Released March 2006, identified by model D620 on the keyboard bezel.

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Why does my son's D620 display flicker?

Some days ago my son's DELL Latitude D620 suddenly started flickering steadily during normal work.

This occurs already during POST, combined with red lines evenly arranged vertically all over the screen, appr. every 1cm.

Beside this, the device seems to start up normally in the Background, but the flickering doesn't stop.

I've also tried loading BIOS Defaults, without any change.

Anyone an idea?

Thanks for your response


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Does the machine do the flicker right from start up or does it have to run for a while before it starts the lines and flickering. If it takes a while it could be a heat issue. this laptop has a dedicated chip for video and if it has cooling problems the card becomes unstable and eventually will quit all together.1 Try blowing out the fan backward with compressed air get it as clean as possible. 2 try a laptop cooling tray dont let the vents get blocked by setting it on a pillow or even on you lap. It needs the airflow to stay cool. If it quits altogether the only fix is to reflow the solder in the chip this is done by removing the motherboard and heating the affected area with a heat gun or in an oven. Hope this helps.


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astan, connect an external monitor and see if that behaves normal. If so, it is possible that you have a bad display cable or an LCD that is starting to fail. For any disassembly work, download the service manual from here


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Mine was doing the same thing and it turned out that the onboard video chip was going bad. I located a "remanufactured" motherboard on line and replaced it. Works fine now.


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