The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Are there any cheap ssd upgrades (500gb)

I am looking for a cheap ssd for my macbook i dont wanna spend more then 200$ so can somebody recomend me something?

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Hi there, will this fix also work using the new samsung 860 evo msata?


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Sadly Apple uses a custom SSD unit which is only available through Apple or only recently from OWC which makes a unit that also works.

IFIXIT Real Apple 512GB SSD - Apple P/N 655-1858F $550 US

OWC480GB Aura SSD $380 US

Review this site for other OWC sizes: OWC - MacBook Air 11" & 13" Mid 2013, 2014, and 2015 SSD Options

And here is the IFIXIT guide to replace the SSD: MacBook Air 13" Early 2015 SSD Replacement


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You may want to consider off loading your stuff to an external USB or Thunderbolt drive (SSD or HDD).

Dan, does this model have a SATA III mount? It is possible to get a regular SATA SSD for only $130.

Sorry no, only the custom blade SSD slot


@valentijn, this is what I do all the time:

1) Get item B01LXLU3A9 from for $14 and tax.

2) Get any mSATA like the mSATA version of the Samsung 850 EVO.

Once you install an OS like Yosemite 10.10.4 or later, open a terminal and type

'sudo trimforce enable'.

You now have a working non Apple controlled SSD with TRIM enabled.

Depending on the size, it is under $120 + tax.


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Could you give a link to the mSATA blade you are using?

Are there adapters for other machines?

This looks really great!

We gave it a try for a few systems not very stable ;-{ We suspected the timing was the issue between what Apple runs at and what the M.2 uses when you stress the system.

This only works with the SATA version of M.2 not the newer PCIe M.2 boards.

@danj, msata is different compared to M.2 SATA.

@avanteguarde, it's a race! I had the headstart, but you have the atvantage of more Mac knowledge!

@pccheese - Take a read here: What are M.2 drives mSATA is just a different version of SATA connector. The signaling and I/O is the same, just the form factor is different. M.2 likewise brings SATA into a new form factor. But, its more than that, its the start of a migration path for other devices to a common interface.

@mayer, the mSATA to 2012/2013 adapter is item B01LXLU3A9 on

Simply put that in the box and you should be able to see it.

mSATA SSD I use a lot is either item B00TGIVVKU

or the OEM Samsung PM871 (mSATA version) that are OEM resold on Ebay. Both have great performance.



Heres what I found..... on that site there are SSDs that are cheap you can look for what you want what size what price your wanting to spend and everything. Hope this helps.


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@iceplow - Dan Apple uses a custom Blade type of SSD. The URL you offered won't get the OP what he needs.

I got you. Dan.. I would like it if you quit following me around voting my answers down.... I found this site and it goes into depth of what you are looking for and the price range of what you are wanting to pay. This is why I provided it for them. They can at least go through it and look for what they want if they find it then HEY it was useful if not then Hey at least they were provided with something they could look into which if they don't find one there then it ultimately answers their question about if they can find a 500GB SSD for that cheap. Thanks

@iceplow - Dan, If you had focused on an explicit part then I wouldn't have corrected you. Throwing out generalities 'just look here' without pointing to 'look at this xyz part' makes a big difference!

Remember, people asking Q's here are looking for hard direction not loose thoughts.

Dan sounds good I am new to this place and I'm used to being the one working on the devices rather than pointing people in the right direction. So I will learn how to go about this as I grow here. Hard to grow though when I keep getting my rep turned down by you. Yes you are the only one that has turned any of my solutions down which is kind of a jerk move you can correct someone or tell them that they could be more specific or pay more attention to detail without hurting their scores. At first when reading this question I was instantly thinking nope none that cheap but though I would go looking I found that massive site and didn't look to hard into it but thought it might help them look for what they were needing. As I looked further into the site I did see that you were right theres no SSDs that would work on that site for a Mac. Thanks for the input and advice to look deeper.


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