Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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I replaced the LCD, but the backlight turns off after 2 seconds?

Did I mess up the connection to the inverter? The screen looks great for about 2 seconds at start up, after waking from sleep (also for 2 seconds), and when I take the brightness from all the way down to anything up. But it never stays on for more than a couple seconds. I can still see images on the screen it's just not illuminated.

A magnet did drop out while I was re-installing the LCD and I can't tell where it is supposed to go. Does it trigger a control to keep the backlight on? It is not one of the 4 magnets in the top corners of the LCD case. Thanks for any help you can give!

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+ well stated question

A quick follow up. The replacement LCD must have been a refurb. The wires coming out of it to plug into the inverter had been repaired. I sent the screen back and ordered another from a different vendor. This one worked perfectly. It must have been the connection to the inverter! Thanks for all the help and advice


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there are most likely 3 possible problems

  1. the inverter cable is scuffed or clamped
  2. the backlight tubes (CCFL) are defective
  3. the inverter is faulty

i marked the magnet position on the picture, but it has nothing to do with the backlight problem. did you change the inverter too ?

Block Image

check the position of the inverter cable

Block Image


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Good Pics +

+ nice answer

I got the magnet back in place, but, like you said no effect on the backlight. I did not change the inverter, and I didn't take the case apart to get into the area you showed. I only removed the LCD frame from the enclosure. Could be a cable, I may try to put the old one back in to see if it acts the same way. The old one was working fine apart from the cracks.

It's strange that I can get it to come on repeatedly by changing the brightness from 0 to 1, but it goes off after 2 seconds! It seems as though everything can function, but something is sending a signal to turn the backlight off.

Took it by the Apple store to talk to a "Genius" He agreed it was somehow related to the inverter. Thanks for your help!

since you didn't change those parts - it's possible that the ccfl tubes inside the lcd are bad. good idea to change the lcd back, if the backlight works normal, the ccfl tubes are bad - they can be replaced - but you have to be careful - they are very fragile


If the display lights for 2 seconds then the backlight lamp should be working. I would suspect a bad inverter board or a bad logic board. Any liquid spilled on the MB ?


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When it dims do you see the screen display the dimming logo (the one that hows the brightness sun logo and the bars decreasing below it? The reason I ask is if the key on the keyboard that controls brightness is "stuck" then it would continuously dim the display. You could verify by disconnecting the built in keyboard and using an external keyboard.

Just a thought...


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These keys shouldn't be active just after startup.

Yes I did see the icon, turns out it was a problem with the wires and/or connector to the inverter. thanks


It is a lamp problem.I repair a lot of A1181 with this problem.

When lamp is bad, inverter protect itself and power off the LCD.

Just need a lamp ccfl to replace it.


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