Push Power Protect repair

I have a Sony bdv-e2100 home cinema set and it is giving a Push Power Protect mention on the screen.

I have tried to disconnect all the speakers and the powersupply. Than I waited a few hours and connected only the power and the error still remains.

Does anybody knows how to fix this?

Block Image

AMP Board:

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi, Have you checked that the vent holes are clear and not clogged up? Can you hear a fan running at all?

The fan works and the device is clean from the inside.

Hi, Take some close up pictures of the systemboard and post back here. There may be some 'stressed' components which might be able to be spotted by someone here. Hopefully someone like @oldturkey03 may even have a service manual or circuit diagram available for it.


Replaced the AMP board, and the home cinema set is now working.

Also did that. But mine did not work instantly. After consulting a sony repair facility they suggested to check the pins of the flatcable which crosses the fan, because they might be folded. This was the case, so I folded them back and now its working :)



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"protect" mode is there to prevent the speakers from damage. Basically the output lines are monitored to insure that there is no DC voltage present. DC voltage to a speaker results in heat which will damage the voice coil and thus the speaker. This is why there is usually a slight delay from the time the unit is turned on to the time you hear sound. In this case, I would suspect that the output transistors/amp pac have failed. Whether or not both channels have a problem, the unit will go into protect mode.

If you follow the flow chart provided previously, I expect you to end up at the "replace AMP board" section.

It is possible to repair the amp module, but that will take some investigation and perhaps specialized equipment.

Hope this helps,



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The AMP board can be purchased from Encompass using the link below:




@jorn try to follow the power check flowchart:

Block Image

Block Image

You do want to do as @jayeff suggested and post plenty of good images so we can try to assist you further.

Update (12/14/2016)

@jorn lets see if this will help you out. Sony BDV-E2100 schematic


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Hi @oldturkey03

Thanks for that.

@jayeff anytime Sir, anytime.

@oldturkey03 @jayeff

Thanks for your quick responses and help. I have disconnected CN101, CN4 and CN3505 (blue circles). And I have measured the first and fourth pin from CN101 (red circles). It is giving me 54,5V when the device is on. I guess that this is too high? And that the supply board is broken?

Hi, Just a quick response,

Looking at your picture (very good by the way) it seems as though there should be +27V between pins 1&4 and +54V between pins 2&4 (or 2&3, - 3&4 being the same point) so if this is correct then yes there is a problem with the power board.

Bit strange that in the flowchart it says >30V between pins 1&4 though when it shows +27V on the board. Perhaps it should have been <30V.

EDIT See new comment below -- the value should be +32.3V so the flowchart is correct.

Did you measure between 2&4 just to verify that there is also +54V there?

Hopefully @oldturkey03 also has a schematic which will help make it easier to track down the problem further as a quick search online for a replacement board using the part number on the board (PSC20487CM 3L3392W/W-1) only had 1 result and it is out of stock.


Scroll down to see part #4.

Initially I would look at R466, perhaps it is my poor eyesight but it doesn't look quite right in the picture unless it is just the lighting and angle when compared to R465? nearby. It is the one to the left of the connector CN101

Hi @oldturkey03

Thanks for the schematic. It's a shame that there is no schematic of the Switching Power Supply . The best it shows is a Block showing the power feeds on p.41 and also it was right that the output should be >30V because on p.55 it shows test points on the connection from the SWR board (Power board) to the AMP board having a value of +32.3V (these are the points I think that @jorn was testing)




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