The 5th generation 2011 Explorer bore similarity to the Explorer America concept's construction, and includes a unibody structure based on the D4 platform.

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How do I get the door ajar light to go off

All doors are shut but the door ajar light keeps coming on.


Ford explorer sport track

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I have a 2005 Ford fusion 1400cc

The door ajur light is on all the time and I can't lock the car with the remote I am assuming it's the light that is causing the problem can any body help please

Hi @woodturner63 ,

Have you checked that all the doors (and boot) are shut correctly?

Open 1 door at a time and find the door light switch in the door frame (it may be under a rubber boot which you can leave on. It is spring loaded so you can push it in and it will come out by itself when you release it) and manually operate and release it a few times to see if you can make the light go on and off. Do this for all doors. Remember to only have 1 door open at a time when you do this.

If the light doesn't go out then you may have a faulty door switch or the wiring to one switch may have shorted out to the chassis. The trick is to find out which one.

I have a 2008 ford edge and the door adjar light just came on today and started making a dinging noise, I have open the doors one at a time and shut one at a time and it doesn't go off. we just bought the car Monday and never had a problem with it then today it does this. can anyone help?

Hi Samantha Jenkins,

If you have only just bought the car and if it was not a private sale, take it back to where you bought it from and show them the problem and ask them to fix it.

I have a Ford ranger 2007 and the door light turns on when I hit a bump or i

turn and then it turns off do I have a bad switch or bad connection ?



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Lonnie, the door Ajar switches are on the inside of the door (see attached diagram). To replace it you will have to remove the door panel, the water barrier etc. To determine which door has the problem, open each door with the key in the on position. The door that does not make a chime is the problem door. Remember that the drivers door makes a different sound. This video should help you with the door panel removal.

Block Image


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I have a 2005 Ford Explorer and my lift gate is constantly showing as ajar and it's not. Can you show me diagram like this?


One of the sensors might be failing or broken. You'll have to open each sensor and check its connections to see if they are good. Then disconnect all of the sensors and test them one at a time and replace the one that isn't working.

EDIT: These images show what most of the door sensors look like on newer cars, they can either be on the car body where the door will press against it when closed or on the door where it will be pressed against the car body when the door is closed.

Block Image

Block Image


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I am new to this where are the sensors?

They are in different places on every car, essentially they are like a little button that you can push in with your finger, on most new cars they are covered with a bit of rubber so they are not as visible.

They can either be on the car body or the door it self as well.

I will edit my answer to post a picture of what most modern sensors look like.

Thank You I will try that

My toyota hilux has these sensors. The problem is that if the car is turned off, the sensor will not detect that the door is already closed, hence I cannot lock it. But if the car is on, the sensor works just fine. What could be wrong?

Hi @ alvin_bontuyan,

What is the year and full model type for your Hilux?



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