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iPod Nano 6th Generation LCD Adhesive Recommendation?

Hi all,

I just replaced an LCD on my nano. Looks good. Works fine. Only problem I am experiencing it with the adhesive. I bought the custom precut adhesives from ebay but they seem a bit too narrow. When placed on the ipod they seem to sit a little below in the recessed area so the LCD doesn't make enough contact with it to stick.

Anyone have any adhesive recommendations?


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@gob15 , Christopher, The 1st link below shows the recommended tape to used in the ifixit disassembly guide 2nd link. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

3M Double-Sided Adhesive Tape - 2 mm Width

iPod Nano 6th Generation Front Panel Assembly Replacement

3M Double-Sided Adhesive Tape - 2 mm Width张图片


3M Double-Sided Adhesive Tape - 2 mm Width



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Thanks for the links. Were there other options for the tape? The LCD I bought was the same price as the tape and shipped free! The shipping on the tape is half the price of the tape itself.

@gob15 search on eBay for the red "ultra sticky double sided tape", thin, strong and cheap

@reecee, @gob15 , Reece, thanks for the input,I believe this is the stuff in the link below.

Thanks. That tape does seem thinner than even the pre-cut adhesive being sold for the nano. I can give it a try though and see how it works out.


Hi Christopher, also absolutely vital is to clean all surfaces with alcohol before trying to stick down. Also, I found that leaving the backing tape in place on the cable side until you have got the screen ribbons tucked in, really helps. Good luck ☺☺


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