Smart fitness watch via Bluetooth, released in March 2016. Model: FB502SBUL

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Could I replace the battery?

My Fitbit Blaze battery only lasts 10-12 hours. Is it possible to change the battery? If so where can I find a replacement battery? I know it uses a 167 mAh Lithium Ion Battery. I'm not having any luck finding one. The battery has never worked right. Fitbit sent me a replacement pebble. I'd still like to attempt to fix this one.

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You should disassembly it and then check for it's battery and then you can buy a new replacement .


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@acnologia how do you disassemble it and where can one get a new battery?

There's a video on YouTube how to disassemble. The where to get the battery is the real question I've looked haven't had luck. The battery is a 167 mAh lithium ion battery. Good luck let me know if you find one.

@oldturkey03 It's easy ,just use YouTube ,i have seen guides that do it really fast.

Anybody know the dimensions of the battery? There are a lot of 3.7v rechargeable batteries on AliExpress


Has anyone found any battery replacement valid for Blaze?


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