The Canon PowerShot S50 is the successor to the PowerShot S45. It features an improved 5.0 megapixel resolution, 3x optical zoom, 4.1x digital zoom, and wide-angle capabilities. It also sports 13 different shooting modes, a 1.8-inch color LCD screen, video recording of up to three minutes, and USB 1.1 connectivity.

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lens will neither extend nor fully retract

I have an S50 Canon PowerShot. For a year, it has taken some jiggling to close the cover and get the lens to fully retract. During a recent vacation, the telescoping function stopped working entirely. The lens is about 1/16" shy of fully retracting. When I move the cover one way or the other, the lens makes some noise, but will neither fully extend nor fully retract.

Repairing the camera myself is a last resort. I would prefer to find an entrepreneur with a good reputation and the ability to repair the camera. Is there such a person? If not, what can I do on my own?

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Definitely sounds like a bad lens motor. Due to the difficulty in finding the proper gears etc, I'd replace the complete lens. It is not a terribly complicated job and does not require a whole lot of special tools. The lens is available for around $10 on ebay etc.


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Norton Wheeler, that is a tough question to answer. A replacement lens is available for around $10. If you have somebody repair it for you, it will be most likely for more than a new camera would cost. So, its all a matter of economics; how much do you want to spend and how much does the camera mean to you.


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