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gray pixels on my 2 yr old LG 4k tv

Block Image

Block Image

Could you help me determine the cause of this?

TV LG 65La9700 with 65LA9700-UA.AUSZSVX 4k upgrade kit.

this problem showed up little over a year after the upgrade.

it is not consistent in all video modes, and a power cycle will reset issue, but it returns over a period of time, and depending on the input source, may or may not come back, see below..

the gray box typically shows up 3-5 min after the tv signal is turned on. however on HDMI 1 it is very random it may show up, may not.

-HDMI 1 everything works rarely any gray out pixel block with 1080p/4k video signal

-HDMI 2 gray pixels with 1080p video signal no 4k available on this input

-HDMI 3 gray pixels with 1080p video signal no 4k available on this input

-internal streeming apps with no Hdmi input.. gray box, randomly but takes much longer to show up.

HDMI 1 UHD input source is ok not gray box.

I tried all HDMI 1080p signals with 2 different cables and the result was the same.

IT sounds like the Mainboard being it carries with inputs and the onboard apps such as (Netflix HD/UHD and Amazon Prime Video in HD or UHD) or could it be the T-con board? or LED boards?

Update (01/25/2017)

Is this it?

Block Image

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Just wondering if you have the latest firmware installed and whether it would make a difference at all? Here is a link.

It doesn't mention that it fixes your problem but it wouldn't be the first time that something was forgotten to be mentioned

Yes it it up to date, TV set to automatically update

Any other ideas? Please?


Wondering if it is suffering from the effects of localized "blooming".

Can you/have you tried turning down the backlighting, if you have that option and see if it reduces the incidence or resolves it?

i turned back lighting off and it still doesn't affect it, it doesn't go away.

Any other ideas?



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Lg VIP covered under full warranty, Tech came out and diagnosed as a bad panel. New panel came in bad.

I returned the tv to lg. They gave me a pro-rated credit and sent me a check. Once they received the tv. Took about a month to receive the check from the day I shipped it. They paid for shipping.

I purchased LG E6 oled.


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Hello- I’m having this exact same issue on my

Lg tv- it was flickering At first, now on constantly- is this fixable?? My tv was also a

Couple years old at the time, so now also out of warranty- what worked for you??? Thank you for any feedback


2kvfr800 that is not a pixel issue or a T-con board issue at all. This looks like failing backlight LCD's and it is most likely random regardless of input source. "i turned back lighting off and it still doesn't affect it" not sure how you did this. The backlight is the light for your panel. If you turn it off than you would have a black panel. If anything I would try to see if there is a LCD backlight replacement kit and start with that.

If you take your image and invert the color you will see that the area is round and corresponds with failed LED's

Block Image


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i turned the backlight setting to 0 and it didn't affect it, is what i meant.

How difficult is it to change backlight led's?

It could be tough because of the panel size. Always check your panel number and make sure that you get the right LED's. Check this video Different Make same idea.....If you are hesitant to do it, take lots of picture and place those with your question so we can continue to assist you.

Any recommendations on where to get lg parts? Can't seem to find a backlight kit.

What is your panel number?

Where would I find that? It's a LG 65la9700



I don't have an answer, I'd like to ask you if after the upgrade you have the option to watch HDR content or not?


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