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Soldering Techniques for Battery and Lightning Connector

Gurus of iFixit! I am in the process of reassembling a 5th Generation iPod Touch 64 GB I purchased on eBay. I have it mostly back together and I have tried to research how exactly the battery and Lightning Connector cable are reattached to the motherboard. The previous owner detached them in disassembly to replace a cracked LCD/Touchscreen and was unable to reassemble.

In looking at photos of new Lightning Connector cables it appears there is a stickem thing on the connector at the motherboard end. Something that peels off exposing stickum to perform the attachment to the motherboard. How does this work? The connection points are small and many, being just a little off can cause serious issues. How do you align this connector correctly? I know about the tape covering both connection points to prevent shorts and grounds.

The battery is described in your guides as soldered, but in looking at what I have, I see no solder on either end. I note in photos of new batteries there are no stickum setups like the Lightning Connector cable at the motherboard end. I conclude there may be solder involved, but how? Do you align the attachment point and drop a small amount of solder on each of the three connection points? or Three solder dots on the three motherboard attachment points and melt the battery connector into those solder dots? If so wow...they are so small and close together...Neither of these topics are covered in the Guides...

Thank you in advance for your wisdom in assisting me with a couple of the last steps to put this iPod Touch back together. Anyone replace a battery before? Hopefully all will be well at the end...



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fasthans, yes it is soldered. Check on here to see how, by using a soldering iron. Or on here (13:40) by using a hot air gun.


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Oldturkey03 you are a treasure Sir! I don't know why I did not look on YouTube as I have found other tutorials for other things there before. I focused here exclusively as I find the Guides the best for step-by-step instructions in how to fix small electronic devices. It is curious that the Guide for replacing the logic board on a 5th Gen iPod Touch did not have what I was looking for that you provided. Replacing the logic board will require what my question covers. A new logic board will not include a battery or a Lightning Connector cable, so you will need to attach them at some point. Perhaps your answer above should be included in those guides that require desoldering and tesoldering the battery and the Lightning Connector cable? Thank you again for your wisdom! Oh the second link is by far the best one!



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