Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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What is the maximum RAM upgrade?

I would like to upgrade the RAM on my computer. I think I read that the maximum is 3GB for the MAcBook Core 2 Duo (Model # of my computer is A1181). Assuming that 3GB maximum is correct, do I purchase a 1GB chip for one slot and a 2GB chip for the other slot?

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It depends on which exact model of A1181. Mine takes up to 6GB of RAM. Please download Mactracker and verify your exact model identifier number, (Ex. Model 5.1 etc.) and it'll tell you Apples Max, and the actual max of your machine.


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Majesty is correct--depending on your Model the A1181 can take up to 6 GB of RAM. If yours is the correct Model it would take 1 4 GB and 1 2 GB sticks. If yours is an early Model (less than 1 GHZ processor) it will only take 2 GB of RAM. You do need to download Mactracker and verify your Model. Good luck Ralph +

+ To find your exact model, remove the battery and look inside for the specs.

Where do you look ? I have the Ram out and they are 1GB PC2-5300S-555-12

if your model has a removable battery, remove it and look on the side wall of the battery chamber. There you will find the systems serial number. Then use the serial number (or the last three digits) here: EveryMac - Lookup


I think there's confusion because Apple publishes specs on what memory device sizes are available at the time the machine hits the street. But they design for the next generation of memory devices.

So, a machine might say it can handle 1GB SIMMs x 2. But the internal wiring was developed to handle 2GB SIMMS (2+2). So the theoretical, untested maximum might be 4GB.


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Almost correct! The interface standard for the memory modules are designed with more address lines with the idea newer modules will be made that will be larger that still need to fit work with the interface. The other side here is the memory controller and CPU how many lines it supports, and the ability of the firmware and OS can access. This newest models in this series with the firmware update installed can only access 6GB of RAM due to the controller chip used in this system. The older series can only support 2GB due to the GPU used in the system needing the upper address lines.


no serial number in the battery bay on mine


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Sorry Thomas,

Your model's maximum RAM is 2GB. To max it out properly, you would want to install 2x1GB RAM sticks.

Hope this helps.



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That is an MB404LL/A. He was asking about an A1181 (aka MA254LL/A). My official service manual for that model specifies a maximum of 2GB of RAM.

The A1181 series covers a few different models of Macbook.

The Model A1181 (AKA MB061/062/063LLB) can take 6GB. Like we stated it all depends on which version of the A1181 the OP has.



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