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wrong activation code and it won't work

so I bought a rca tablet and i have the activation code and when i put it in

it says wrong activation code. HELP PLEASE

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What do you mean by activation code? You mean for a cell network? Also, what model is your tablet?

my voyager 3 tablet i bought came with an activation code to get on it and I've tried everything

Tried to upload a pic

omg yes there is an activation code requirement

Activation code for rca and



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No tablet requires an activation code. There may be something wrong with it, or a non-reputable seller. I recommend returning it. Also, RCA tablets have a reputation for breaking, and parts often aren't available so off to the landfill they go. If you need a budget tablet that you can repair look into a Kindle fire or Samsung Galaxy tab.

Hope this helps!


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George A. Your wrong. I have the voyager 3 also. It needs an activation code!

"Also, RCA tablets have a reputation for breaking,"

Notice how you mostly see people here asking about their RCA tablets and not samsung, kindle or iPads.

@cam2363 where do you think I based my studies? :-)

George yes most all new tablets require an activation code and u hav to either call or go on website put your ser.# model # upcoming code or upload images of reciept and the company thrn supplies u with your activation code. without this code u cannot do anything on the tablet and it is useless. u cant set it up in any way. it stay on that screen until u enter the right activation code. it's called theft protection lock

That must only apply to RCA tablets. Entering your Gmail address and password would have the same level security. I've dealt with many tablet, none of which had this.



The newest version of tablets are now requiring activation code to stop theft ! So it should be located on your recipe but most people don't realize that and lose there recipe and can't access there activitie code . It really horrible how so many people are quick to say it's stolen or be negative !!! Didn't your mother ever tell you if you have nothing nice to day don't say it at all


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Will give you code if tablet was purchased


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I got mine used on ebay. Bad choice. Thought the price was too good to be true and went ahead and got it anyway. Now I have a big paper weight with a screen. In my situation, was totally useless. Any more bright ideas? LOL


I lost my Activation code for my tablet RVR

Update (03/06/2019)

I lost my Activation code


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