The HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook PC is an entertainment based PC produced in 2007.

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PLEASE HELP! Beeping and black screen when laptop turned on

OK, I've had this laptop (HP pavilion dv2000) for a while now, and I have no idea what happened. Recently, when I turn it on, all the lights turn on—but after around 5 seconds, it beeps loudly four times. Also, the screen is completely black—nothing pops up. The black screen goes on forever. If anybody has had this problem or knows how to fix it, I would be extremely grateful for your help with this problem. I have no idea what to do. Thanks.

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I have the same problem but mine beeps constantly one after the other about 4 seconds apart. And each i geuss beep "group" beeps 7 times

I finally had to take mine in to see a professional. The motherboard was shot and it wasn't worth the $ to fix it....sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

evrytime i open my laptop frm yesterday it gives a beeping sound and shows d black screen

My laptop (hp windows 10) has been beeping all along about 75 times now and I tried everything now and I really do not know what to do

Hi @loveu

Is there a pattern to the beeps e.g. 4 beeps then a pause repeated or 2 beeps pause repeated or 1 long beep pause repeated etc? Also could you provide the model number of your HP laptop? What have you tried to do?



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Geo, since I am not sure what BIOS you have, I am going out on a limb here and assuming that you have an AMI BIOS—since all you get are 4 beeps and no other error (Beep) codes. A series of four short beeps indicates memory failure in the first 64 KB of operational memory or that Timer 1 on the motherboard is not functioning. One long beep followed by three short beeps indicates memory problems.

So right now, I would start there. Take out the RAM , then insert it again. If still has the beep error, change the RAM or pull one memory stick and then start up. Then install the memory stick and pull the other one. This should reset your memory and it should (could) work. Also remember that the DV series has some serious overheating issues. I am not sure if this is part of what is going on with yours. Just keep it in mind. This link explains it a bit and can help you out if it is an overheating issue. Let us know what works so we can continue to help you out. Good Luck.


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My dell vostro is beeping 3times and then again...and showing black screen ...what the !&&* I do ...please solve my problem...

I can remember getting one of these laptops from my cousin and then I got a charger for it I tried to play minecraft on it, on the lowest settings I got 5fps and burnt legs. Had to put it on the coffee table as it would burn my legs every time even doing simple thing like going on YouTube.

@gigabit87898 sounds like my Inspiron 6400 with two watts too many of CPU cool.

Thank you!! This fixed the problem!

my dell inspiron does not start in one time . some time it get starts and some time black screen comes. its up to laptop's mood. what to do? pls help?



The "black screen of death" is usually very easy to repair on a laptop. First turn your computer off by pressing and holding down the start button. Next unplug the computer and then remove the battery. Press and hold down the start button for about 60 seconds. Release the button and plug in the computer. Press the start button and the display should return. If this does not work, try it again up to four times. No results usually indicates a bad mother board. Hope this helps.


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Thank you so very much! This fixed it! Every time I turned it on, I got the black screen and a lot of beeping that wouldn't stop unless I held down the power button to shut it down. I thought my computer was dead! You brought it back to life. Thank you!

OMG, also works for me without having to remove my RAM sticks. What does pressing start button do?

This happened to me a few days after I installed Windows 10. This fixed it, but it returned it to the old version Windows 7 I had. Now I don't think I want to install Windows 10 again. Thank you I thought my laptop was fried.

You saved me, thank you so much!

I don't have a start button ! Are u meaning "power button " ???? My Caps Lock is flashing also & the beeps go away but the screen is still black & unresponsive . I am desperate for help please .




Turn over your laptop and loose the screws where it shows RAM sign open the lid deattach the RAM and switch the laptop on shut it down and attach the RAM into the holder close the lid and lock the screws. Turn it on if it does not then take it to a local repair shop for actual issue identification.

Good Luck.


