similar.

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5K display assembly replacement

What is the display assembly part number?

Can it be replaced with older (2014/2015) models displays?

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Can you explain what happened here.

This is such a new system parts are just not available presently.

You're only hope here is brining it to Apple or Apple authorized repair center for service.

cracked glass (LCD fine) :(

Ouch! Sorry ;-{

did you change display, can fit 2014/2015 panel to 2017?

no i did not but i am interested to know if someone did :)


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It would be risky to try until a parts listing is released.

Update (06/21/2018)

Here is the Apple P/N 661-07323 - Mid 2017 iMac 27" Retina 5K LCD Panel & Front Glass Assembly

It can be gotten new or used from TheBookYard in the UK: New $1,028 US & Used $771 US


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Unlikely. The 2017 LCD is brighter. I managed to find the actual model number instead of the useless Apple part number. The model is LM270QQ1 SDC1.


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Unlike the older displays in the 2011 and older the LCD is fused with the cover glass so unless you got the Apple version it wouldn't work. In addition, Apple uses there own T-CON board so you would need to also switch that over from the other display.

THAT IS THE ACTUAL APPLE model number. For iMac 5K, they are made by LG and that's the actual LG model number that LG uses for the LCD that made for Apple which is also printed on the back of the LCD.

In the repair and supply industry, everyone quotes the model, not the part number. If you want to DIY, you can get parts direct from China, which is where most Apple parts are made. End users can go through Aliexpress. Most distributors in the US are more like resellers. Some list the part number but not the model because they want to mask it. Distributors tend to sell by model number which is printed on the parts. Apple part numbers are just internal reference numbers Apple use to list in their inventory because sometimes one Apple part can be manufactured by two different companies but Apple will list them as the same part .

Search by model number tends to yield listing for parts that are factory pricing.

The LG panel is the raw LCD it's not the assembly! Be careful here. I did this once and got a useless part.

Means your supplier conned you. The 2012 - 2017 slim bezel iMacs with LCD fused with glass are always supplied as a fused assembly unit. Only the older versions sometimes are supplied without the T-Con board.

Yes & No! The LG P/N is the raw unit if you blindly order it alone without spec'ing the iMac you will get a raw LCD! I have two do you want them?


This is definitely something I would be interested in finding out as well. The display for the 2017 model is listed as an LM270QQ1-SDC1 and the 2014-2015 Model is listed as an LM270QQ1-SDB1. Spec wise they are the same but will they work for both models?


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They are not the same assembly, they are the same LCD. The logic board on the back of the display is different.

And no, they are not interchangeable across the systems.



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