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Cost of the retina display and backcase

Dear sir/madam,

What will the cost be of the retina display for the imac retina 5k. And what will be the cost of the backcase?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Kind regards,

I. Johnson

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Please tell us what the problem is. These parts are very hard to find as the machine is under warranty.

The left upper corner has been damaged a little. Although the iMac is working, I find the damage disturbing and want it to fix. I would like to know what the cost will be of the replacement parts (aluminum back and retina display).

Thank you in advance.

Can you tell us what happened. How about a few pictures so we can see. Maybe we can figure out something to mask it. If you got the system this way I would recommend going back to the seller for a replacement. The cost of swapping out the case and the display will be very close, if not more than buying a new system (parts & labor). Frankly, I'm with Mayer here, you may not be able to get the parts for sometime as the system is so new.


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I see this post is a few weeks old but I hope you're still following...

For what it's worth you should follow Mayers advice. My dearest brother dropped this machine badly denting the corner and smashing the outer glass. The cost of the outer case is the SAME as a used working model. The outer glass was 1/4 the cost. In short I have straightened the chassis as much as possible and the new glass covers the remaining unsightly dent on one corner. The chassis is very thick ? Aluminium and difficult to work will leave marks and you'd have to remove all internal components to fix the dent properly. My advice in short is save your money, replace the outer glass only or if you have household insurance claim on that.


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Thank you for your Answer



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