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How do I remove two stripped mounting screws for the DVD drive?

How do I remove two stripped mounting screws for the DVD drive not near the logic board side. I can send pictures if you need them. I have the ifixit 54 bit kit but to screw driver heads literally had the metal twisted when trying to turn the screw.

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The right size Torx bit and a lot of pressure solves this nearly every time for me. If you don't have a Torx bit you can try a Pentalobe or Hex wrench. Some suggest a rubber band between your screwdriver bit and the screw head, but I haven't had success with this.

Plan B ideas would be to put a small dab of superglue on a screwdriver and hold it in place until it dries. Then twist it out. I have also used a tiny bolt extractor bit for a drill. Worst case scenario, drill off the heads with a small bit. Maybe try to grind a slot into the head and get it out with a flathead screwdriver.

Pics could prove helpful, so go ahead and post them if you have them. Hope this helps a bit. Happy repairs!

-Toupee Scalper


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Toupee, try again. Those are Phillips screws and very difficult to even reach. See step #11 of this guide: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Optical Drive Replacement

@mayer I have had success with a torx bit. Do you have any useful ideas?

You are using a torx on a Phillips? How's that working for you?

When the head of the screw is stripped it leaves a rounded hole where the cross once was. The torx bit will grab the edges of the round hole and turn the screw out.

If a Phillips will still catch the head, try tapping the back of the handle of the screwdriver as you twist. Its a mechanic trick to get rusty screws out but may work for your screws.



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