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Replacing Airport Antenna Cable

I was doing a screen replacement on my Pro and managed to break off the middle antenna connector. My wi-fi still works, but the signal is definitely weaker, and bluetooth is so weak that it only detects devices sitting directly on the keyboard.

I was wondering if anybody had any experience fixing this wire without disassembling the entire display. I was thinking if I stripped it and soldered an antenna connector from another display, it would work fine.

Any ideas?

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I ended up cutting part of the antenna cable off from a broken display, stripping both cables, soldering them together, and covering them with some electrical tape. Not the cleanest solution, but definitely the cheapest!! Bluetooth and wifi fully work now.


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Can I know how you did that? The inner core contains silver wires and the outer part contains a copper wrap and silver mesh shielding. Is it okay for the outer meshes to touch the inner core?



Well i've got some good news you don't need to take the display assembly apart only take it off as the antenna unit is within the clutch cover (black plastic between the hinges. Here's the IFIXIT guide to get the display assembly off: MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013 Display Assembly Replacement. Then get this part: iSight Webcam WiFi Cable Apple P/N 818-2882. The trick here is to carefully unsolder the antenna lead you need and feed it though the hinge replacing the broken one.


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It turns out the antenna unit is stamped shut, so it's impossible to access any of the leads without breaking it open. Check my answer for what ended up working.

FYI - It slides to one end and then pops off (bayonet style).

No I mean the actual antenna underneath the black shroud. It's stamped shut, so you can't unsolder anything with cracking it open.



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