The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Why does my Mac Pro 4,1 shutdown automatically?

After doing some analysis, i think i know why it's shutting down, i'm just not sure how to fix it.

I suspected my system was overheating, so I installed software that listed temperatures of all the components. Ambient temperature was 80 degrees Fahrenheit, while most components themselves hovered a little above 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit range, EXCEPT my Power Supply - it was at 219 degrees Fahrenheit.

I installed fan control software to get fan readings/settings of fans. The PSU fan was 0 rpms! All other fans were around 800-1000 rpms. When i tried to manually set rpms on PSU fan, the software error-ed, and said it couldn't control this fan.

So do i have a bad fan? I've tried unplugging all cords, to reset pram, and fan still malfunctions. I searched the internet for mac pro fan, but i'm only finding fans that will fit the CPU locations. I have a ma pro 4,1 (early 2009). Any advice?

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exactly when is it shutting down and does it restart on its own?

I let it cool down over night, and this morning it shut down within 15-20 minutes after powering on, it eventually powered back on. I logged in, and it eventually shutdown again due to temperature.


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Ok, I took the PSU out - 2.5mm hex didn't work for screws, I used a 3/32 with ball end to remove screws. I think I know why there is no mention of PSU fan in the iFixit manual, because it is such a hassel. It is attached to a piece of metal which cannot be removed (see pic1.jpg). It's attached by some rubber fasteners (see pic2.jpg). Once I loosened fan, I realized the wire goes behind the board, and routes to front near the PCIe Fan (see pic3.jpg). In order to disconnect this cable, I had to remove the PCIe fan. After I disconnected PSU Fan cable, I used my datavac duster ( - very powerful, on all components (PSU, PSU FAN connectors on wire and board), and went ahead and did the entire computer (although it was already clean). I plugged everything back in, said a prayer, and booted it up. THE FAN HAD A CONSTANT SPIN. Afterwards, I installed the fan software ( and it was able to read the RPMs (see pic4.jpg) and it will even let me customize the speed. Before it would error when tried to customize, and it was grayed out. Thank goodness. Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions!!


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i uploaded pictures, but not sure how to make them visible to this post.


Yes, your temps are dangerously high and should be rectified as fast as possible!

If your PSU is heating to over 100 degrees C, you shouldn't turn it on until it's fixed, it may be a fire risk at this point.

If you feel confidant remove it, check for blockage, if this MAC has never been serviced it could be caked with dust and isn't allowing cool air flow.

Let me know if this helps, or if you have any other questions.

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yeah, it's powered off. i periodically clear the dust out, so that isn't a big issue. is there a way to replace fan only or do i need to replace entire PSU?

Well according to the above guide the PSU doesn't actually have a fan. There's a fan beside the PSU that isn't connected can't imagine why that is, incredible that an engineer was able to get away with that.

If you take it out, and measure it from top to bottom and see how many pins it has on it's wire and google "Xmm Y pin fan" it should be an easy replacement. You can get fans of all shapes and sizes on aliexpress for next to nothing.


Let me know if this helps.

@mayer @thethirdtwin @tinojr The Technician Guide for the Mac Pro 2009 can now be found on this page under Documents

Connor, I looked at the welovemacs site too. May have to pull my optical drives tomorrow to se if there is a fan there. I'm wondering if running without the main cover on may contribute. The PCI fan may be meant to do the cooling. But I run mine open and don't get the heat he is getting.

@mayer Yeah, on page 136 of this guide it shows what looks like mesh of some sort but makes no mention of a fan in the top section.

@oldturkey03 Thanks for the doc



I looked back over this question as I have both a 2008 3,1 & 2009 4,1 covered to a 5,1. The 2009 is actually a second generation and we don't have a guide for it so the link Conor gave is incorrect.


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Link removed.



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