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Battery punctured while removing (small flames) Still need to remove

Hi everyone,

The adhesive tabs on my battery broke during removal of the battery, using a hair dryer I heated up the phone to assist with prying the battery off the device.

While attempting to remove the battery of my iPhone 6s Plus, I puunctured the battery with the plastic spudger. There was a small hiss and pop and a small flame.

The battery is still very much attached to the metal rear chassis of the phone but I dare not continue to try and pry the battery off.

How can I remove this battery from the phone for replacement? (the battery was not connected to the main board when the battery was punctured)

I am very much scared of this phone right now that it is going to go up in flames and if I continue to pry the battery it is not going to end well as I reckon there is still a lot of energy in the battery..

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When this happens to me I usually bring the phone outside and finish prying there. I throw on a mask and goggles just in case. . I put some salt water into a disposable plastic container and drop the battery in there as soon as it comes out and leave it sitting in there for a few weeks away from anything flammable. I've read that its supposed to neutralize it. Not sure if there's a better or correct method but this always worked for me.


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But wont further prying cause more of the battery cells to make contact with each other, causing further risk of the battery exploding and damaging the main board?

This is basically the plan that I had.. Except I was going to use the hair dryer again to heat up the adhesive and make removal easier again.

The phone has been outside for the last hour or so and does seem to be cool now.

I would like to think the battery is now inert but I am guessing this is very much not the case..

Very much appreciate the response though. I honestly just want to get what I feel is a ticking time bomb off my phone lol..

is it alright that i did this and took breaths ?


@natluc that battery has done it's job of going up in flames:-)when exposed to humidty etc. This is known as “venting with flame.” You are right in your assumption that it is mostly inert now. Still use some common sense and work on it in a somewhat controlled area.


Unlike NiCd batteries, lithium-polymer batteries are environmentally friendly.

For safety reasons, it’s best that LiPo cells be fully discharged before disposal (however, if physically damaged it is NOT recommended to discharge LiPo cells before disposal – see below for details). The batteries must also be cool before proceeding with disposal instructions. To dispose of LiPo cells and packs:

1. If any LiPo cell in the pack has been physically damaged, resulting in a swollen cell or a split or tear in a cell’s foil covering, do NOT discharge the battery.

Jump to step 5.

2. Place the LiPo battery in a fireproof container or bucket of sand.

3. Connect the battery to a LiPo discharger. Set the discharge cutoff voltage to the lowest possible value. Set the discharge current to a C/10 value, with “C” being the capacity rating of the pack. For example, the “1C” rating for a 1200mAh battery is 1.2A, and that battery’s C/10 current value is (1.2A / 10) can be used, such as a power resistor or set of light bulbs as long as the discharge current doesn’t exceed the C/10 value and cause an overheating condition.

For LiPo packs rated at 7.4V and 11.1V , connect a 150 ohm resistor with a power rating of 2 watts (commonly found at Radio Shack)to the pack’s positive and negative terminals to safely discharge connecting it to an ESC/ motor system and allowing the motor to run indefinitely until no power remains to further cause the system to function.

4. Discharge the battery until its voltage reaches 1.0V per cell or lower. For resistive load type discharges, discharge the battery for up to 24 hours.

5. Submerse the battery into bucket or tub of salt water. This container should have a lid, but it should not need to be air-tight. Prepare a plastic container (do not use metal) of cold water. And mix in 1/2 cup of salt per gallon of water. Drop the battery into the salt water.

Allow the battery to remain in the tub of salt water for at least 2 weeks.

6. Remove the LiPo battery from the salt water, wrap it in newspaper or paper towels and

place it in the normal trash. They are landfill safe." from here." This is general information for future purpose


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I have just punctured an iPhone 6s battery, my hand slipped while holding the grips to get the adhesive off and the grips left a hole. Noticed a funny smell, and lifted phone from the table seen a little puff of ‘smoke’ then nothing. Probably inhaled some of the smell so I am not googling if that will do any damage.

Anyway I have put it in a plastic container, kind you get from takeaway and submerged it in salt water, lid is on but they are really fluid proof so not air right as such. It’s now in the front garden in this container. Have I done the right thing? Terrified I am going to cause a street fire and I can’t sleep worrying about it

cilla_nicky_baker "inhaled some of the smell" you'll be okay. The gases are mostly inert. Placing the battery in a container outside was good thinking and I am certain that the worst is over. You did okay and no, you are not going to set anything on fire.


May I ask why you are removing your battery? If it is because you are having battery issues, then you should have simply taken it to an Apple Store, as you have now voided your warranty completely.

As for the battery, use heat to soften the adhesive underneath, and pry out quickly, use something wide and flat to get more surface under the battery, because if you're using something thin and flat, that is the reason why you have probably pierced it. :-)


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My partner did a similar thing and he is getting skin irritation 6 months later! Is this likely to be from the phone or something else?



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