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Did exactly as you said and computer is working fine now. Thank you (computer is Dell inspiron M5010)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I had done the turn off let battery out restart push 60 seconds more than 4 didnt work.i saw another dude's comment to take out the battery n power out a remove RAM n re-attach it,then put only power in without battery,then push the start button,but then it still wont open! AND THEN i saw your comment,i did it again,this time,to turn on laptop by pushing the start button,remove the RAM,while still leaving the RAM removed n cover still not closed,i quickly turn the laptop on after 3 4 seconds n quickly turn it off,then i re-attach the RAM again.n then i close the cover n screw it all.n then turn on the laptop n it turned on!! I sign up for this forum just because i want to reply your comment n say thank you n it worked!! im so happy because my deadline for my work ends today :( n all the files are in this laptop...thank you again.i hope others that see this comment will have it a try after several failures with other ways just like i did.goodluck!

I removed the RAM and put it back in. Laptop worked just fine after that. Dell Inspiron 1545

I got my black screen with 4 beeps when turned on my lenovo, so just pulled both rams out & tried one by one in both slots, in this diagnostic i found my 1 ram faulty, so turned my system on single slot, its working perfect.

thank u worked for me too..



This is usual problem in Hps machines when they start gettin old. Four beeps thats the motherboard problem, to narrow it down its the vga or rather graphic card. If you have proper tools you can do this on your own . otherwise take it to a good IT tech they will open the laptop resolder it properly and it will be fixed. I had similar problem and i fixed it with my friend in same way.its working fine.

Bonfantry M


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I'm facing this type of issue on my laptop Lenovo L410.

It is beaping on power on ( four times beap and pause three times beap and pause one time beap and pause one time beap and pause). And the screen is blank.

I've tried to reinsert the Ram also but my problem is still continuing.

Please help me out.

Thank you (Saurabh Singh)

I replace a ram but it still have a long beep, lenovo s10 netbook, after long beep it goea to bios but when i click f1 the windows load, what is the problem of beeping?

My Compaq615 at turn on gives one beep and turns off by itself. Could it be Ram ?


Hey Bro If you Have a Laptop that's beeping while turning on , and stuck at blank booting screen (After Logo) . That is a Hardware problem , the keyboard of that laptop have some shorting keys which is stopping to turn on the laptop. Here is the best solution for laptop beeping on startup , with very nice demo video and proof:

This is a High Quality Video Tutorial by TrickiKnow


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my laptop showing preparing automatic repair the it blik suddenly and black screen come...what should i do?

My accept was using to charge my phone over night I went to sleep. Following morning I thought there was no power on it but my phone was charge but when i now charge my laptop now it show fully charge led but the screen is black.. I have remove the battery severaly and try to power it on, is nt working


black screen shows ram error.... try removing that ram, change with other compatible 1. if it does the same thing, then remove battery and charger, press hold power option for some time, after that, insert power source, it will turn on. failure to turn on calls for technical experience on power supply on motherboard


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It may not be the RAM that is fried, just the RAM slot. If you have 2x RAM boards installed. Mark 1 so you can distinguish them apart.

Always turn of the computer to remove any/all RAM

Place RAM 1 in slot 1 and turn on - if the beeping continues, de-power then try the same RAM in slot 2 - if the beeping continues, either both slots or that RAM is fried.

Power off, remove RAM 1 and place RAM 2 in slot 1 - if beeping continues, try repeat procedure with RAM 2 in slot 2.

In my case using this method I was able to determine the slot 1 was fried, but both RAM boards were fine.


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Open your computer and remove the front panel connectors and put them back in. It would do the job!


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Maybe your keyboard is short if power buttons are on keyboard check with new keyboard or remove keyboard and turn on laptop


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My Dell Inspiron laptop has black screen, no beeps. It shows Dell briefly on startup with F2 F12 in lower rt corner....then blank screen. Again, no beeps. I took out RAM, turned on/off......nothing. held start 60 secs as above, nothing. (my son did drop it a week ago) but no obvious damage. Any thoughts? All my childrens pictures/videos of their childhood are on this computer!!!!!

I also notice that when I hit power button to turn it off, it shuts off immediately, unlike when its functioning correctly, I have to HOLD power button down few seconds to manually turn off. So thats a clue.......

I turn to sleep mode my laptop then I forgot to shut it down then the next thing is my laptop is not responding though it's light on power indicator but the screen os not responding. What to do.

I have a dell M 20 laptop that powers on but only get a black display help needed please.

When I turn on my dell machine it beeps 7 times with death screen, please help me




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