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Screw with Stripped Threads

Hello Everyone - I bought a new 2014 Mac Mini. I decided to replace the hard drive with a SSD. I got the Mini apart well enough, but when I went to put it back together, I forgot there's a bracket on the power supply that the screw that attaches to the case needs to go through. When it I noticed it was still sticking up, I applied a little more pressure, not a huge amount, but then realized I needed to put the PSU before attaching the screw.

When I went to remove said screw, it's not going anywhere. It spins, but won't go in or out. I'm assuming it's stripped badly on the inside. I tried the old tricks of using a putty knife to apply upward pressure when unscrewing and needle nose pliers, but it's not budging.

As a result of this, I can't get the power supply back in until I find a remedy. I suppose I can cut it off, but I'd prefer a less drastic method to get the screw out. Anyone seen this before or have a suggestion? Thanks for any help.

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Ted, instead of using the Putty knife, try a tack puller under the screw head, as they work well at applying more equal upper ward pull force, has always done the trick for me when small screw has stripped the thread in the plastic assy. boss of various devices.

One other trick that works well is if enough of the head of screw is exposed, (tighten) the chuck of a drill on the screw and use the drill to reverse it out with upward force.

Tack pullers are cheap and handy , found sometimes at the dollar store or any hardware store. Link shows tack puller. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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Speed outs are your friend:

Order a replacement screw or three at the same time, since you will be ruining the screw. It happens to all of us, its not a big deal. In the future just remember that none of the screws require any kind of force when you are putting them in. I usually operate under the guide that finger tight is best. That's the force I can apply with 2 fingers. If I'm cranking down on something, it usually means that I'm doing it wrong.

Luckily, this is a cheap and easy fix.


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Thanks for the replies. I think I'll try the tack puller first as it looks like I can get one at the local hardware store. Does anyone know the screw replacement size is? Thanks again.


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@tedeye Ted, just so you know for the future, just post this in comments, you will have to take the old screw with you, say to a computer repair shop as they have all sorts of screws kicking around and if possible since the standard screw is stripped in the threads, you may have to move up a size(not in length just O.D.) if you can. If you can not go with larger O.D. screw, fill the stripped hole carefully with 2 part epoxy/glue and drill small pilot hole carefully(not too deep) for screw to rethread into and be careful not to over tighten. Have a good evening.

Thanks for reply. I got the tack remover, but it doesn't seem to be helping. The tines are too fat to get under the screw and hold it while turning the driver. It did seem to work a bit better when I stuck it between the plastic parts, but it's still not going in or out.

I'm not sure the Speed Out is the answer, unless I'm misinformed, which is certainly possible. The problem isn't that the head is damaged, I can stick the screwdriver in there and turn the screw, but that the threads on the screw or where the screw goes are stripped, so it won't go in or out. Thanks again.

@tedeye , I under stand what you mean by the tines need to be thinner to go under the screw head, by chance do you have access to a grinder to grind the metal fork thinner(maybe a friend or family member has a hand or bench grinder) or did you notice where you purchase it, did they have other cheap thinner tack pullers. Speed out is only used when the head of screw has been stripped, which is not your case/problem.

I took a small hacksaw to the screw and cut the head off. Once I could get the hard drive caddy out, the screw came right out. Now the big question is what kind of screw do I need to replace it? I'm pretty sure, they won't have it at the local hardware store and I'm not seeing anything on eBay.

Ted, take the old screw with you to a computer repair shop as they have all kinds of spares, ( to match for length and O.D.) if you can you may have to step up a size O.D. because of stripped threads.

If hole is really stripped out, fill carefully with 2 part epoxy, let set up good, drill pilot hole 1/2 the O.D. of screw, and insert original type screw(do not over tighten). Glad to hear you have made progress.



I figured out it's an 8mm T6 screw according to this, but now where can I find one?


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