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Spin cycle sets drum off balance and won't spin water out

Can anyone tell me if this would be the bearings or springs that apparently hold the tub in place? While reading other comments on here I'm wondering if it would be bearings but an older repair man said it would be the springs holding the tub in place that have now become loose. HELP I really need my washer back with having 3 daughters !

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Please give us your model number. Is it making noise, such as banging?

Model number WTW8240YWG and it does make noise


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Here's a video on replacing the springs, I can't tell from the description if it is the springs or the bearings or both:


This might solve the problem:


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Model number- Whirlpool Cabrio model # WTW6700TW1

Washer can be started on any cycle and will work properly until the spin cycle when it starts banging very loudly and then wil say unbalanced. No matter what I try like readjusting laundry, taking half out, running small loads it's always the same result, washer says unbalanced and attempts to try and spin clothes out over and over or will just completely stop. It stops completely on lg loads and will continue to try and spin out over and over on small loads.

I have the same problem but mine is a top loader Samsung AW6

6ASAP model

I have the same problem. Mine is a top loader Cabrio WTW6600SW2 model.

Same exact problem, final spin cycle starts but errors out with UL code even tho I've rebalanced load at least 5X & even took out heavy items, Top loader Whirlpool Platinum Cabrio WTW8800YWV, do you think it might be suspension rods because the tub will eventually spin even but the stops


@tabitha looks like this model washer does not use springs for the suspension of the drum. It uses suspension rods like these. Make sure that the plastic suspension balls for the rods are properly installed and in place.

Block Image

For the replacement of the suspension rods check this video Besides getting the "UL" on the indicator, you should try the diagnostics mode.


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Help my whirlpool washer makes a loud banging noise obviously its off balance and did the diagnostics and the spin code comes up how do I get it off the mode and what do I do to fix t?


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